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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only charge $20. for your service?
I want this to be a cost effective solution. This also allows bicyclist to recover and change the look of their saddles as often as they like.

Is it true that the materials you use were headed for the landfill?
YES ------ These fabrics were landfill bound because the pieces were too small to be of further use to their owners. Luckily the size is perfect for bicycle saddles.

Will the material used by Recycled Saddles be better than the materials used on my new saddle?
YES ------ The material I use is more durable and more user friendly than original material. I do not recover using leather because it is not durable. I do not use Kevlar because it fades its color with exposure to UV rays.

Do you remove the original cover before recovering?
YES ------ Whenever possible. The original cover traps moisture and adds unneeded weight.

Can the foam on my saddle be saved?
YES ------ Assuming that none of your foam is missing, it can be reattached to the saddle body. I prefer to recover saddles before the foam gets torn or lost. I cannot replace original foam.

Do you have a fix for broken saddle rails?
No ------ But I can salvage the foam from a saddle with broken rails and transplant it to the same brand and type of saddle that might have missing foam.

What is a MUDMASH?
I don't know, but here is one in action!


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Phone: (770) 475 0924


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