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If you're thinking of applying to Oxford University, you'll have heard about the Norrington Table. It was devised by Sir Arthur Norrington, president of Trinity College in 1962. The table ranks and rates Oxford colleges on the exam results of undergraduate students taking their finals.

For many years the University tried to prevent its publication, but newspapers and students joined forces to gather the data by hand. However inaccuracies were rife: in 2004, missing data led to St Catherine's being accidentally promoted 13 places. In 2005, the University published its own official rankings for the first time. In 2006, Merton College were once again top.

Of course these rankings should be taken with a large pinch of salt, other resources like The Times Good University Guide produce entirely different rankings for universities and colleges.

Year 2000 2001 2001
2002 2003 2004 2004
2005 2005
Merton1631111 121
Balliol91110544 332
Magdalen3675363 443=
New64337117 15153=
St John's2222622 215
Christ Church459782018 996
Wadham7212011286 11117
Lincoln218620221613 25248
Trinity13181722112323 14149
University1113131242526 5510
Corpus Christi19988151410 161611
Queen's25212114272627 20=20=12
St Edmund Hall202626182099 242513
Worcester17141513121221 20=20=14
Brasenose183525132420 181815
Somerville8282824281517 121216
Hertford101210161958 6617
Lady Margaret Hall16242529292728 292918
Jesus12151491375 131319
St Hilda's28252321243030 232320
St Catherine's222016416316 222221
St Anne's241618681715 8822
Pembroke27232227252224 171723
St Hugh's23192417171814 282824
Exeter510122691312 7725
Keble14171915212019 101026
St Peter's26292919181011 272627
Oriel15111123231925 262728
Mansfield29272728262929 191929
Harris Manchester30303030302822 303030

A note about the tables

Final year students score 5 for a first, 3 for a 2:1, 2 for a 2:2 and 1 for a 3rd. The ranking is based on (actual score)/(possible score). Strangely, there's no decent compilation of Norrington Tables on the web, so this is compiled from a number of sources. The Cambridge University equivalent is the Tompkins Table. There is no present way to compare Oxbridge colleges directly!

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