ANNOBON ISLAND (Pagalu) [AF-039]
by Wolfgang Schippke, DC3MF

MapAnnobon (01S26, 05E37), or as it is named localy Pagalu, Island is situated far outside the Bight of Biafra, about 160 kilometers south- west of Sao Thome Island and about 300 kilometes westsouthwest of Cabo Lopez. It is governmented by Equatorial Guinea, to which it belongs since the independence from Spain.

Annobon is a small island, about 8 kilometers from north to south and about 3 kilometers wide with a total area of land of about 17 square km. It is mountainous and there are three remarkable peaks on it. In the north it is Pico del Fuego (454meters), in the centre Pico del Centro (630 m) and in the south Pico Surcado, about the same hight. Pico Surcado is an extinct volcano, and a lake is situated in its former crater.

The north-west extremity of Annobon is Punta d'Ave (01N25, 05E36) a high cliffy formation, and Punta de la Isleta, close north east. There is a small group of rocky islet named as Isletas or Islotes Yebatelu, close north of Punta d'Ave. The islets, two in number, are steep-to and bare. Both are surrounded by drying rocks.

The village of San Antonio, inhabited by about 400 people, is located close south of Punta del Palmar, on which a light is exhibited. There is a christian missionary station in its vicinity. Islote Piramide, a small conical islet is located, close north of Punta del Palmar. Between Islote Piramide and the maincoast, 2 cables away, is the best posible anchorage on Annobon Island.

Most of the coastline is bare and steep-to, and partly formed of basalic Cliffs up to an elevation of 40 meters. Punta del Paso (01S25, 05E38) is a steep-to cape, located on the west side. Islote Tortuga and Islote Bayala, two conical isletes, are located close offshore the point. Islote del Paso, a third islet is located between the both former and the Capo. It is flat and saved with a small light.

A second small, partly abandoned village, named San Pedro is located close inside Punta Dudjiguele a small projection on the north side to Bahia Sao Pedro. It is today inhabited by about 50 families. The village is situated about 0.7 miles north of Punta de San Antonio, the most southwestern end of the island.

A third small abandoned village, named Santa Cruz de Annobon is located on the middle of the west side of the island. In front of the beach, close by the village, the sea breaks havy over an small rocky promotion, paralell the beach.

Islote Yemama is a small islet, close offshore Punta Jiscoy (01S25, 05E36), a small cabo on the west side.

Several small islands form the south extremity of Isla Annobon. Islote Adams (01S28, 05E38) is a small island with two peaks of it about 40 to 67 meters in elevation. Far outside to the south are the both isolated small islands, Islote de Fernando Poo, Islote de Escobar and Islote de Santarem.

A small airfield is situated near the village of sao Antonio. But no informations are aviable about these airfield - not named and shown in the "DOD-Flight Information Publication". DeLorme Mapping Ltd. showed a small airfield about 400 meters long, but no radio facilities are aviable. A radio station of the local government is exhibited in the village, using the following frequencies and calls: 3CA4 4244.0 kc, 3CA5 4337.0, 3CA6 17165.5 and 3CA7 8706 kc, all used in ssb, and mainly used for shipping.

The island was discoved by Diego Ramirez dela Diaz, a spain sailor in 1470 and named as Isla San Antonio. Later on it becomes a Spain colonie together with Fernando Poo. In 1778 Potugese and Spain parted the coasline and Annobon became in 1779 a part of Spain, and Principe e Sao Thomee as Fernando Poo become a Portugese Colony. In 1801 a small fortessa was build on Annobon Island, and in the same year Spain gave also rights to British in using the island as a habour for fresh water. In 1959 Equatorial Guinea become an own Spain province and Annobon a second owe, but did not become an own government. In 1968 the island become a part of the new formed land of E.Guinea and in 1971, Macias Nguema, the first president, formed a small government on the island.

There is a special link to the Annobon Homepage with more details of the planed expedtion. This is the e-mail to the team of 3C0DX.