The Evolution

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With big-name producers and songwriting contributions from the platinum girl herself, Ciara's second album banks on a lightweight version of the sexy-cool futurism of Justin Timberlake's latest. Packed with electro beats and Miami bass, cuts like "I Proceed" and "Bang It Up" blend hooks and underground club chicness. Ciara's still prone to diva blandness and silly little pop songs, which drags down the 50 Cent feature "Can't Leave 'Em Alone." But this time she's more interesting by half.


(Posted: Nov 27, 2006)


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akamu03 writes:

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Just when I was wondering if Ciara was going to be a one album wonder, I opened up the case of the "Step Up" soundtrack and there was an ad for a new Ciara album in 2006. I was overjoyed with hapiness as "Goodies" was a fantastic album. "Ciara: The Evolution" had a lot to live up to. The first single "Promise" was not what I was expecting at all, I was rooting for a lil jon club banger like goodies. At first I was frusturated and ignored it, but then gave the song a chance and realize that it is a really nice ballad. For all you club banger freaks like myself, don't turn away from this album because this single is a very poor representation of The Evolution. My favorite song on the whole thing is "That's Right" (initially called "I'm doing me tonight" which I thought would have been a better name). It is a lil jon produced song, but avoids the cliche lil jon beat (you all know what I'm talking about - the same sound that's in yeah, touch, boom, and goodies) The first time I heard it I got goosebumps, the beat is explosive and full of energy. However, I only give the lyrics a 2/5. The rest of the album has a surprising number of songs, and good ones too! You can dance to "Bang it Up" "Like a Boy" "Make it Last Forever" "I Proceed" and "C.R.U.S.H". This a surprising number of good dance songs! 6 to be exact! There are also a nice few slow jams, my favorite being "My Love." Jazze Phae does not show up on the album and this change of producers is evident. The sound of Ciara has definetly changed, if you were a nut for the sounds of "1,2 step" and "Hotline" you may be a little dissapointed with this album. All in all Ciara didn't flop with this and she really lived up to Goodies and beyond. I give the album a 4/5!

Dec 5, 2006 16:19:49

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