Devlin's Angle
by Keith Devlin

Will the real continuous function please stand up?
November 2006
Damned Lies
October 2006
Statisticians not wanted
September 2006
Ten Years On
July-August 2006
Letter to a calculus student
June 2006
The Mathematics of Aircraft Boarding
May 2006
How a wave led to a prize
April 2006
How do we learn math?
March 2006
Cracking the Code
February 2006
Infinity and Intuition
January 2006
Monty Hall revisited
December 2005
Common confusions II
November 2005
Common confusions
October 2005
Naming theorems
September 2005
When numbers matter
July/August 2005
Staying the course
June 2005
Street Mathematics
May 2005
What does "DOING MATH" mean?
April 2005
Mathematics: a natural pursuit
March 2005
NUMB3RS gets the math right
February 2005
Last doubts removed about the proof of the Four Color Theorem
January 2005
The Amazing Ahmed
December 2004
Election Math
November 2004
When Google becomes ePlay
October 2004
A game of numbers
September 2004
The Two Envelopes Paradox
July-August 2004
Good stories, pity they're not true
June 2004
The best popular science essay ever
May 2004
Abel Prize Awarded: The Mathematicians' Nobel
April 2004
A Year of Anniversaries
March 2004
The Archimedes Cattle Problem
February 2004
The Mathematics of Human Thought
January 2004