Jose Couso, victim of US war crime

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Three Years after Couso Murder, the Struggle for Truth and Justice Continues
Wednesday 5th April 2006

-  Family to appeal unjust dismissal of case by Spanish high court
-  Protests will continue: April 8 at US embassy
-  3rd anniversary events bring victims of war to Madrid, including Iraqi mother and Giuliana Sgrena

Open letter from María Isabel Permuy López to the three soldiers who murdered her son, José Couso
Saturday 5th November 2005

Statement by Family of José Couso and the collective of Family, Friends and Colleagues of Jose Couso (HAC) on the International Arrest Warrant and the Prosecutor’s Appeal
Sunday 23rd October 2005

Brother of Spanish Journalist slain by US troops renders tribute in Lafayette Park, Washington DC
Wednesday 6th April 2005

Interview in Democracy Now!: Brother of Slain Journalist Jose Couso Calls for Prosecution of Those Responsible for U.S. Attack on Palestine Hotel
Wednesday 6th April 2005
Interview in Democracy Now (Pacifica Radio) with Amy Goodman

Press Release: Engagements confirmed for Couso family visit Break the Impunity speaking tour and documentary
Tuesday 8th March 2005

Shooting the Messenger, by Jeremy Scahill. The Nation
Monday 7th March 2005
CNN chief Jordan and US attacks against journalists. CNN’s news director Eason Jordan was forced to resign recently for merely suggesting off the record - in remarks he scurried to retract - that the US military "targets" journalists.

My truth, by Giuliana Sgrena. Il Manifesto
Monday 7th March 2005

Spanish Government awards posthumous medal of honor to José Couso
Sunday 6th March 2005
Minister condemns attack on Hotel Palestine


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