World Firefox Day Launches

Posted by on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 06:41Spreading Firefox

World Firefox Day!

From the very earliest of Spread Firefox days, we've been trying to find ways to make it as easy as possible to spread the word. We've got a great affiliates program for people with blogs and websites, we've pushed the envelope with amazing campaigns like the New York Times promotion, and we've harnessed the talents of creative types worldwide to capture the Firefox message in 30 second commercials with Firefox Flicks.

We've relied heavily on blog posts and buttons but to date, we haven't made it easy enough for "regular users" to spread the word. That's all about to change with World Firefox day.

Today we're launching a new program that will make it super-easy for each and every Firefox user to rescue one more person from the pain and perils of surfing the web with an oudated and unsafe browser. This new site, located at World Firefox Day will guide users through the simple steps of 1. selecting one person (and only one person) who needs to be saved. 2. inviting them to download and install Firefox. 3. registering to have both of their names listed and celebrated in an interactive display inside of the Firefox 2 program.

We've localized the site into French, German, Spanish, Polish and Japanese so if you visit the site using a browser set for one of these languages, you should see a localized version.

Thanks to your amazing efforts over the last two years,we've got tens of millions of users and we need your help reaching as many of them as possible with the simple request that they tell just one more person about the benefits of Firefox. Each of you has already helped to rescue many others and now we're asking for some help spreading the word about World Firefox Day and the easy new tool for spreading Firefox. Head over to World Firefox Day, familiarize yourself with the new site, and then start telling all of the other Firefox users you know about how they can help improve the Web.

Firefox has achieved what no other program has, all thanks to the efforts of this amazing community of contributors. So roll up your sleeves, bust open your contact list, and tell all your friends about World Firefox Day!

Submitted by vanja66 on Thu, 08/03/2006 - 09:40.

After i click on "Send" button i get this:

Thanks for Sharing Firefox

You should have received an email at ............ Click the link in the email to confirm and invite your friend.

I already did that!?

The invitation to my "Firefox Friend" doesnt get send.


Submitted by XShinigami on Tue, 08/01/2006 - 23:33.


When it says Enter the Code Show below I can't see a code. The picture is blank. I tried it on different browsers on my other computer too and I get the same result. Is there a problem with my computers or is it the page?

Submitted by garyr_h on Sat, 07/22/2006 - 23:37.

I love how my idea was basically stolen and I wasn't even given credit for it or support when the idea was brought to the forefront..

Submitted by foxglove on Wed, 07/19/2006 - 16:40.


I am a UK based firefox user and I wanted to write a news feature about World Firefox Day for a site I'm just rebuilding - I would of course include relevant links to the word firefox day site & the SFX site. I would also want to include prompts to the various initiatives underway via SFX.

What I really need is some approved copy to use for the feature coz I don't want to put anyone's nose out of joint while getting the message across.

Here is a link to work in progress:

The menu linx etc all work as this is a working duplicate of the exisiting menu but the actual item linx are currently inactive.

Could you help me here please?


Submitted by ALIENDUDE5300 on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 20:41.

Congratulations! Your friend has downloaded Firefox. You’ll both be included on the Firefox Friends Wall and in Firefox 2.

P.S. What do they mean in firefox 2? 

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Submitted by ALIENDUDE5300 on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 23:57.

It should say "Dylan Taylor" invited "Diane Taylor" in the code.

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Submitted by RichieB on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 10:04.

When people send mail from the application at,
the sender address is However, this
address is not valid. As a result, mail servers with address
verification enabled will not accept this E-mail:

Jul 17 11:08:14 cindy postfix/smtpd[13068]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 450
<>: Sender address rejected: unverified
address: Address verification in progress;
from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP

Jul 17 11:09:01 cindy postfix/smtp[13078]: 2111E13E454:
to=<>,[], delay=53,
status=undeliverable (host[] said:
550 5.7.1 <>... Relaying denied (in reply to
RCPT TO command))

When trying to register at, I noticed it has the same

Jul 17 11:46:32 cindy postfix/smtpd[13659]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from
unknown[]: 450 <>: Sender address
rejected: unverified address: Address verification in progress;
from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP

Jul 17 11:47:17 cindy postfix/smtp[13681]: 7D11413E454:
to=<>,[], delay=51,
status=undeliverable (host[] said:
553 5.3.0 <>... User unknown (in reply to RCPT
TO command))
Please make sure you always send E-mail with an existing sender, even
if E-mail for that sender is silently ignored.

Submitted by on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 17:14.

This should be fixed now.

Submitted by Ken Saunders on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 04:47.

I think that Mozilla can benefit even more by having official promotional Firefox Day graphics made (Jamey), and then create a unique affiliate URL for Points for them so that SFx members are even more motivated to help spread the word about the Firefox Day campaign.
It’s done for Firefox Flicks and it was done for Joga.
I made the two below because I wanted something on my site to promote Fx Day.
It’s an awesome and clever campaign, nice work guys and gals.

Firefox Guide

Submitted by TextOnly on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 23:55.

This was a great idea. I have a few people in mind, trying to figure out which one is most worthy and willing to change.



You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Submitted by on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 22:23.

Very nicely executed...congrats to chris, paul, asa et al. 

Everyone knows that one person who's just too resistant to change or claims to be indifferent, but you know deep down that they would love Firefox if they just tried it. This is a great chance to reach out to those people.

Submitted by Zayne.H on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 21:54.

My friend has tried Firefox but he didn't like it, but hes been getting slammed with Viruses everyday by using IE, so I sent this to him.

Great place, this has been put on digg and I hope it gets on diggnation: Digg link:

Submitted by ALIENDUDE5300 on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 17:45.

How do I join? It wants a password.

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Submitted by Up North on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 17:57.

soon its back on, there are som bug fixes. Just keep checking


Submitted by on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 19:40.

Hey folks - we believe we've fixed the issues we were having this morning, and the site is back up and running.

Let us know if you're still experiencing problems.

Submitted by nachmore on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 16:33.

This is a really nice idea - gets people into the spreading and receiving of Firefox.

Only problem is - I submitted and the congratulations message that came up after submitting wasn't mine! It listed someone else with someone elses email address. This is a potential privacy bug... Anyone know who I can report this to?

Firemonger - Spreading Firefox One CD at a time...

Submitted by on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 16:55.

Hey folks -

We're working on fixing this issue. We've put the site back behind a password login until we get it resolved. We know what the problem is, we just need to get it fixed. 


Submitted by aggro on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 15:59.

Too late propably to complain now, but some people will consider this as a spam and unethical spam also.

Submitted by ivanii on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 19:42.

Don't send them this. You have the right to send this to just one person, remember?


Microsoft has never won a war in development against anyone. But it proved to be master of marketing. Don't repeat the history. Don't downplay the marketing.

Submitted by on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 09:52.

This is a great way to get "that one person" who's been to lazy to take your advice and has not switched to Firefox yet!

Plus it an awesome opportunity to get you and your friends names written into the code of Firefox! How cool is that dudes ;)

- Ian, SFx Admin


Submitted by Ken Saunders on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 10:37.

I actually have several people in mind that have been reluctant to try Firefox, but I do have one in particular that I’d like to see switch over. This person is the typical IE user that isn’t too tech savvy and who has learned the Internet due to the fact that IE is the first thing they see on their new computer to access the Internet.
Hopefully and my plan is that, once they use Firefox, they’ll tell others about it and the trend will continue.

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Submitted by Frederik Vds on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 08:58.

When I go to the site redirects me to

Problem with the localization? 

Submitted by ivanii on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 12:08. till it gets fixed


Microsoft has never won a war in development against anyone. But it proved to be master of marketing. Don't repeat the history. Don't downplay the marketing.

Submitted by kpetrov123 on Thu, 07/20/2006 - 11:52.

I sent filled up the details of me and my friend, it said that I will receive confirmation e-mail,  I'm waiting more that 3-4 hours and nothing. :(


EDIT: I have removed myself from the wall and tried another my e-mail and I received confirmation e-mail. Problem fixed :)

Submitted by vanja66 on Thu, 08/03/2006 - 07:08.