#4:Kou Hayashi, Sound Department, Development Division
Theme: "About the music of the Chaos Field"

How do you do everyone? I am Kou Hayashi of Sound Department, Development Division of Milestone. Are you enjoying our first work, "the Chaos Field"?
I would like to write "Thinking Stone" from the viewpoint of sound following Mr. Matsumoto's essay.

We started the composition of the Chaos Field around July last year.
At the time I had not decided specific theme, so I started the composition with Mr. Nagata who is also at Sound Department on the basis that "music goes with the game" and " music without conforming to fashion (music does not imply an out-of-date feeling)" anyway.

Finally, our composition work was continued at the last minute, in OO. During the work we modified our music many times and some were not used. There is nothing sadder.
As a result, however , we have completed satisfactory music (in a manner).

I would like to compose "game music" that can purely be enjoyed in the future without fixing the style of music such as "It must be techno music because of OO game" or "It must be orchestral music because of OO game"

It may well be that I will writhe with composition in each work.
But this is a job for "game music composer." I will try my best without to be depressed even if my director tell me vague N.G saying "Ahaa... I can understand but something is different, isn't it?"

For your information, I often hover around Akihabara, so I could look many people playing our game. (I was looking behind the person drinking a can of juice during the play.)
I was impressed when I saw players eagerly listen to our music with nearing their ear to the speaker.
I wanted to shake hands with them and to say "Thank you! Thank you! ... Please continue to play with our game."

And also please stay looking forward to the games of Milestone and its music.

I will try to live up to your expectations.

Now. I am trying my best to offer new products (including soundtracks).

Please wait shortly until the day we can announce the release of it (or them). (I have to create a project proposal.)

Small information:
The music for the fourth and the fifth level is collaboration work by Hayashi and Mr. Nagata.
It is composed of the former part by Hayashi and the latter part by Mr. Nagata. Unfortunately, (due to the length of the game) I think you rarely listen the latter part of the music for the fifth level.

I will make you listen them in some form.
I will try my best.

And I will continue to challenge things that we cannot achieve before.
#3:Manabu Matsumoto, General Manager of Development Division
Theme: "Chaos Field in Service"

Hi, nice to meet you all. I am Matsumoto, the development director of "Chaos Field" which is Milestone's first product and a vertical scroll shooting game.
The game hit the game centers all around the country (?) on 25 May 2004. Have you already enjoyed it?
The development of arcade games gives me a great sense of satisfaction, because I can see live scenes of players at game centers.
When you are playing the game with 100 YEN (or 50 YEN) and notice a man with a faint smile is standing behind you, surely the man may be I. When you see a man who somehow using the third machine and try to break the high score record, surely the man may be I too.
I would like to steadily make use of user’s mutters and parting shots for the future development work. Milestone is a company that grows through the bounce off with users via games. If you unfortunately could not see my appearance, please send your opinion or impression freely using the mail form of this site.
Your opinions must (?) be reflected in the next work.(?)

The fact you see this column at this site today is a kind of encounter, so please insert a coin into the Chaos Field to begin with. It is my greatest pleasure if you have lasting relationship with our company, Milestone, for years to come.
#2:Hiroshi Kimura, president
Theme: "First anniversary of foundation"

Today, MILESTONE INC. marked the first anniversary of its foundation.
We have been able to successfully complete our first year thanks to warm support from you, our users and friends. We - including myself as well as all the employees - are very grateful for you.
Let me take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support. Thank you so much, indeed.

Now into our second year, we will continue to strive to make steady progress, walking a mile after mile and always remembering to go back to the basics.

We appreciate your continuing support for our MILESTONE INC.
Sincerely yours,

April 22, 2004
Hiroshi Kimura, president
#1:Hiroshi Kimura, president
Theme: "Sankai no Kokoro (Idea of Mountain and Sea)"

In launching this column "Mono Omou Ishi (Thinking Stone)," we had quite an argument internally as to "what characteristics should define this corner." We decided to give it a go as we settled on the idea that it would be wonderful if each of us at MILESTONE, by writing his or her mind and ideas in a narrative manner in this column, could get and feel closer to our customers who read the column, thereby making this corner a contact point to share ideas with our customers.
It will be poor writing, updating will be irregular and we may even abandon this corner suddenly at any point of time in the future. But please warmly watch over the development of this corner.
We appreciate your gentle patience.

Well, the first piece of stone (theme) is "Sankai no Kokoro (Idea of Mountain and Sea)."
Miyamoto Musashi, a famous Japanese swordsman, authored "Gorin no Sho (The Book of Five Rings)" in culmination of pursuing the way of sword. In "Hi no Maki (The Fire Scroll)," one of the five elements (or rings) of the book, he uses the phrase "Sankai no Kawari to Iu-koto (Mountain and Sea Change)," warning about repeating the same tactic. "If the opponent expects mountains, give him the sea. If he expects the sea, give him mountains," he says.
Of course, without mastering basics, we cannot achieve anything simply by doing things unpredictable or opposite to what other people are doing. Musashi repeatedly refers to the basics in "Chi no Maki (The Earth Scroll)."
Now, let me move onto my theme, "Idea of Mountain and Sea."

Looking back now, I might have been thinking about pursuing the way that is similar to this "Idea of Mountain and Sea" when I started up MILESTONE INC. The whole game industry - including game systems and the methods of developing them - has been established to some extent, that is, in "commonsense" terms. In such a situation, how and where can creators and users express or find uniqueness and excitements? It may be the case that a hint lies in the "common sense." (Cutting into the "common sense," however, would actually trigger the largest backlash in reality.)
Currently, we are all out working on the development of "Chaos Field" (although other projects are also underway).
Soon, this game will be going on location test and you will have a chance to play it. And I do hope that you enjoy and understand this modest challenge that we, newcomer, have waged based on the "Idea of Mountain and Sea."
Please do come and check it out.

Oops! It is quite preposterous for a newcomer developer like us to set up this kind of corner to introduce our poor writing, isn't it?
But then, this is probably just another example of the "Idea of Mountain and Sea Change."

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