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sending debian-private postings to gmail

I'm one of the small minority of people who have a very negative
opinion about gmail.  I realise I'm a bit of a kook on this subject
and I'd ideally I'd like to avoid having an enormous flamewar about

However, it has come to my attention that at least one developer
appears to be reading debian-private at their gmail account.

I think that this is a violation of the privacy rules surrounding the
debian-private list.  Google should not get a copy of debian-private,
even if the only current output is aggregate keyword hit reports
(ie ad presentation rate data).

Note that this applies to _any_ email provider with similar privacy
and processing concerns.  I have no idea whether other webmail
providers' privacy practices are (nowadays) as bad from my personal
point of view, or as conflicting with the debian-private policy, as

But it seems clear that Gmail's processing isn't compatible with

A Debian developer should cause debian-private to be processed only as
is necessary for providing developers with good and convenient access
to the mailing list.  They should not cause debian-private to be
distributed to computers whose owners and operators cannot be expected
to refrain from processing the content in other ways.


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