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The Skeptical Investigations website is organized by the Association for Skeptical Investigation, the purpose of which is to promote genuine skepticism, the spirit of enquiry and doubt, within science. This includes an open-minded investigation of unexplained phenomena, a questioning of dogmatic assumptions, and a skeptical examination of the claims of self-proclaimed skeptics.

Webmaster: John Caton: Webmaster

Secretary: Jayne Warren:

Forum moderator: moderator@skepticalinvestigations.org

Associates and Advisors:

Ralph Abraham, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Cruz

Dick Bierman, Ph.D.
University of Amsterdam

Larry Dossey, M.D.
Executive Editor, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

Montague Keen
Society for Psychical Research

Prof David Fontana, Ph.D.
University of Wales

Dr Peter Fenwick
Institute of Psychiatry, London

Prof Brian Josephson, Ph.D.
Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Saybrook Institute, San Francisco

Edwin May, Ph.D.
The Laboratories for Fundamental Research, Palo Alto, CA

Adrian Parker, Ph.D.
Dept of Psychology, Gothenberg University, Sweden

Guy Lyon Playfair
Society for Psychical Research

Dean Radin, Ph.D.
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California

Chris Roe, Ph.D.
Psychology Division, University College, Northampton, UK

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.
Director, Human Energy Systems Laboratory, University of Arizona

Stephan Schwartz,
Research Associate, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory

Marcello Truzzi, Ph.D.
Professor Of Sociology, East Michigan University, and Director of the Center for Scientific Anomalies Research

Jayne Warren
Secretary, Association for Skeptical Investigations

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.
Fellow, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Nancy L. Zingrone
Parapsychology Foundation, New York

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