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Casino Royale and more from Sony!
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Perusing a preliminary Sony UK release schedule revealed several major titles with release dates in the first half of 2007. These include the computer animated comedy Open Season on 19th February, Sean Penn’s bid for an Oscar in All The King’s Men on 5th March, Sofia Coppola’s third film Marie Antoinette also on the 5th, the well received James Bond reboot Casino Royale on 19th March, the clever Will Ferrell comedy Stranger than Fiction on 2nd April and the as yet unreleased theatrically Will Smith drama The Pursuit of Happyness on 14th May.

Notably all will be receiving both DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases on the same day, showing a strong commitment from Sony for their fledgling Hi-Def format.

That list again:

19/02/07 – Open Season
05/03/07 – All The King’s Men
05/03/07 – Marie Antoinette
19/03/07 – Casino Royale
02/04/07 – Stranger than Fiction
14/05/07 – The Pursuit of Happyness

Posted by Dave Foster on 08-12-2006 17:43 (3635 views)

#1 Posted: 08-12-2006 21:17[ QUOTE ]
Tony Pacino
Posts: 2861

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Whatever happened to the DVD Times Rumours section?

Great to see Casino Royale, a definite purchase for me. I hope they continue the UE cover art but I doubt they will. Shouldn't it be a Fox release???
#2 Posted: 08-12-2006 22:59[ QUOTE ]
Posts: 211

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The rumours section is still going, you just have to click DVD in the top left of the home page.
#3 Posted: 09-12-2006 10:13[ QUOTE ]
DVDCompare.net Admin
Posts: 137

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brad: Fox took over the distribution of MGM after Casino Royale, but although that fact alone probably doesn't change anything, I think the last part of Sony's deal with MGM was that they both co-funded Casino Royale - so Sony may well have the international market (with MGM delivering the goods in the US)...
#4 Posted: 09-12-2006 12:27[ QUOTE ]
Tony Pacino
Posts: 2861

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Cheers guys. It would be nice if the Rumour section was on the front page, instead of having to delve into the old layout.
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#5 Posted: 09-12-2006 13:53[ QUOTE ]
Posts: 1176

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Originally Posted by bradavon:
Cheers guys. It would be nice if the Rumour section was on the front page, instead of having to delve into the old layout.

We don't really use the Rumours section much (this is the first time I've posted one since the new layout went live) and when I noticed there was no place for it on the front page I posted a news item which links you straight to the rumour. I'll be sure to do this with any other "Rumours" I post, but as we don't use the section much there's no reason to clog up the front page with it.
#6 Posted: 11-12-2006 23:06[ QUOTE ]
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I've read an interview with Eva Green which says that there were some far steamier scenes filmed which might end up on an extended DVD release - after seeing her in The Dreamers we can only live in hope.

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