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Tort Study Guide and Resources


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1. General Principles of Tortious Liability

2. The Meaning and Function of Law of Tort

3. Trespass to the Person

4. Negligence

5. Breach of Statutory Duty

6. Employer's Liability

7. Liability for Land and Premises

8. Liability for Goods

9. Liability for Statements

10. Trespass to Land

11. Nuisance

12. Rylands v Fletcher

13. Interference with Goods

14. Defamation

15. Vicarious Liability

16. Joint and Several Tortfeasors

17. Defences and Limitation of Actions

18. Remedies

19. Death


Law Essays UK Tort Study Area

Kumari Lane's Introduction to Contract & Tort

St. Brendan's Sixth Form College

Bournemouth & Poole College

Griffith University (Australia)

Tort Law Links (Uni of Hertfordshire)

The Law Commission Common Law Consultation Papers and Reports

Daily Law Notes

Court Service
Judgments Database

House of Lords Judgments since 14 November 1996

Commonwealth Courts and Cases

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Links


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