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Political Party
Oh Henry

Possum Politics

The Virginia Opossum has generally avoided interspecies politics,

…preferring a brand of local action
At times in the course of human history, however, it becomes necessary to take a stand. During the campaign of Teddy Roosevelt, Mr. Roosevelt came to be affectionately known as Teddy Bear. In response, William Howard Taft was penned Billy Possum, and his running mate, Jimmy Possum.

The good name of the Virginia Opossum came to be draped in our American Flag.

Billy Possum draped in the American Flag


Indeed, Mr. Taft's persona was often equated with the good Billy.


Billy Possum and Teddy Bear

In this picture we see Theodore Roosevelt, Mr. Teddy Bear on the left and William Howard Taft (Mr. Billy Possum) on the right. The words Good Bye Teddy are inscribed below the two dancing animals.

Mr. Taft was a Republican, and because the Republicans were often considered the Party of the rich, Billy Possum was shown in all manner of situations, each meant to show how little concern such a rich person could be expected to have for the concerns of ordinary citizens.

Here Billy Possum is having his soup with a large silver spoon. Leaning against the table are his golf clubs. We mustn't let politics get in the way of a good game of golf! The card reads Arrived here at just the right time.

Billy Possum, Republican, plays golf

The White House

And in the upper left hand corner is a picture of the White House.


For reasons lost in history, the Teddy Bear has become an enduring image of American society, while Billy Possum has been largely forgotten. Just doesn't seem fair, does it, Possums?


Political Animals

So possums, what do you say we look at some other political animals?

Possum Party. A look at those donkeys and elephants of the American political parties.

Oh Henry. A little about Henry Clay,  that old raccoon from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


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