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Poll shows governor still leads

Numbers also show support for Stabenow, Proposal 2

WJRT Bisi Onile-Ere and Cathy Shafran

- (11/02/06)--The latest ABC12/Epic-MRA poll numbers were released Thursday, and the results show Gov. Jennifer Granholm still holds a lead over Republican challenger Dick DeVos.

The poll was conducted over the past three days using 600 likely voters. Election Day is now less than a week away.

In the race for governor, 52 percent say they plan to vote for the incumbent Granholm and 43 percent plan to vote for DeVos, and 5 percent of voters say they're undecided.

In the race for U.S. Senate, the incumbent is also ahead. Democrat Debbie Stabenow holds a 13-percent lead over Republican challenger Mike Bouchard.

Taking a look at proposals, it appears voters are leaning toward the passage of Proposal 2, which would ban some types of affirmative action.

The poll found a 6-point lead for those supporting the ban.

The numbers a whole lot closer when it comes to Proposal 5, which is an initiative to establish mandatory school funding levels with 42 percent saying yes and 40 percent saying no.


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