2006-11-12 : GA El Kef releasedby Marko
A new version of the El Kef map for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is now available. It was required by the Australian Game Arena competition.

Artwork by Burniole

  • There have been many fixes in this version making it far more appropriate for compeition game play. Here is the full list of changes :

    - removed the dynamitable wall that leads to the command post. This seemed to slow down allies to much and let axis build the CP before any allies can even get close to it. The hallways right after that wall also devides in 2 paths to weaken the
    defense around the command post
    - changed axis respawn time to 30 seconds instead of 25
    - the room overlooking the flag courtyard has been opened up onto a balcony, giving a better offense to allies who no longer
    need to jump out of the windows to get in the courtyard
    - the ladder near the forward spawn flag has been enlarged and moved against the wall since many players got stuck
    trying to jump down
    - the constructible door defending the last objective has been removed, making the map much harder to defend
    - the hallways and courtyard just after the city main gate have all been enlarged. This will greatly reduce spawn camping
    abilities of axis players
    - enlarged the axis last spawn door way. It was extremely narrow, only allowing 1 player to run out at a time
    - removed detail in the different critical paths to reduce congestion
    - FPS have been greatly improved. In some sections of the map, they are 3 times better than SW El Kef
    - the allies now spawn directly under the big woodden shelter of the first courtyard. This makes them gain a couple of seconds on axis and makes it harder to spawnkill them
    - fixed a couple of graphical bugs & glitches
    - ammo & health racks in first courtyard have been moved over to the opposite side
    - fiddled with trigger entites to make the picking up & dropping off of the objective easier. This should avoid players needing to jump on the table / truck pick up / secure the objective.

  • The map layout has also slightly changed as you can see on the command map below :

  • Last but not least, I would really like to thank all the guysfollowing guys for the massive testing, feedback and ideas that they gave to make this new version of El Kef :
    Rogue - Syd - Blakjack - Neddie - Colt - Burniole - Mortis - Virus - Hashshashin - Kennie - Spike - kato / SM - CLiMaX - YubYub - Fervour - Salameh - vettori - Dersaidin - Shrek - Chevron - bruce - cantaloupe

  • The map can be downloaded directly in the downloads section of by clicking HERE

  • 2006-10-14 : GDO Braintest - new release !by Marko
    A new release of the GDO Brain Training program has been uploaded this afternoon to replace the previous version. Heres a short list of changes and add-ons :

    - Fixed the calculator input bug. This made keyboard input for games using the calculator very tricky (values were sometimes entered several times, leading to errors)
    - Fixed the mouse infinite click bug on the calculator. When people clicked and moved the mouse simultaneously, it was a total disaster and entered the values until the calculator input field reached saturation
    - Added new levels on the BT Cubes game. This game stopped after level 17. I didn think anyone would get that far... but some did ! So now we have 4 new levels on that game...

    Two new games have also been added to the Brain Test program
    - BT House : in this game, you will see a house with a certain number of individuals inside it. It will then be sealed off and you will gradually see people entering and exiting the house. The aim of the game, is once people have stopped moving in / out, to find how many are left inside the house

    - BT Reflex : this extremely simple game aims at testing reflex time. You have a still image with "Ready" written in the background. After a random amout of seconds, an akward smiley will be displayed. You will then have to click as quickly as you can. After 10 tries, your average response time is computed and that is the value which will be stored in the GDO database.

    We are currently looking for a few more game ideas to enlarge the brain training program. Any ideas / suggestions are therefore more than welcome

    2006-10-06 : GDO Braintest - Test your brain capacity !by Marko
    The very first release of Game Designs Braintest game is finally released. This set of small games will let you go through different tests that reveal your brain capacity (shape recognition, raw math calculations, memory benchmarking, 3D shape analysis...). The games have not reached a final version yet in the way that their "playability" can still be improved. There are a couple of glitches that will shortly be fixed in the next release.

    Registered GDO members will be able to store all their stats on this web site and have graphs that display their brain capacity layout, as illustrated on the figure below:

    All GDO Games come with a config file that will let you specify your GDO Account details. You can then use an automatic stats update feature, which will automatically update the GDO database every time you play (note that proxy support is not handled in the current version).
    You can also submit your stats manually by copy pasting the contents of a generated stats file in the GDO Games stats submission menu.

    Finally, for those who aren really keen on that type of game, you can always compete on the GDO Tetris game :

    Find more details about these games in the GDO Games section of this web site. Enjoy !

    2006-08-01 : SDL Advanced Engine bug fixesby Marko
    A major memory leak has been reported by Deps. Indeed, the renderText() function of the Graphics class in the SDL Advanced Engine allocated a new SDL_Surface each time text was drawn on screen and never freed that memory. The fixed version now releases the SDL_Surface as soon as it has been blitted to the screen.

    Also, the Graphics class instance wasn always released correctly. Indeed, the destructor sometimes called delete on non allocated pointers, leading to a small crash. This was hardly noticeable since it occured when the game shutdown but still needed to be fixed

    Thanks for the bug reporting and help Deps !