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HARMONi G3 iMac Processor Upgrade + FireWire Card

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Key Features
600 MHz PowerPC™ G3
256K on-chip, Level 2 cache
Onboard FireWire® port—connect the latest digital video equipment, FireWire devices, and iPod®
100% hardware and software compatibility
Supports 32MB to 512MB RAM
  Quick Start Guide available in English, French, and Spanish

Faster G3 Processor and Added FireWire
The Sonnet HARMONi™ G3 pushes the performance of your “original” iMac to new levels, and enables you to enjoy expanded capabilities! Employing a powerful 600 MHz IBM PowerPC G3 processor with on-chip 256K Level 2 cache operating at full processor speed, HARMONi will transform your iMac with a performance boost of up to 2.5x or more over the original system. The HARMONi also features a FireWire port to connect digital cameras, DV camcorders, DVD-R/CD-RW drives, and iPod digital music players. FireWire is perfect for importing/working with digital video; everything you do on your iMac will feel faster!

OS Compatibility
The HARMONi is compatible with your existing hardware, software, RAM and peripherals. The HARMONi integrates with your system software, supporting from Mac OS 8.6* through OS 9.2.2, and Mac OS X Version 10.1 through Version 10.3.9.

*FireWire requires Mac OS 8.6 or later; best compatibility with FireWire devices is achieved with OS 9.1 or later, and OS X Version 10.1 or later.

Simple Installation
While dealer installation is recommended, technical users will find the HARMONi installation straightforward using the step-by-step, illustrated instructions. Launch the included Sonnet application to take advantage of the original system software. Simply shut down and open the system, remove the original processor, move your existing RAM to the HARMONi, pop the HARMONi into place, then install the FireWire daughter card and new side panel for the system. Restart the system and you're up and running!

iMacs Compatible Models
  iMac 233 MHz, 266 MHz, 333 MHz (Rev. A-D)

Note: These models have tray-loading CD-ROM drives.

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Tech Specs
Part No. G3 Speed Cache Specs

HAFW-G3-600 600 MHz 256K/600 MHz

Warranty/Mac Logo



With a HARMONi upgrade everything you do on your Rev. A-D iMac will feel faster.


HARMONi features a powerful 600 MHz G3 processor and FireWire technology that enables your earlier iMac to connect to the latest digital hub devices.


Take advantage of digital video capabilities on your earlier iMac. FireWire is perfect for importing and working on digital video in such applications as iMovie.

Burn CDs

Create digital audio and video CDs right from your desktop with the fast FireWire DVD-R/CD-RW drives.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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