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***The First Organization Has Made It To The Web!!***


Hello, I am A. Pearson the one who wrote you about the Squirrel Hazing Crisis Center, I am now constructing a hazing page and a crisis center page!

The Hazing page is

and my crisis center page is at

Thank you ,

A.Pearson aka Maskedman

The "Reason Clouded By Hormones" Theory


among a number of theories long-held by a number of west-coast squirrel observers is one which, i believe, was originally put forth by Dr Hunter Thompson (if it wasn't it should have been) that these pesky little guys are so hopped up on their own adrenaline from the near-death rush of their vehicular close encounters that they lose control of their motor skills and randomly fling themselves into the path of the vehicle - a corollary to this is the 'reason clouded with hormone' theory that has their adrenals screaming at a flood rate completely blocking the self-preservation urge *note the victim's seeming indecision as it turns to flee from the roadway, only to turn 180 degrees flinging itself into the wheel, and finally, the 'x' theory that says they have so loaded themselves with adrenaline and cortisol that they can no longer gain any thrills from the hormone bath, their adrenals on the verge of exhaustion - they cast themselves headlong into the abyss seeking the thrill of a toothpaste tube being stamped on.

respectfully submitted by larry darnell

Survival Of The Fittest (And OTHER Activities)


Just a note--we have recovered remains of fossil squirrels from southern California dating back nearly 2 million years! Think of that! So obviously squirrel hazing can't be all that detrimental. In fact, it's clear (although not yet published) evidence of "survival of the fittest" in action. And the relatively recent addition of "car racing" just goes to show how we humans alter our surroundings, yet remain a part of them (in an evolutionary sense).

Tell us--is there any increase in copulatory activity following these hazing events?

--Eric and Kim Scott

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I have a picture...actually a video of a squirrel in Washington D.C. that is an albino! I thought it was a freak of nature but after reading your page I realized it was probably a bizarre hazing ritual . If you would like the video capture e- mail me.


Later On! -- Steve

A Squirrels In Black (SIB) Witness!


i have seen black squirrels!!!! i once saw a black squirrel chittering to a gray squirrel who apparently had his mouth stuffed with nuts. after a minute of chittering, the black squirrel cuffed the other one with his tail, knocking the other one senseless. he then chittered something else, looked my direction, and ran back up a tree.

-- bjl must live in my neighborhood!!!


Couldn't let this one pass without saying how much I liked your site...having fed squirrels now for over 10 years, (at 100 lbs of peanuts per month), I've been through several generations of the little buggers myself....Plus, my husband, a former Bell Telephone repairman liked your transformer jumping point system.

OK...what's the you raise these little biters, or what? I've served as a "mash unit" for some...have squirrel houses in trees, and a big "OPEN ALL NIGHT" sign on my roof telling all four legged things they're welcome...including flying squirrels. I was beginning to think I was the only person into wildlife with a "tempered" sense of humor.

Will be book marking your site....really loved Doberman will be trying out your point system, too.

Linda Lindsay

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A SIB Field Report


FIELD REPORT ------------

Squirrels in Black have been sighted regularly in Madison Square Park in Manhattan, and this infiltration is believed to be part of a larger crackdown on out of in the park. The resident squirrels have extended their hazing rituals to include chasing humans through the park, approaching humans and tugging their shoelaces, and, in isolated but nevertheless alarming instances, launching themselves at humans from park benches.

Clearly this is a case of hazing veering out of control, a case which the Squirrels in Black have been called in to contain. Their tactics, though, may be cause for alarm: their brutal attempts to corral this behavior cause near-hysteria among the gray squirrels. I suggest dispatching an observation team to 23rd Street and Broadway as soon as possible. -- Molly K.

No squirrels were harmed by us.

Unless they were of a lower rank and tried to steal our nest, stash, and/or babies.


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