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Welcome A letter of welcome from the Headmaster of Strabane Grammar School
School Information General information about Strabane Grammar School, including contact details
Admissions Criteria Details of the admissions criteria to Strabane Grammar School
School curriculum Details of the school's curriculum up to 'A' Level
Aims of the School Details of the five major aims of Strabane Grammar School
Pastoral Care Details of pastoral care at Strabane Grammar School
Physical Education Information about Physical Education at Strabane Grammar School
Extra-Curricular activities Details of Extra-Curricular activities available to all pupils at Strabane Grammar School
Careers Education Details of the careers guidance that pupils at Strabane Grammar School receive
Public Examination Results Strabane Grammar School's public examination results from the academic year 1996/1997 onwards
Staff Listing of all staff at Strabane Grammar School
Additional Information Other miscellaneous information about Strabane Grammar School

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