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61st Cavalry
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1953.08.01 The New Horsed Cavalry Regiment
formed by amalgamation of Gwalior Lancers, Jodhpur/Kachhawa Horse, Mysore Lancers, B Sqn 2nd Patiala Lancers and Saurasthra Horsed Cavalry Squadron
1953.10.01 recognised as the official formation date
1954.01 61st Cavalry
by the 1980s, the regiment remained the only non-mechanised regular cavalry in the world
pip 61st Cavalry (India

China 1900

The Great War: Cambrai 1917, France and Flanders 1914-18, Suez Canal, Egypt 1915-17, Gaza, Megiddo, Sharon, Damascus, Palestine 1917-18, Mesopotamia 1916-18, NW Frontier India 1917

Note: honours inherited from predecessor State Forces units.

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1953.11.19 Lt. Col. Phulel Singh
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