The City of Hiroshima
Last Updated November 30, 2006

Atomic Bomb and Peace

Devotion of Hiroshima to the Cause of Peace updated
Steps toward Peace
Statements about Peace by the Mayor
Peace Declaration updated
Protest Letters against Nuclear Tests
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
Paper Cranes and the Children's Peace Monument
Hiroshima Peace Site
Kids Peace Station
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Virtual Museum
Hiroshima Peace Institute

Introduction to Hiroshima City

Welcome to the Hiroshima City Homepage
Statistical Look at Hiroshima City
Basic Concepts of the City of Hiroshima
International Relations Division
Policy to Promote Multiculturalism In Hiroshima City NEW
Summary of the Hiroshima New Stadium Design Competition NEW
Results of the Hiroshima New Stadium Design-and-Construction Competition
Request for Proposals: "Effective Utilization of the Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium Site"
Welcome to Cruise Ships NEW
Hiroshima City Science and Technology Policy
3rd Hiroshima Dream Energy Grand Prize NEW
Industrial Technology Information
Hiroshima Navigator (Tourist Information Website)
Business Placement in Hiroshima City
Town Planning in Hiroshima City
The City Tree and City Flower
A History of Hiroshima's Greenery
Dogwood Initiative 2001 & Planting Ceremony
Peace Boulevard New Century Renewal Project
Hiroshima City University
The 2004 Japan-U.S. Cities Summit

Guide to Facilities
Hiroshima City Library
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Health Sciences Museum
Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park
Hiroshima Botanical Garden
Hiroshima City Transportation Museum

History of Hiroshima
The Origin of Hiroshima
The Establishment of Hiroshima-City
The Pacific War and the A-Bomb
The Restoration after the A-Bomb
Peace Memorial City, Hiroshima


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