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Summoned Skull
Frequently Asked Questions
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Man-Eater Bug

Q: What if "Man-Eater Bug" is the only monster that is on the field and it is flipped face-up?
A: "Man-Eater Bug" destroys itself if there is no other monster to destroy.

Q: If a monster is destroyed from "Man-eater Bug's effect, is damage taken?
A: No damage is taken.

Wall of Illusion

Q: What happens if "Wall of Illusion" is attacked when it is in Attack Position, and wins? Is my opponent's monster sent to the Graveyard, or returned to its owner's hand?
A: It gets destroyed and doesn't go back in the owner's hand.

Required Cards for Fusion

Q: Do you have to have all the required cards (Fusion-Material Monsters and "Polymerization") in the Deck when you place Fusion Monster Cards in your Fusion Deck?
A: No. You can put Fusion Monsters in your Fusion Deck even though you do not have all the required cards for the Fusion. For example, you can use an opponent's monster card as Fusion-Material Monster by activating "Change of Heart" or "Monster Reborn".

Dark Hole /Raigeki

Q: If "Dark Hole" or "Raigeki" is activated and a monster is face-down, is the monster affected?
A: Yes. All monsters are destroyed, regardless of Battle Position.

Q: If your opponent has no monsters on the Field and "Raigeki" is played, is damage taken?
A: If there are no monsters on your opponent's side of the Field, "Raigeki" can not be played. So no damage will be calculated, as the effect can occur.

Swords of Revealing Light

Q: When this card is destroyed or returned to the owner's hand, can the opponent then attack in that same turn?
A: When "Swords of Revealing Light" is destroyed...yes, you can attack in the same turn, provided you destroyed it in Main Phase 1. If it is returned to your hand you cannot attack that same turn. "Swords of Revealing Light's effect stays in place until the end of that turn, because it was not destroyed.

Last Will

Q: What is the significance of "this card is active for one turn only"?
A: This means that "Last Will" is destroyed after activation. However, the effect remains during that turn. You can activate "Last Will" before your monster is sent to the Graveyard. This card is useful against opponent's Trap Cards such as "Mirror Force".

Q: When 1 monster is sent from the field to the Graveyard, can I Special Summon 2 monsters from my Deck by activating 2 "Last Will" cards?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If you play "Last Will" and you Tribute two of your monster for a Special Summons, do you get to take two cards from your Deck as a Special Summons?
A: You can only take 1 monster Special Summoned per 1 "Last Will" card.

Change of Heart

Q: If I take control of my opponent's Set Flip Effect Monster using "Change of Heart", can I use its Flip Effect by Flip Summoning it?
A: Yes. You can use the Flip Effect Monster's effect by Flip Summoning it in the turn that "Change of Heart" is activated. After the end of that turn, it returns to your opponent's side of the field. However, since it remains face-up, opponent ends up losing a chance to activate its Flip Effect.

Ultimate Offering

Q: Can "Ultimate Offering" be activated during my opponent's turn? If so, can I Normal Summon a monster in my opponent's turn?
A: Yes. However, you can Normal Summon or Set a monster only during your opponent's Battle Phase if you use this effect in your opponent's turn. Of course, you can also activate the effect in your turn, but only in your Main Phase.


Q: What exactly does "Waboku" do? How does it work?
A: "Waboku" is a Trap Card that is flipped during your opponent's Battle Phase to stop his attack and protect your monsters. No damage is taken by either player; no monsters are destroyed on either side. Face down monsters are flipped face up. This ends the Battle Phase when "Waboku" is flipped.


Q: If there are multiple monsters with the same lowest ATK on my opponent's side of the field, who will decide which monster is destroyed?
A: It is the player who activates "Fissure" that decides which monster is destroyed.

Q: Does "Fissure" still work if your opponent only has one face up monster on the Field?
A: Yes.

Trap Hole

Q: I understand that "Trap Hole" is for the monster that is Normal Summoned (including Tribute Summon) and Flip Summoned, but can I activate this card when my opponent Summons a monster with the card "Ultimate Offering"?
A: Yes. You can activate "Trap Hole" both during you and your opponent's turn when your opponent use "Ultimate Offering" and Summons a monster because it is considered a Normal Summon.

Q: Can "Trap Hole" be used at any time during my opponent's turn?
A: No. "Trap Hole" can only be used at the time of the summon. This includes Flip Summons.

Two-Pronged Attack

Q: Can I activate this card during the Battle Phase of my or my opponent's turn?
A: Yes. A Quick-Play Magic Card and Trap Card can be activated even during Battle Phase except for the Damage calculation, if its timing for activation is right. During Damage calculation, you can only use a Quick-Play Magic Card Trap Card that modifies the ATK and/or DEF. Also during the Battle Phase, Replay occurs only when the number of monsters is changed. Therefore, in this case, Replay is triggered when you activate this card during Battle Phase.


Q: Can I use "De-Spell" to destroy "Swords of Revealing Light"?
A: Yes. Because "Swords of Revealing Light" remains on the field until the end of 3rd opponent's turn, you can destroy it with "De-Spell".

Reinforcements & Castlewalls

Q: Can I activate 2 "Reinforcements" ("Castle Walls") cards and increase the ATK (DEF) of 1 selected monster by 1000 points?
A: Yes, you can.

Soul Exchange

Q: Can I use this card to Tribute monster "Cannon Soldier" or "Catapult Turtle's effect?
A: Yes, you can. Even if you have 5 monsters on your side of the field, you can use this card for that kind of effect. However, you cannot use this card for a Tribute Summon if you have 5 monsters on your side of the field. Also remember that if you use this card, you must skip your battle phase and you cannot activate it during Main Phase 2.

Q: Can you use "Soul Exchange" to get "Gate Guardian" (if your opponent has one of the three pieces)?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can you use "Soul Exchange" to get a Ritual Monster (to get the necessary Level)?
A: Yes, you can only when the level stars condition is fulfilled (You can not use if the condition is not fulfilled).

Q: Can you use "Soul Exchange" to get Fusion Cards (for a piece of the fusion; for example, your opponent has "Summoned Skull", you have "Red Eyes Black Dragon" in your hand/field, you use the "Polymerization" and "Soul Exchange", and you have "Black Skull Dragon" in your fusion deck)?
A: No. A Fusion Material Monster is NOT a Tribute Monster.

Trap Master /Reaper of the Cards

Q: Can I use this card on my own trap card? If an opponent has no Magic/Trap Cards on the field, what happens?
A: You can use this card against your own Trap Card. If an opponent has no Magic/Trap Cards on the field, you must flip 1 of your Magic/Trap Card face-up. If it is a Trap Card, it is destroyed.

The Wicked Worm Beast

Q: If this card is Set on the field, should this monster return to your hand at the end of your turn?
A: No. It returns to your hand only when it is face-up on the field at the end of your turn. If this monster is destroyed as a result of the battle, it is sent to the Graveyard, and does not return to your hand. Also, if you have 7 or more cards in your hand after this monster returns, you have to discard cards so that your hand only has 6 cards at the end of your turn.

Lord of D.

Q: There are 2 kinds of text. Which effect is right?
A: "All Dragon-Type monsters cannot be targeted by Magic Cards, Trap Cards, or other effects that specifically designate a target while this card is face-up on the field." is the correct text. It appears on Unlimited Edition cards.

The Flute of Summoning Dragon

Q: Can I use this card, but not Special Summon any monster?
A: No. You cannot. You must Special Summon at least 1 Dragon-Type monster when you use this card.
Q: Can you special summon more then more one level 5 or higher Dragon-Type without paying tribute.
A: Yes.

Mysterious Puppeteer

Q: When "Mysterious Puppeteer" is face-up on my side of the field, I Summoned 1 monster with ATK 1000 points, and then my opponent's activates "Trap Hole". What is the result?
A: Your monster is destroyed by "Trap Hole", but your Life Points are increased by 500 points because it is considered Summoned and then destroyed.

Remove Trap

Q: Can I use this card against "Trap Hole"?
A: No, you cannot because a Normal Trap Card like "Trap Hole" is Set in face-down. You cannot Chain against the activation of Normal Trap Card with this card because this is a Normal Magic Card and the Spell Speed is lower than Normal Trap Cards. But you can destroy Continuous Trap Card like "Ultimate Offering". In this case, you can not Chain against "Ultimate Offering", but it remains face-up on the field. You can activate this card after activation of "Ultimate Offering" and the opponent's Summon by it(This is not a "Chain"). You can destroy "Ultimate Offering", but you cannot destroy the monster Summoned by "Ultimate Offering" if you activate this card soon after your opponent uses "Ultimate Offering".

Exodia the Forbidden One

Q: What if both players have all 5 Exodia parts at the same time?
A: It is declared a Draw.

Dragon Capture Jar

Q: If I have a "Lord of D." on the Field, and my opponent uses "Dragon Capture Jar", is the Trap Card nullified?
A: "Dragon Capture Jar" is not a card that specifically designates a target. The effect is automatic and effects the whole Field. In this case, "Dragon Capture Jar" is not nullified

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