Cabinet shuffled

Baird takes over controversial environment file from Ambrose
Environment Minister John Baird is sworn-in as Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks on.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally put the rumours to rest and unveiled a new cabinet Thursday that...

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Saddam Hussein video being watched on a cell phone.

Did you watch?

The Vatican denounced it. The Libyan government declared an official period of mourning. In Saudi Arabia...


Success in Kandahar

While Canada's top military commander based in Afghanistan says the latest campaign to remove Taliban...


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Critics decry 3 parents and a baby

Family group calls ruling 'naked judicial activism'

Critics are calling it unnecessary judicial activism, another attack on traditional values by a court...


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'Trunking' injury

An Ottawa teen is in critical condition after he was involved in crash while riding in trunk


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From Madison Avenue and beyond, advertisers and other influence-makers vie for your attention.




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