Name: Steve Harris
Birthday: March 12, 1956
Formed Maiden: Dec 1975
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In Leytonstone, England

From Leyton County High School, Leytonstone, London, England
(on the East End), 1972

On a farm in Romford, just outside of Essex, England

Chris Squire, Mike Rutherford, Geddy Lee, Andy Fraser, John Entwistle.

Favourite hangout:
Harrow, London ( bowling alley )

Actions of Harris:
Maiden plays Allentown, PA. The song "Mission From 'Arry" was recorded post-gig this night. Seems that during the beginning of Nicko's drum solo, Steve's bass quit, so he told a roadie, to go and tell Nicko to try and extend his solo. Trouble was, the guy wasn't his drum roadie and didn't really know how to go about telling him, so he ended up waving his arms like a demented windmill and trying to yell over the noise. All that happened was that Nicko missed the message but got distracted enough to mess up his solo. After the gig, he clocked the guy, which prompted a huge 1/2 hour long argument between him and Steve. After most of that was over, Bruce went in with his Walkman, and started stirring it up again. Steve spotted the Walkman and said "some cunt's recording this", whereupon Nicko went to jump on the Walkman and smash it. Fine, except Bruce had a bunch of ideas and lyrics on the other side of the cassette for Powerslave, so he intercepted and clocked Nicko one. Now you'll see this as a b-side to 2 Minutes To Midnight, with writing credits to "Harris/McBrain, and engineered by Bruce Dickinson."

For the complete transcript of this incident click HERE Thanks to Steve Knight for taking the time to transcribe this incident.

First bass:
Steve's first bass was a copy Fender Telecaster. It cost him 40 pounds.

4 Fender Precision bass guitars with mirrored scratchplates,
bad ass 11 bridges and Seymour Duncan custom SPB1 pick-ups
4 Sony WRT 27 wireless transmitters
2 Raycom/Sony WRR 37 receivers
Peter Cornish custom switching system
Trace Elliot GP12X pre-amps
1 DBX 160 compressor
2 C-1 audio FR707 amplifiers
8 Custom Marshall 4x12" cabinets fitted with EVM 12L speakers
3 Korg WT-12 tuners
Rotosound jazz bass flat wound strings
Spares: Electronic preamps, Carver PM 1-5 and PM1200 power amps

Albums recorded with Iron Maiden:
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