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A master storyteller, Sidney Sheldon has garnered international praise and recognition the world over. The winner of an Oscar, a Tony, and an Edgar Allan Poe Award, Sheldon has over 200 television scripts, twenty-five major motion pictures, six Broadway plays, eighteen novels (which have sold over 300 million copies) and one memoir to his credit, ranking him as one of the world's most prolific writers. With each of his books having hit #l on the New York Times bestseller list, Sheldon is one of the three best-selling authors alive today.

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Sidney Sheldon On Writing Are You Afraid of the Dark?

While I was writing Are You Afraid of the Dark?, my assistant, Mary, grew to despise one of the characters in the book. The mere mention of his name made her crazy. Just for fun, I'd leave her notes saying things like "[he] wants to meet you tonight at midnight, at the Santa Monica Pier. He said to come alone!" I tried to convince her that he wasn't so bad after all, but she wouldn't buy it. I'll give you a hint as to his identity and you can decide for yourselves once you read the book: He ended up in some real hot water.

When my characters are in trouble, I can't sleep until I find them a way out of their predicament. My characters become very real to me. When they feel sad, I feel sad. When they're afraid, I'm afraid for them. The writing process is as much an exploratory journey for me as it is for my readers.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is my eighteenth novel. In 1970, when my first book, The Naked Face, was published, I was convinced that the book would break all previous sales records. Not only would it be the lowest-selling book in history, but the first book to never sell one single copy. That is why I rushed to my local bookstore and bought myself a copy of The Naked Face on the day it was released. I have continued that tradition ever since. Come this September 14th, you know exactly where I'll be!

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