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Ministry of Deliverance

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The Truth will set you free

The purpose of deliverance ministry is to make real to those who feel possessed, oppressed or afraid, the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over all that is evil, so that his living presence may bring peace.

Many who seek deliverance ministry are afraid of being ridiculed; that their strange experiences won't be believed. It takes courage to overcome this fear. This web site may help those who are not yet ready to share their experiences.

Help is available and you are entitled to be understood. There is a real sense of relief once you have talked to someone who recognises that what you have experienced is real to you. Jesus is a friend to those who feel afraid or oppressed. In raising him from the dead God has given us a sign that our Lord Jesus Christ has overcome all that is evil. He is the source of healing and peace.

Deliverance Ministry in the Worcester Diocese is best accessed through your Parish Priest. He or she should be able to hear what you say in confidence and take it seriously. Experienced clergy and others nominated by the Bishop act as consultants advising the priest you have approached on how best to proceed. The values and standards upon which this ministry is based are available on request .

The process of discerning just what has caused you distress and fear may take some time. Do not expect instant solutions; those who promise a quick fix may lead you into further trouble. Some of the most frightening experiences have quite simple explanations others are highly complex. Please be patient. Any one of the following may be a factor causing frightening experiences that cannot be explained by normal rational means: occult practice, spiritual abuse , ghosts , spirits , alcohol or misused drugs, spiritualism, poltergeist effects, suppressed emotions, cults, religious hype, some forms of transpersonal psychology, mental illness , bereavement, curses , satanic practice, trauma....



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