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Goodshit Radio is an independent underground hip hop radio show, broadcasted through radio and podcast every week from Oslo, Norway. Hosted by Don Martin, Fred Fades, Mr Pink, Hans and Dj Taus. Our policy is that we only play good shit, hence the name. No bling, no bullshit, no commercialized crap - just good rap.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Mix 2006

A little late, but julen varer helt til påske. This Fred Fades Christmas mix was supposed to be aired Monday the 2nd but wasn´t due to technical shit. However, two wrongs don´t make a right, so we put it out here on the podcast now and then the mix will be played on radio during the second hour of next weeks show.

Download it from or subscribe to the podcast from the top of our page.

Happy new year from the Goodshit Radio Crew

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Madlib + Talib Kweli = Liberation

And it´s even free! Super producer Madlib has teamed up with Super MC Talib Kweli for a really good start on the new year, as Stones Throw/Blacksmith Records release their brand new album project "Liberation" for free mp3 download from If only a third of 2007´s hip hop news would be half as good as this...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Fred Fades - Tuna & Beer Mix

Fred Fades Diggin in the Crates part 2 - entitled the Tuna & Beer Mix. Download it at or get it from the podcast.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Goodshit 2006 12 25

DJ Taus and Don Martin christmas day special mix. Later this week we will also put out Fred Fades in the Crates 2. Download the show as mp3 from, subscribe to the podcast or play directly from the site with our flash-player. Above is the classic clip of Treacherous Three performing "Santa's Rap" in the movie Beat Street.

The playlist:

Treacherous Three ft Doug E Fresh - Santa's Rap (From "Beat Street" movie)
Masta Ace - Sittin on chrome (
Visionaries ft J Dilla - All right
De La Soul - Go out and get it
Exile ft Ta Raach - Move on Em
AG - Triumph
Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship) - Sex in the City
Jurassic 5 - Radio
Blacknificent 7 - Re-lick
Blacknificent 7 - Survival
Kano - Remember Me
Coldcut ft Roots Manuva - True Skool
Ice Cube - Jackin 4 Beats
Mos Def - A Ha
Casual - Thoughts of thousands
MadVillain - Monkey Suit
Roots Manuva -
Pharaoh Monch - Push

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Goodshit Radio Flash-player

Tired of having to download shows to listen to them? We just added a flash player to the right column of the that will be updated every week so you can play the latest show or mixtape directly from the page. The player will at all time be updated with the 10 latest files we have put out.

For people who want to show us support or spread the word of the show to more peeps, copy/paste the code of one of the following players underneath. (All the players are automatically updated).

Code for the player we use on the page:

The tape-player code:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remix Competition

In collaboration with Goodshit Radio, National Rapshow and, rap group Gatas Parlament released three acapellas for a remix competition today. The remixes can be downloaded further down or from The best remix will be featured on Gatas Parlament street CD "Rusk, Rask og Remixer" next year and also be aired on Goodshit Radio and National Rapshow, as well as put out for download on and Send your remix to before the 1st of January to enter...

Here are the acapellas:

"Holdning Over Underholdning" (BPM ca 95.020.)

"Bombefly" (BPM ca 99.115.)

"Ti Mot En" (BPM ca 86.110.)

På nyåret slipper Gatas Parlament en ny uoffisiell plate med tittelen “Rusk, Rask og Remixer”. CD’en er en oppfølger til “Bootlegs, B-sider og Bestiser” som kom i 2004, og inneholder låter bandet har laget siden forrige plata, men som av forskjellige grunner ikke kommer på neste album. I tillegg inneholder skiva også som tittelen antyder noen remikser av gamle låter.

I samarbeid med, NRS og Goodshit Radio legger Gatas Parlament ut acapella fra tre Gatas-låter, og utlyser en remix konkurranse for produsenter som vil profilere sine beatmaker skills. Den beste remixen av hver låt kommer med på cd’en “Rusk, Rask og Remixer” og vil bli lagt ut på, og spilt på National Rapshow P3 og Goodshit Radio. Vinnerne vinner også en gedigen pakke med plater og effekter fra bandet, samt heder, ære og berømmelse.

Regler for konkurransen:

1. Alle bidrag sendes til

2. Du kan ikke sende inn noe med beats du ikke har laget sjel. (Ingen mashups eller andres instrumentaler.)

3. Konkurransen varer til 1. januar og vinnerne blir annonsert på

4. Pass på at du har mulighet til å gi oss separate filer så låten kan mikses i tilfelle du vinner.

5. Ved å sende inn bidrag går du med på at Gatas Parlament gir ut remiksen på en mixtape/gate-CD og legger den ut på Gatas' internettside til lovlig, gratis nedlastning. Bidrag blir ikke betalt, utover Tono/NCB for radiospilling og salg.

Goodshit 2006 12 18

This week the first our of the show was taken over by Chicosepoy from Karpe Diem who played music he wanted to recommend. Then after an hour we returned to our regular program.

Download the show from or get it from the podcast.

Mos Def - Fake Bonanza (True Magic, 2006)
Timbuktu - Alla Vet (The Båttom is Nådd)
Jadakiss - Who the hell cares
Ken & Tsawe - Jalla Jalla (Back to work, 2004)
Madcon - Home (It's all a Mad Con)
Brother Ali - Forest Whitaker (Shadows on the Sun, 2004)
Ludacris - Hip Hop Quotables
Common - I have a dream
N-Light-N - Fresh (in any season) (Deep Green, 1998)
Rhymefest - Brand New (Blue Collar)
The Roots - (The Tipping Point)
Promoe - Haffi fit (Long Distance Runner)
Exile ft Ghostface, Trfie & Myone - Milk 'Em Remix
Lords of the underground - Keepers of the funk
Jeru - Cant stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)
Public Enemy ft Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
Gatas Parlament - Holdning over Underholdning
Gatas Parlament - Bombefly
Gatas Parlament - Ti mot en
Mos Def - U R the One (True Magic, 2006)
Unanimous Decision - Bomb Diffusal (Rap sings the blues, 1992)
AG - If I wanna (Get Dirty Radio, 2006)
Kankick - You Better Know it
Swamburger- Womanside
Mr Lif - Long Distance (Mo Mega, 2006)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dj Spiro Mixtape - Monkey Music

Dj Spiro hit us up with another one hour mixtape entitled Monkey Music. Download it from or through the podcast.

This mixtape contains:

redman - we got da satellite van!
redman - I´ll bee dat
Bucktown U.S.A. feat. Cocoa Brovaz - No Justice No Peace
Ice-T - drama
black star - definition [inst.]
B.D.P. - p is free
tim dog - goin wild in the penile
salvador + PrOfEsSoR ANARAD - hardcore funk
dj shadow - count and estimate
slick rick feat. outkast - street talkin`
street dreams - ???
liks - best u can
roots manuva - bashment boogie
london posse - live like the other half do
diamond - best kept secret
a tribe called quest - keeping it moving
das efx - real hip-hop [pete rock rmx]
lords of the underground - flow on [pete rock rmx]
t-love feat. kool keith - return of the b-girl
rae & christian feat. the pharcyde - it ain´t nothin´like´ [nextmen rmx]
james brown - say it loud "I´m black and I´m proud"
afrika bambaataa + time zone - zulu war chant [the funky remix]
masters of illusion - bay-bronx bridge
james brown - get up, get into it and get involved

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Goodshit 2006 12 11

One hour show with Don Martin. Later this week we will put out the Dj Spiro Monkey Music Mixtape that was aired on the second half of the show, so that it can be downloaded separatly. Photo by Dirty Hans.

Neste uke kommer Chicosepoy for å kapre radioprogrammet vårt og bare spille låter han anbefaler. Vi venter spent på hva han kommer til å spille...

Download from or subscribe to the podcast at itpc://

The playlist:
Nas - Hip Hop is Dead (Hip Hop Is Dead, 2006)
Jean Grae - Hater Anthem (Blacksmith is the Movement, 2006)
Ghostface - Outta Town Shit (More Fish, 2006)
Gatas Parlament ft Promoe og Per V - Antiamerikansk Remix (Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest ft Rah Digga - Mardi Gras (Prod Jay Dee)
House of Pain - Back from the Dead (Same As It Ever Was)
House of Pain - On Point (Same As It Ever Was)
Jungle Brothers - J'Bees Comming Through
Kool G Rap - Wake up show freestyle
Nas - Where Are They Now (Hip Hop Is Dead, 2006)
CL Smooth - CL Smooth Unplugged (American Me, 2006)
Tonna Brix ft Onkel P - Vendepunkt
HiCoup - Ghetto Factory

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Goodshit 2006 12 04

Goodshit Radio this week with Don Martin, Refuse and Mr Pink. Norwegian rapper and producer Jester visited the show and played tracks from his comming 3rd album "Short Stories". We also phoned up Thirstin Howl the III and talked about his new films and how not to get caught jacking up.

New records from Mos Def, CL Smooth +++. In this weeks competition we want to know who in Wu-Tang is related to Genius. Mail us from the box in the right column of the page. The answers to last weeks competition was "Knowledge Reins Supreme Over Nearly Everybody" (KRS-ONE), "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal" (GURU) and "Ladies Love Cool James" (LL Cool J).

Download the show at or subscribe to the show via podcast itpc:// (iTunes).

The playlist this week:
Mos Def - Napoleon Dynamite - True Magic LP, 2006
Per Vers - no 7 (prod DJ Noise) re:vers, 2006
Masters of Illusion - we all over (prod kut masta kurt) kutmasta kurt
presents, threshold recordings 2001
Knaan - dusty foot philosopher - dusty foot philosopher, 2006
Dres - pardon me while i come back (prod molecules) 12"
CL Smooth - I cant help it (Produced by Mike Loe) American Me, 2006
CL Smooth - The Stroll (Produced by Rsonist [Heatmakerz]) American Me, 2006
Mos Def - Sun, Moon, Stars - True Magic, 2006
Talib Kweli - drugs, basketball & rap ft Planet Asia & Phil The Agony
(prod Needlz) Right About Now, 2005
Jester ft Wordsworth & Pumkinhead - Pay Attention (Prod Jester) Shorts
Stories, RAR 2006
Jester interview
Jester ft Tech Rock & Karma - Neighborhood (Prod Jester) Shorts
Stories, RAR 2006
Jester - Happy happy (Prod Jester) Shorts Stories, RAR 2006
House of Pain - Who's the Man (prod Lethal) Same as it ever was
Mc Search - Hits the head (Prod Skeff Anslem) Return of the product, 1992
Nas - NY State of Mind pt 2
Pete Rock ft Inspectah Deck & Kurupt - Tru Master (Prod Pete Rock)
Soul Survivor, 1998
Common - Car Horn (Prod ) 12"
OC - Times up (Prod Buckwild) Word Life
Stig of the dump - The Journey - The Homeless Microphonists EP
Thirstin Howl III -
(Thirstin Howl III interview)
Thirstin Howl III - Off with the head
Thirstin Howl III -
Black Twang ft K9 - G.C.S.C (Prod K9)
Rodney P/Jehst - The Future (Prod Jehst)
Jester ft Tumi - Live my life (Prod Jester) Short Stories, 2006

Goodshit on Myspace

Yeah, yeah. So everbody has to be on Myspace. Add us if you like. We doubt the page will be updated there though.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Goodshit 2006 11 27

With Don Martin and Fred Fades + Dirty Hans, Refuse & Kamel in studio. A small phone up interview with Jester, who will be visiting the show next week with his new album, and we also tried to call Thirstin Howl III repeatedly.

Download the show as mp3 from or subscribe to the podcast at

In this weeks competition we want to know what are behind the initials GURU, KRS-ONE and LL Cool J. The last one might have been mentioned on the show... E-mail us further down on the page in the right column.

J Dilla - Welcome 2 D Intro (prod. J Dilla) bbe 2001
MED - Cant Hold On (prod. Madlib) 2005 stones throw
Roce - Aux Nomades De L'interieur
The Roots - Stay Cool
Akir - Apocolypse
Madvillain - Figaro remix prod. madlib 2005 stones throw
Oh No - Black feat. Wise Intelligent prod. ohno stones throw 2004
Gods gift - incisions remix prod kankick ramp recordings 2006
kankick - on the lookout ft kombo & wildchild prod kankick cuts dj
romes 2001 mean street records
Master of Illusion - U want freestyle (prod Kutmasta Kurt)
Redman - Rated R (prod Erick Sermon) Whut?! The Album, 1992
Gatas Parlament - Slagord Rap (prod Jester) Bootlegs, B-sider & Bestiser, 2004
Jester - The Darkest Gun (prod Jester) Science & Fiction, 1998
Jester interview
Big L & Lord Finesse - You may
Visionaries - in the good prod ???
Common - Doin it (prod Jay Dee) Like water for chocolate
J5 - Unified rebelution prod. cut & nu 93?
Five Deez - Jerk Anthem (prod. fat jon) fat city recordings 2005??
Stig of the Dump - Break Shit Down - The Homeless Microphonist EP
Foreign Beggars - Slow Broiled Ilk ft Ohno (prod Ohno) Stray Point Agenda, 2006
Mass Influence - 20/20 (prod Underground Science) Underground Science
A.G. - Gigantic (prod Ohno) Get Dirty Radio, Look Rec 2006
Kankick - Untitled 1 (prod. Kankick)
Smiley The Ghetto Child - The Wake Up Call (prod. DJ Premier) Fatbeats
Grip Grand - Poppin Pockets (prod. Grip Grand & DJ Design) Look Records 2004
Dirty Fingered B-Boys aka J-Roc - The King is Here (Prod J-Roc) 7"
Dangerdoom - Space Ho`s Madlib remix 7"
Thirstin Howl the III - Live at home with my moms
Juggaknots - Namesake (Prod Dj Eli) Use your Confusion
Thirstin Howl III - Off the ledge

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Old Oslo Graff

We discovered an old copy of the page Norway Graff, and stole some of their pictures. You can find the rest at The page was made by Skid. Skid, hvis du leser det her, send oss mail lenger nede på sida.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Goodshit 2006 11 20

This weeks show featured veteran dj and radiohost Dj Lada, who recommended rare records from his collection. The show was hosted by Don Martin, Mr Pink and Fred Fades, alongside Refuse who also took the photos.

Download the show as mp3 from or subscribe to the podcast. You can also subscribe to our new e-mail newsletter to get e-mail updates when we update the page with news and shows.

Self Scientific - Pentagon Paradox
A.G. ft Aloe Blac - Hiphop Quatables (Prod Jay Dilla) Get Dirty Radio
Ghostface Killah ft Raekwan - R.A.G.U
Looptroop - Heads or Tails (prod Embee) Heads or Tails Ep
Jehst feat Rodney P - The Future (Jehst remix)
Rakaa Iriscience feat Defari & Tash - Basics
Rocé - Ma Salete D'esperance - Identitet en crescendo
Rocé - Appris Par Caeur - Identitet en crescendo
TTC -Game Over '99 (prod Mr Flash)
Mac Dre -She Neva Seen
Messy Marv ft Victor Jones -Base Rock Cavey
Count Bass D - Junkies (Prod Count Bass D)
DJ Unk feat. Andre 3000 & Jim Jones -Walk It Out Remix
A Tribe Called Quest ft Busta Rhymes - Oh My God
A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down
People Under The Stairs - Hardcore
Blacksheep - Similak Child (Prod ) A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Karpe Diem - Fake Skjegg og Legg (Prod Rumblin) Piano singel
Thirstin Howl III -
Verbal Threat - Autobiography
Mood - Secret of the sand
Foreign Beggars - Confesions of a ... (Prod Dagnabbit) Stray Point Agenda
EPMD ft LL Cool J - Rampage
House of Pain - Jump Around
Looptroop - Rumours (Prod Embee) Heads or Tails Ep
Cali Agents - Microphone Madness
EPMD ft 8 Off Agallah and 215 - U Got Shot
Herbalizer - Who's the realest - Very Mercanery Album
Ill Bill - How to kill a cop (Prod Necro)
Styles of Beyond - Word Perfect
Dark Side of the Force - ?? (Prod Dj Pursuit)
J-Live - R.A.G.E
Promoe - White Mans Burden

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