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Use this utility to check if an ISBN number is valid as determined by the built-in checksum digit. ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 (EAN 13) numbers are supported.

Entering a valid ISBN 10 code will also perform the conversion to the equivalent ISBN 13 (EAN 13) code, and vice-versa for EAN 13 codes beginning “978”.

This utility does not check if the ISBN number is registered to an actual publication, or whether its component Group or Publisher parts belong to known groups or publishers, nor does it place hyphens between the component parts.

Authoritative details on ISBN numbers can be found in the ISBN Users' Manual and an overview of ISBN 13 is available at Wikipedia, or try's ISBN-13 Online Converter.

Note: Where applicable the links to Amazon, Froogle, et al are provided for convenience only — I don't earn anything from them — rather you can use them to see if the publication actually exists, is in stock, what its marketable value is, etc.



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