While these lists do not claim to include the names of all the Tories of the state, they are representative of that group who were interested enough to take an active part. Prior to making these transcripts it was impossible to locate by name or profession any considerable number of Tories in the state. The names given here and in the following appendices probably include the greater number of the more prominent Loyalists. - Robert DeMond

Robert DeMond, Loyalists in North Carolina During the Revolution. Copyright 1940, Duke University Press, Durham, NC. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

Appendix A - List of Loyalists - most of these names are those of
                                 soldiers, but there are a few widows 
                                 and orphans listed.

Appendix B - Land Confiscated - these names include those who lost 
                                their real estate and those who 
                                bought the land.

Appendix C - Loyalist Claims - these are claims filed by those who 
                               remained loyal to obtain recompense.

Appendix D - Pension Rolls - these names also include the widows and 
                             their children of those who served with 
                             the British.

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