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If books were people, they'd mingle at Novelspot.

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Taylor, Sloane

On your web page, you talk about how travel and reading. How have they combined to affect your writing?

Sloan Taylor: As a child I loved to read because it was a great escape from my world. When I married my husband worked for an airline which made travel overseas easy and cheap. Now I've been married a couple of times and haven't exactly lived like a saint so much of what I write is taken from experience. Places and people I've met along the way. Although I have to admit a lot of the sex stuff is wishful thinking. Now Allie, to finally answer your question; I write what I know, except for the wishful thinking then it's what I want in a relationship.

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Resnick: Jan 2007

Why Carol Won't Sit Next to Me at Science Fiction Movies

Challenger #20
Copyright (c) by Mike Resnick
Reprinted with permission

Carol has a high threshold for embarrassment. You can't be married to me for 42 years and not have one. But recently she has announced that she will no longer sit next to me at science fiction movies, that indeed she will sit on the far side of the theater and do her very best to pretend that she doesn't know me.

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The Unappreciative Patron

©2006 by Desiree Erotique

Sometimes it seems that for every conscientious publisher and agent in the literary world there's another one out there without any scruples at all. Over the years I've had my own experiences with such people, and all too often heard from others who have suffered at the hands of those who unconsciencelessly profit on the labors of authors and staff. The end line is that these types of business people want it all and the consequences be damned. On the up note, it seems most artistic people have enough of that special inner light to carry on despite the set-backs. Nevertheless its simply not an ethical practice. And what be the ultimate profit for these savvy capitalists? In my own humble view: Exploitation of the art without appreciation of the artist may not ruin the work, but inevitably, will be the downfall of the profiteer.

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Struggling with Taboos

I recently finished writing a rather unusual story for my next Soulful Sex collection, unusual in that it took me a really, really long time to get around to the sex. As in page 55. Yeah, sorry about that. I can explain, really.

You know, there are some aspects of sex that tremble right on the brink of taboo, but nevertheless are very powerful. Sometimes an erotica writer has to work with them, but it has to be done with some care. For example, sex with animals is taboo, but at the same time, a lot of people are into werewolves and other shapeshifters (and you know about my faun thing). When I wrote my mermaid story, "Hunter" (Soulful Sex III), I had to speculate on the sex organs of merfolk without getting icky. Meanwhile, when I wrote "Artemis in Love" (offered free from the Living Beyond Reality Press READ FREE Project), I had a goddess fall in love with a boy, very carefully so as to avoid pedophilia. And of course whenever you deal with BDSM, you turn some people on and some people off; my READ FREE story "The Scarlet Shackle" looked for balance in that regard.


You Should Become a Soulful Sex Partner!

Have you ever wanted to write a romance? Got some good ideas you wish an author would use? Do you have a favorite genre, a name you think would be great for a character, a plot line you think could be interesting?

Author Diana Laurence is looking for you!

Diana, author of the award winning, bestselling “Soulful Sex” anthologies, is kicking off a new project this spring that will be something totally new for romance fiction fans. She calls it “Soulful Sex: Partners,” and here’s how it works: For Diana’s next book, which she plans to start writing in March, she will incorporate the participation of anyone interested in being involved in the creative process. Readers who sign on as Soulful Sex Partners will be invited to take part in polls, discussions, and the like, to assist Diana as she creates her new spicy romance novella.

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What do I really like in a book?

I read all the time from the back of cereal boxes, billboards, humorous calendars, magazines, and books, of course. I enjoy science fiction, mystery, thrillers, romance, drama, biographies and erotica. There is little I don't read. So after years and years of reading I found things I really like and things I don't like. I've also found authors who managed to do the things I really like well and well there are those who do the things I hate, often, but in the spirit of kindness, which I promised my significant other I would practice in 2007, I won't mention the authors I absolutley hate--because, well, you might like them, and that's okay. Different strokes for different folks and all that--of course, that usually what they say when they start talking about bondage.


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When I was a child, I spoke as a child. I wrote and read about sweet sixteen year-olds in the first blush of medieval love. However, time passed, pages in my life turned, and the heroines I related to got a bit older and a heck of a lot smarter. The older I got, the older my heroines got--both the ones I wrote and the ones I read. And then something happened--just as a watched pot never boils, a reader never ages--until suddenly he/she...does. One day I woke up, picked up a book with a starry eyed young heroine, and those starry eyes just looked vacant to me. I put it down in shock and I've never gone back.

Heavenly Hijinks


The Tarot. The Zodiac. Horoscopes. Mystics. Superstition. Sound familiar? Maybe you are really into some or all of these. I myself have little knowledge of most of them. I don’t go racing for the paper to read my horoscope every day. I don’t avoid walking under ladders and I don’t cross myself if someone blasphemes or if a black cat should stroll past me. Yet, whilst none of them play a role in my life, when it comes to reading I am fairly open minded and like getting my hands on books that have something of the unusual about them. Use of any of these in a book provides something out of the ordinary.