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In roughly reverse chronological order with unreleased songs and side projects at the end.

Get Lonely

Babylon Springs

Come, Come to the Sunset Tree

The Sunset Tree

We Shall All Be Healed

See America Right


All Hail West Texas


Bitter Melon Farm

Devil In The Shortwave

On Juhu Beach

The Coroner's Gambit

Full Force Galesburg

Jack & Faye

Nothing for Juice

Tropical Depression

Nine Black Poppies


Songs for Peter Hughes

Zopilote Machine


Yam, the King of Crops

Beautiful Rat Sunset

The Hound Chronicles

Hot Garden Stomp

Orange Raja, Blood Royal

Taboo VI: The Homecoming

Taking The Dative

Chile De Arbol

Songs for Petronius

Unreleased Songs

Martial Arts Weekend- The Extra Glenns

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