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Text of Speech


His Excellency Mr. Mottaki

Minister of foreign Affairs


Islamic Republic of Iran


The International Conference


Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision


Tehran, Dec 11, 2006 





In the Name of God

The Compassionate the Merciful

Honorable Guests,

Distinguished Participants,

Ladies ad Gentlemen,


          I wish to begin by appreciating your presence in the Islamic Republic of Iran and thanking you for positively responding to the invitation of the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) to participate in the International Conference on Review of the Holocaust, Global Vision. One of the issues of concern today to the researchers of the world history is the analysis of some historical events from the perspective of the West which seeks to dominate all researches conducted in this field and pretend that the only authentic reading, analysis and interpretation of such events is the ones produced by them and any skepticism towards this formalistic, clinched interpretation of such events would be scientifically objectionable.

          Today, terms such as “World War I” and “World Wad II” have become so entrenched in the world public mind that every body has come to believe that all nations of the world were engaged in such wars. This tends to ignore the reality that these wars were, first, waged by some European states and, than, other states were dragged into them. The big western states created and ended these wars and called them “World Wars”.

          Parallel to the formalistic interpretation of these historical events in the western state, some scientific currents began to emerge in the post-war period which pursued a critical approach to the events of the “World War II” and the subsequent developments. The critics of the formalistic interpretation of these historical events, believing that history is written by the victors, sought to write the contemporary world history on the basis of actual evidence and documents. They criticize the writing of history on the basis of an analytical interpretive method. In this context, criticism of the holocaust as a historical event constitutes part of the critical approach to the contemporary history.

          The new approach to the contemporary world history and analysis of the related historical events through a critical method is a reality which exists today. In this context, those who took for granted the previous interpretations of such events as unquestionable facts are now skeptical about their reality and take this skepticism as the basis of their new inquiry about this event in an effort to discover the truth.

          The reiteration of the necessity for the review and reexamination of the holocaust from a historical and scientific perspective is taking place in the same context. However, those whose political interests are tied to this formalistic interpretation do not tolerate the scientific skeptical approach of scholars and researchers and seek to prevent any independent research on the holocaust by whatever excuse they can make and accusations they can level against them.

          Why should interest in researching and questioning different aspects and dimensions of a historical event such as the holocaust become politicized and become an ideological taboo. And why the affirmation, rejection or criticism of the holocaust should be based on political and ideological rather than scientific criteria. How can pro-Nazism and anti-Semitism accusations against the researchers of history who whish only to know more about the historical events and the holocaust be justified.


Distinguished Participants,

          Racism and racial superiority in any form including Nazism are in conflict with human nature and common sense. And Islam which is based on pure human nature and common sense is seriously against Nazism and racist ideologies. Zionism, too, lies in the same category and is, thus, rejected as a political, racist ideology.

          Today, many of those who claim to be against Nazism have themselves a track record of racist and colonial activism. And what colonialists have done against the local people in their own colonies is no less horrible than the crimes committed by the Nazis. Why should, then, only one form of such crimes be condemned and other forms of them be condoned.


Distinguished participants,

          Mankind was witness to many disasters during and after World War II including vast destruction of towns and cities, mass killing of millions of people, merciless extermination of the vanquished by the victors, and displacement of millions of people from their lands, use of phosphoric, chemical, incendiary and cluster bombs against civilians particularly women and children who were fleeing the war theatres. Use of nuclear bombs against civilians, fragmentation and division of states and nations, military occupation and domination of different states and waging tens of small and big wars against other nations from Korea and Vietnam up to Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are some examples of the scourge of war in the contemporary history.

          What difference did it make for the innocent people who were killed in these horrible hostilities whether they were being killed by the fire of Nazis or others? Crime is crime no mother what. And it made no difference to those innocent people who lost their lives whether they were killed by the Nazi army or others. What is the difference between the people who were killed in Korea and Vietnam and the Palestinians who are drenched in their blood every day by the Zionists?


Distinguished researchers,

          In the long history of Iran, both in the pre-and- post Islamic eras, no single evidence had been found to indicate the racism in general and anti-Semitism in particular have every been practiced in the vast Iranian territory. Iran has always been acclaimed as a land where divine religions have been respected.

          I declare explicitly that anti-Semitism is a Western phenomenon, which is peculiar to the Western states. This phenomenon has never existed in Islamic lands. However, we see today that the Islamic Republic of Iran and all those who think that scientific research about a historical event is necessary are subject to some unfounded accusations.

          When the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran asked if the holocaust were a historical phenomenon why, then, it should not be allowed to be investigated in the context of history; a wave of unfounded accusations was launched against Iran. Those who were behind this smear campaign did not even bother to provide a sensible response to this rational question. They just raised dust to avoid answering this question since they knew that if the holocaust with this clinched interpretation of it is questioned, then, the very existence and identity of the Zionist entity will be questioned.

          Even if the prove that the holocaust is a historical fact, the, they should answer if they are not challenging their own claims to promote freedom of expression by arresting scholars and researchers who maintain views different from theirs about the holocaust and also why the Muslim people of this region particularly the Palestinians and the original inhabitants of Palestine should pay dearly for the crimes committed by the Nazis.

          The unfounded philosophy of the land without a people and the people without a land postulated at the time of president John F. Kennedy to justify the existence of the Zionist   entity is entirely wrong on both sides, since this land has never been without a people and the survivors of the Nazi crimes were not without a land rather they were the citizens of the European states.


Ladies and gentlemen,

          This conference is basically neither seeking to deny nor to prove the holocaust. Rather, it is meant to provide an opportunity for free expression of views for thinkers and researchers who are not allowed to freely express their views about a historical event in the European which professes to promote freedom and where any scientific critique of the clinched interpretation of the holocaust would cost clearly. And the accusations of pro-Nazism and pro-fascism leveled against such thinkers and researchers are the least price they should pay for their views; these accusations have no scientific basis since many of the critics of the holocaust have been themselves victims of racism.

          Among the critics of the holocaust, both those who deny it and those who criticize its dramatization, the followers of all divine religions including Muslims, Christians and Jews and also followers of all political currents can be seen. Therefore, they can not be dismissed with the label of being rightist or leftist as they include all parties in the political spectrum. Besides, it should be noted that leveling false accusations against independent researchers and thinkers is a legacy left by the Nazis. The accusers by leveling such accusations try not to allow the truth of such historical events is independently investigated.

Distinguished participants,

          The political security conditions in the Middle East and Iran’s neighboring countries are currently so complex and difficult. There is now an undeclared war going on against the peoples of the region from Afghanistan to Iraq and Palestine. And the presence of the outside powers and their interference in the internal affairs of the regional states has caused predictable dangers and threats in our region.

          In this region where the conditions are becoming more and more complicated, unfortunately, the big powers are not paying attention to the root-cause f the problems, that is, the Palestinian question and do not wish to concede that many of the plagues currently besetting the Middle East region including terrorism and extremism are the failure of such powers to find a just solution to the Palestinian question and to end occupation and racism in the Palestinian lands.

          The peoples of this region who have, for many years, been witness to the Zionist atrocities in the Palestinian lands keep asking what is the reason behind the unsparing US support for the Zionist regime; why the United States has so far vetoed over 60 UN Security Council resolutions against the Zionist regime.

          The people of the region also ask if the Western states know why the tensions and hostilities in the region are escalating in spite of all the support they are providing for the Zionist regime; or don’t they know that governments can not be sustained and propped up through criminal acts including the slaughter of women and children? Don’t the US and European governments know that the age of colonialism is over.

          Unfortunately, none of these questions are answered and the domineering powers like their like-minded bullies at other junctures of history are of the view that military might be able to ensure their survival. This is while history teaches us a different lesson and that is oppression and injustice does not last.

          Like it or not, God has willed that history will move towards the realization of justice, freedom and human dignity.


Distinguished audience,

          At the end, I would like, once again, to thank you for your participation in this conference and wish further success for all of you.

          I do hope that your scholarly deliberations and exchanges in this conference can help those who are interested in independent research on historical events including the holocaust and will lay down the groundwork for more profound investigations into the unexplored fields of the contemporary history of the world.


Thank You


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