Our Customers

ComputerSite Engineering Inc. provides its customers with nationally recognized, industry expert, management consulting services. Using a combination of business and engineering disciplines supported by senior practitioners, we assist our clients in building a business case for making major strategic uptime-management changes to achieve reliability, availability, and serviceability objectives. Typical needs of our customers include:

  • Comprehensive review/assessment of a facility's infrastructure downtime risks, levels of fault tolerance, maintenance limitations, and uptime interfaces. (See Continuous Availability Review)
  • “Behind-the-curtain” mechanical system performance reviews, looking at make-up air, piping, pumps, primary/secondary concepts, chillers, cooling towers, or other heat rejection equipment. (See Mechanical Systems Diagnostic Review)
  • Comprehensive assessments of uptime effectiveness, including comparisons and benchmarking with industry best in class practices. (See Site Infrastructure Operations Review)
  • Raised-floor environmental reviews summarizing the measurements of power and cooling performance of computer hardware. (See Raised-Floor Environmental Audit)