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Ethics (sites)

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Ethics (articles)

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Science and Ethics 

Ethics in Science Virginia Tech
Ethics in Science CSU 
Science and Ethics The Royal Society of Canada
Ethics in Science Emory 
Science Ethics Bibliography Virginia Tech
Science, Ethics, and Society Home Page Cal Tech
Science and Ethics
Maryland Marine Notes
On-Line Science Ethics Resources
Virginia Tech
Essays on Science and Engineering Ethics  MIT
Science and Ethics: Research Ethics for Scientists Clark Wolf, Dept of Philosophy, Univ. of Georgia
Committee on Scientific Conduct and Ethics NIH
Links to Science and Ethics Related Web Sites and Organizations Scientists for Global Responsibility

Center for Research Ethics Links   Göteborg
Office of Research Integrity 
Human subjects/participants and research ethics
U Wales Bangor 

Secrecy in Science AAAS
Godless Science, Godless Ethics Hall
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs 
Clone Rights United Front 



Science Education and EthicsFish.gif (1233 bytes)

Ethics & Science Education SHIPS 
Ethics in the Science Classroom Western Michigan
Ethics in the Science Classroom WABR 
Responsible Conduct of Scientific Research SDSU 
"Whose Values, Which Ethics? Science Education and the Civil Newell 
Teaching Professional Ethics to Chemistry Undergraduates Frank E. Budenholzer
The Ethics of Community/Undergraduate Collaborative Research in Chemistry Alanah Fitch



Ethics and Biology (and related issues)

World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki 
The Center for Bioethics
Human Ecology and Ethics Links Timothy C. Weiskel
Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals (APA)
A Bioethical Dilemma
Maurice Bernstein
Ethical Issues in Research Involving Human Participants National Library of Medicine
Guidelines for the Conduct of Research in the Intramural Research Programs at NIH



Codes of Ethics

IEEE Ethics: Reflections -- and the future 
IEEE Code of Ethics 
Codes of Ethics and Conduct Murdoch University
Codes of Ethics Online Illinois Institute of Technology
American Institute of Chemistry Code of Ethics 
Code of Ethics American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
Code of Ethics American Oil Chemists' Socieity
Professional Codes of Ethics/Conduct IFLANET (library)


Ethics Resources

Science Ethics Resources on the Web St. Josephs
Carpenter's Forensic Science Resources Ethics Links  
Professional Ethics for Scientists: Annotated Bibliography Towson St
Applied Ethics Resources on WWW Center for Applied Ethics
Engineering Ethics BAI Engineering

Ethics in Science

Ethics in Science Virginia Tech
Do Scientists Need a Professional Code of Ethics? Virginia Tech
Science, society and ethics Michael Brown
Science and Ethics By Bertrand Russell
Scientific Misconduct, David Goodstein, Academe

The Secular Sphinx: The Riddle of Ethics Without Religion Skeptic
Trustworthy Research
Caroline Whitbeck 
Ethics in Peer Review: A Scenario to Consider NIH
Establishing a Science Ethics Framework NIH
Ethics in Science and Scholarship: the Toronto Resolution
Research Policy - Ethics of Human Studies
New Directions in Ethics 1980-1996 
Caroline Whitbeck
Societal Dimensions of Engineering, Science, and Technology NSF
Professional Ethics, Day by Day, Wendy Wassyng Roworth, Academe
Babel-by-Bethesda Harry Burchfield
Cantor's Dilemma explores world of science and ethics Carl Djerassi
Human Rights and Scientific Freedom AAAS

Conduct and Misconduct in Science

Conduct and Misconduct in Science Cal Tech 
Scientific Misconduct J Chem Ed
Scientific misconduct Science Friday
Scientific misconduct: Sitting in judgement Nature
Findings of Scientific Misconduct NIH
Walter W. Stewart's Site on Scientific Misconduct 
‘Pathological Science’ is not Scientific Misconduct Henry Bauer
Scientific Misconduct University of Idaho
Academic Freedom or Scientific Misconduct? Journal of Scientific Exploration
Scientific Misconduct By Physician Propagandists: A Perspective On Gun Violence Martin L. Fackler, MD
Falsification of Credentials in the Research Setting; Scientific Misconduct? Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
Legal Protections for the Scientific Misconduct Whistleblower Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 
Public believes scientific misconduct rampant Duderstadt 
Let's Get Serious About Scientific Misconduct The Scientist

Rethinking Unscientific Attitudes About Scientific Misconduct C.K. Gunsalus 
Scientific Misconduct: Policy on Allegations, Investigations, and Reporting
Stanford University
Policy on Scientific Conduct Yeshiva University 
Scientific Conduct
National Academy of Sciences
Standards for the Conduct of Scientific Research UMBI
Misconduct in Science Harry Burchfield
Policy and Procedures for Responding to Allegations of 
Misconduct in Scientific Research and Publication
A Guide to the Handling of Scientific Misconduct Allegations in the NIH IRP 
Truth and Trustworthiness in Research Caroline Whitbeck
manishi-Kari case ends, but debate on scientific conduct continues MIT
The Conduct of Scientific Research Emory 
On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research
Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research ACS
Science and Morality Edward Teller
Why must scientists become more ethically sensitive than they used to be? John Ziman

Ethics and Biology

If Gene Therapy Is the Cure, What Is the Disease? Caplan
Secrecy in Medical Research Rosenberg
Ethics in Genetic Testing Indiana U
The Gene Letter! The Shriver Center 
Jurassic Park: The Science and Ethics of Genetic Engineering by Susan Terry 
Genetic modification of animals: Should science and ethics be integrated? Henk Verhoog, Institute of Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences, University of Leiden
Protection of Human Subjects of Research AAAS
Conclusions of the workshop on the science and ethics of eugenics Nature
The Living Code AMA
Forensic Psychiatry & Medicine Professional Ethics AAP
Principles of Medical Ethics, 1980 Version AMA
Newly Adopted Principles of Medical Ethics, June 2001 AMA
Ethics and the Environment Dr. Tom Duddy 
Ethics meet religion in stem cell debate Daily Pennsylvanian 

Ethics in Other Fields of Science

Forensic Science and Ethics Murdoch University   
Some Thoughts on Ethics and Science Fiction
By Ross Pavlac
Introducing Ethics Case Studies Into Required Undergraduate Engineering Courses
Dr. Lee L. Lowery
Science done in an organization serves that organization, not the public! Mattson 



Gender (sites)

Gender (articles)


Role Model Project for Girls (WomensWork)
Rural Girls in Science (University of Washington) 
Girls and Women in Science (Beloit College) 
Voices of Girls in Science, Mathematics, and Technology NSF
Program for Women and Girls: A Lifetime of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics NSF
Unmixed Messages: Strategies for Equitable Science Education APASE 
Math, Science, and Technology for Girls Autodesk
Collaboration for Equity: Fairness in Science and Mathematics Education AAAS
San Diego Science Alliance 
Gender and Science Education Chemistry Coach


Women in Science (Wellesley)
Women in Science The San Diego Supercomputer Center 
Women in Science Hall of Fame (Vassar)
The "Herstory" of Women in Science Purdue
Women in Global Science and Technology  (WIGSAT)
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Texas A&M University
Third World Organization for Women in Science 
Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering (Ellen Spertus MIT)
Women in Science Project (Dartmouth)
AWSEM Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering & Mathematics
4000 Years of Women in Science
Association for Women In Science Washington
For Women in Science L'Oreal
Women in Science The Field Museum (13 Interviews)
Association of Women in Science, Connecticut Chapter
Committee on Women in Science and Engineering (The National Academies) 
Women in Science and Technology Program (Argonne National Laboratory) 
Women, Gender & Science (SHIPS)
South African Women In Science and Engineering (SA Wise) 
Women, Gender & Science (SHIPS) 
Hypatia Institute 
A Hand Up: Women Mentoring Women in Science (EEOL) 
Femmes Science Technologie Unesco
History of Science Society: Women's Caucus (U of Washington)
The ADA Project 
Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering

Women/Science Resource Lists

Resources for Women in Science NSF
Women in Science: Mediated List of Internet Resources Feminist
Other web sites on women in science 
Groups Relating to Women in Science & Engineering Yale
Women in Science Humboldt State University
Science & Gender | Book Reviews (SHIPS)
Journal Articles (ENC)*
Educational Issues for Girls and Women in Mathematics (CMS)

Gender Equity

International Gender, Science and Technology Information Map  (Women in Global Science and Technology) 
Gender Inequity in Science (Acadia University)
Gender Inequity in Science 
Gender Equity for Mathematics and Science GEMS
Equity OnLine  (WEEA)
Gender Equity Sue LeBeau
Gender Equity in Education: Additional Resources (US Dept of Education)
Gender Equity in Education (Queensland, Australia Department of Education)
Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms The Math Forum@Drexel
Program for Gender Equity in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology NSF
Gender Equity in Secondary Science Education Granger Meador
Equity and Diversity ENC

Feminism & Science

Feminism and Science (Virginia Tech)
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia 
The Feminist Critique of Science and Educational Inquiry Francis Schrag
The Epistemological Challenge: A Feminist in Science Donna M. Hughes 
Wild Biology: feminist readings of science, medicine and the media Concordia University
"Silence, Miss Carson!" Science, gender, and the reception of Silent Spring. Michael B. Smith
Feminism and Science Studies Laura Kay, Afsaneh Najmabadi (Barnard College)

Women & Specific Sciences

Iota Sigma Pi (Natl honor society for Women in Chemistry) 
Women Chemists Committee (ACS) 
Women and Computer Science (Mills) 
Women, Gender and Science 
The Society of Women Engineers 
Women and Chemistry - Female Chemists Jone Johnson Lewis
Women in Chemistry Peter Childs, University of Limerick

Gender Identity

GLSEN Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network
Philosophy of Sex?: An Excursion into the 5 Sexes (SHIPS)

Girls/Science Education

Getting Girls Interested in Computer Science (GirlTECH)
Trends in Educational Equity for Girls and Women NCES
No Girls Allowed! (Melissa Koch) 
Math, Science, and Girls: Can We Close the Gender Gap? (NNCC)
Connecting Girls With Math, Science and Technology (Donna Woodka)
Women & Girls in Education: What's Working in the U.S. (Richard W. Riley)
Educating Girls and Women Saving Women's Lives
Re-engineering Female Friendly Science Sue V. Rosser 
Girls in Engineering Tufts
SAT Gender Gap Grows Fairtest 
SAT Gender Gap Grows Again Fairtest 
The Chilly Classroom Climate: A Guide to Improve the Education of Women CalTech 
Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms NECUSE Colleges
Gender Based Biology Courses Take Different Forms Ricki Lewis
Culture And Gender Bias Delaware State Education Assn.
On the Margins: Gender and Academic Freedom at Cairo University, Hoda Elsadda, Academe
How employers can attract girls into science education Lisa Sturge 
Why girls turn their backs on a science education? Loughborough University
The Confidence Gap: Girls and Science Education Elizabeth Haswell  
Science, Math, and Girls Education Week 
Diversity and Complexity in the Classroom: Considerations of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender U Cal-Berkeley


  Women In Science ScienceNet
Sex and science Le Monde Diplomatique
Sex and Science National Association of Scholars
Women in Science: An Exploration of Barriers (Andrea Grant ) 
Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering (Henry Etzkowitz)
Women in Science: 5000 Years of Obstacles and Achievements (Patsy Ann Giese) 
Women, Science, and Society Sandra Harding
Tips for women in Sciences and Engineering (Midred Dresselhaus) 
Women in Science: Case Studies (SHIPS) 
Quotes from Women Scientists (Hypatia) 
Sex & Objectivity: "Bad" Science (SHIPS) 

Gender Equity

Gender Inequality in Education Katherine Kamm
Gender Equity in Education: Myth vs. Reality AAUW
Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms (Brown University)
Gender equity in education: is it possible? Mary Miller
Gender and Science (Cal Tech)
Gender Equity in Science and Mathematics Education: Barriers of the Mind Penny L. Hammrich
Gender Equity in Math and Science Cindy Bond
Gender & Science: What Counts as `Science'? (SHIPS)
Gender Equity in Science and Technology: Does it Matter? Geoffrey Oldham 
Gender Equity: A Question of Educational Equality for All Students NC St
Creating Gender Equity in Your Teaching 
Report Gives Strategies for Math-Science Equity (NREL)
Making Schools Work for Every Child 
Women in Science: Equity (SHIPS) 
Sexual Harassment (Cornell)
MIT women win a fight against bias   
A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT 

Women in Specific Sciences

Women in Chemistry: Their Changing Roles from Alchemical Times to the Mid-Twentieth Century JCE
Women in Chemistry Chemical Institute of Canada
Women in Chemistry ACS 
Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists Univ of Oregon 
Increasing Retention and Improving the Climate for Women in Chemistry University of Minnesota
Women in academic chemistry Women in Science Enquiry Network
Women In the Engineering Industry
(Kaitlin Duck Sherwood)
Reforming Computer Science and Engineering Education from
a Women's Perspective
Professor Bertil Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology 
The Challenges for Women Chemists in the New Millennium
M Jacobs 
Vera Rubin's references concerning Women in Astronomy 
Groups Relating to Women in Mathematics Yale 
Educational Pipeline Issues for Women (Nancy G. Leveson)
Women and Physics, Philosophy and Cyberspace Russell Blackford 
Is the Physics Classroom Any Place for Girls? The Gender Imbalance in Physics Education: How it came about and what teachers can do about it Dean Baird, University of Michigan



Science and Art

Science and Art (local)

Science and Art in General

Einstein and Mozart: Could they have been friends? (Drew University) 
Art, Science, and God (Bart Rosier )
Science in Ancient Artwork Series Charles William Johnson
Art and Science Collaborations
Science as Art U Winnipeg
Natural Perspective 
International Art&Science Art and Science of all kinds 
Art and Science Laboratory 
Art, Science and Culture Boyce
Ideas on Art & Science Peat
Editorial: Art & Science Niels Proctor
Science of Art Web Page College of Mt St Joseph
Structure of art and science 
 Art, Science and Technology Universiteit Gent
Science and Art Jasmine Pui
Science and Art Wellcome Trust
Science and the Arts 
Science in the Arts & Art in the Sciences 
"The Art of Science" Guide & Resources 
Science as Art Mercer University Physics Department
Is Science Art? University of Dundee
"The Art of Science" Guide & Resources Scientific American
Science and Art  N.C. School of Science and Math
A New Perspective on Science and Art ???
An Interactive Look at the Linkages between Art, Math and Science New Trier HS
T.D. Lee on relation between science and the arts by Jian Yang 
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.  
Entropy and Art: an Essay on Disorder and Order Rudolf Arnheim
Quotations about art, math, and science 
Quantum Science Across Disciplines Science and Mathematics Education Center at Boston University
Myths of Art & Science 
Fostering the Collaboration of Art & Science 
Is Technology related more to science or art? Drew
Art and Science Discussion Forum 
Of Prints and Process: The Science Behind Art 
Beauty, Charm, and Strangeness: Science as Metaphor John Banville

home_h8.gif (15400 bytes)

Science and Art: Museums

Science Art Gallery CFCM
Science and Art Chicago Museum of Contenporary Art 
Discovery Museum, Connecticut's Adventure in Art and Science Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art & Science

Science and Art History

The Art of Renaissance Science Dauben
Science and Art History: Middle Ages IMA find
Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Is the Spanish Civil War Art?
Mathematics, Physical Science, and the Arts
Working Towards the Art of Chemistry

Science and art
Science- an act of creativity quotations
Imagination and Science quotations
Science and emotions quotations
Science and beauty quotations
science and music quotations
science- an act of creativity quotations

Specific Sciences and Art


Chemistry in Art and Archeology 
Chemistry and Art University of the South 
Chemistry and Art Hampden-Sydney College
Chemistry of Art and Artifacts Carleton University 
The Chemistry of Art 
Chemist´s Art Gallery CSC
Art and Physics Schlain 
Beyond the Visible--Microscopy, Nature, and Art Science Magazine

 More Science and Art

Science and Art: Specific Scientists/Artists

The Art, Science & Technology of Kundalini Yoga 
Snow Gallery Fine Arts Art & The Scientific Method
Art and Science Garrett M. Morris
Clifford A. Pickover   
YLEM / Artists Using Science & Technology 
These rotating pictures are our “Science as Art” exhibit  
portrait of an atom Kenneth Snelson
Paintings by Steven Perkins
I am an artis
Art & Science Dr. Michael Kuhn 
Hunter O’Reilly is an artist and a geneticist 
DaVinci Project Iowa State University
Leonardo: Where Art, Science and Technology Converge 
The Leonardo Loop: Science Returns to Art TECHNOS Quarterly 
Da Vinci and Friends: Curriculum Where Science and the Arts Meet The Blake School

Science and Art: Specific Applications

Technology is the art of applying scientific knowledge. Technology is not a science. VCU
The Art of Science: Brain Music In the Classroom 
On Science and Art in Relation to Education (1882) C. Blinderman
The Art and Science of Mathematics RPI 
Pyrotechnics refers to the art, craft and science of fireworks 
New Fractal Translight Newsletter Roger Bagula 
  Molecular and Computational Graphics as a Visual Art Form Connecticut College
Art - Science - Technology - Holography HoloNet
Color-Scientific, Psychological, and in Art Dean 
Exhibition of LightArt 
Generative Art & Science Celestino Soddu & Enrica Colabella
the barium hazard Clay Art
Science Holiday - A Retrospective
Essays and other writings



Science and Culture

Science and Literature, Poetry

Science and Culture

Science & Culture Serendip '96
Science as Culture Journal 
Science and Culture (1880) The Huxley File
Science and Culture, 1998 Ferris State University
Science and Culture Nexus Huntley
Science and Culture Kiran Bondalapati 
Science & Culture SHIPS 
Science and Culture O'Hear, Oxford UP 
Science and Culture Herzenberg
Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture ("critical" examination of the antievolution movement)
Science: Multicultural Education Resources University of Wyoming
Equity ENC
Discovery Institute: The Center for Science and Culture 
The New Cultural Study of Science Kendrick, Markley
The Human Nature Review Pitchford and Young

Science as Culture Sheffield University
Science as Culture
Science as a culture Rosslyn Ives 
Science as the Culture of Scientists: How to Cope with Scientism? Masakata Ogawa 
Join Science as Culture Forum 

Against All Reason: Radical Science: Science and Society
Science & Society AGU 
Science and Society Boyce
Essays on Science and Society Science
Science: A Round Peg In A Square World Sir Harold W. Kroto University of Sussex
The Impact of Society on Science Sydney Brenner Science Mag
Science and non-science: Bridging the two culture gap Serendip
Essays on Science and Society Science Magazine
What We Don't Know Does Hurt Us. How Scientific Illiteracy Hobbles
Norman Augustine

Quand la Science se Fait Culture Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science 
Late 19th Century Science and Culture Fordham
history of science and culture Dutch ESS
Science and Culture: Popular and Philosophical Essays H Helmholtz 
Volta: Science and Culture in the Age of Enlightenment Giuliano Pancaldi 

Science and Culture Links

Science and Culture Links Ellin Beltz 
Science and Culture Link Library Policy Action Network 
Science and Culture Resources University of Tennessee 
The Science and Culture Series — Nuclear Strategy & Peace Technology World Scientific

Science and Specific Cultural Themes/Activities

The Cultural Context of Genetics Research by John Snow 
The Cultural Nature of the Concept "Scientific Worldview" William W. Cobern, Western Michigan University
Science and the humanities WHS Chemistry 
Science and the Humanities in the Understanding of Human Nature Robert M. Young 
Science and music WHS Chemistry
Darwinism and the Division of Labour Young 
On Darwinian Discourse: Anthropologization of Nature in the Naturalization of Man Julio Muńoz-Rubio
Science: Some Theoretical Issues Eva Krugly-Smolska Queen's University 
The Disunity of Language, Science, and Culture Hart

Science and Culture: Education

Transcending Cultural Borders: Implications for Science Teaching Olugbemiro J. Jegede 
Implications for Cross-Cultural Science Teaching Peter Okebukola, Lagos State University
Science Education and Sub-Cultural Border Crossing Peter J Fensham, Monash University
Research on Multiculturalism Applied to Students' Learning School
Whose Interests Are Being Served in Cross-Cultural Science Teaching? Peter Charles Taylor, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia 
Developing Culturally-Responsive Science Assessments 
Guillermo Solano-Flores, Sharon Nelson-Barber
Nomadic and Street Children's Preference for Science Concepts: 
Education, science and culture Federal Statistic Office Germany 
Culture and Science Education: A Look from the Developing World June George
Teaching About Societal Issues in Science Classrooms McCann

Multicultual/ Diversity

Multicultural connections U Maryland 
Two Cultures or One? Paul Grobstein,  Bryn Mawr College
Multicultural Approaches in Math and Science ENC 
Resources for Diversity  
The Diversity Myth Lowell Monke

Science and Literature

Literature & Science Syllabi Home Page UCLA
Literature and Science Clark
Literature and Science  
Literature and Science Matthew Arnold (1882)
Society for Literature and Science 1998 
Society for Literature and Science Duke
Literature, Science, and Medicine University of Missouri
Science vs. literature Wilton HS
Why Every English Classroom Should Have a Periodic Table Wilton HS
Resources for Literature and Science Exploration Colorado College
Science and Literature Study Group U of York
Science Through Literature 
Einsteinium by Joe Davis 
Science and Literature Ronald C. Tobey 
Two Interviews on Science and Literature Brown U
Frogs and Toads- Science and Literature Connections Trackstar 
The Connection Between Science and Art and Literature Nature (May 1887)
The link between science and literature Iowa Public Television 
Alchemy in Art, Science and Literature 
Exact Science in America Cornell 
Science and Literacy Ellen Stone, National Energy Foundation
Literature for Science and Mathematics: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve California Dept of Education 
Science Literature Links Mediterranean Association of International Schools 
Teaching Science Through Literature: Inventors & Inventions Tomaselli
Literature, Cognition & the Brain Boston College
Science and Literature Reading Group Williams College 

The Truth of Uncertainty: Beyond Ideology in Science and Literature Edward L. Galligan (book rev)
Science and Literature: Bridging the Two Cultures Wilson, Bowen (book rev)
Literature and Science in the Nineteenth Century An Anthology Edited by Laura Otis (book rev)

ENG 258Y (L0101): Literature and Science, Lancashire, University of Toronto, 
Teaching Science Through Literature Barbara Ann Novelli
Literature & Science Syllabi Home Page Miller, UCLA

Science and Poetry

Science and Poetry Radio Netherlands
Sonnets on Science Raphael Carter
Interdisciplinary Education: We hope to develop and inspire poets as well as scientists Wilton HS 
A 'Consilience' of Science and Poetry at PBK Exercises Harvard
Physics Limericks American Physical Society
Poetry vs. Science U Maryland
Science & poetry Wilton HS
Science and Poetry Go Hand in Hand for MMM Researcher 
Science and Poetry: Dawkins and Midgley 
The Partnership of Science and Poetry James Sedgwick 
The Poetry - Science Connection
About Cleaning, Science and Poetry: or How Poetry Found me, Lost me and Found me Again Stephanie A. Schaertel 
The Observer: The Science of Vision and Poetry NOVA
Biology and Poetry  


Closer to the Truth 
A brief history of misunderstanding The Independent 
Oxygen: Putting a Human Face on Science Renowned chemists advance science through the arts A.J.S. Rayl

Science and Values

Science and Human Values: Aristotle Prof. Fred L. Wilson, RIT 
Science and Values Homepage Sandra D. Mitchell, U Pittsburgh
Science and Values: Some Quotes for Reflection National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

Science and Race


The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences Princeton 
Personal Journey Through Genetics and Civil Rights David Suzuki 
NIH Black Scientists Association
Native American Astronomy
Native American Indian: Art, Culture, Education, History, Science 
Science Friction Ferris State University
Native Science-Math Closs; U Texas Press 
Romanticism, Race, and Recapitulation Gabriel Finkelstein
Uses and Abuses of Tuskegee Amy L. Fairchild and Ronald Bayer 
Bioprospecting in an African Context Lydia Makhubu 
Science and Opportunity Kenneth R. Manning 
The Black Ribbon Margaret J. Geller 
Science and Race Timothy Paustian 
Science and Race: Justifications and Constructions Robyn Conder Broyles 
Topics for Final Exam Review, Part I: Science of Race Harvard 
Review notes for Science and Race Harvard
More Review notes for Scientists and Race Harvard 
Philosophy of Science and Race written by Naomi Zack (book review)
Science and Race I and II audio NPR



Science and Skepticism

Science and Pseudoscience

(recognizing quacks)


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Skepticism (Organizations)

The New England Skeptical Society
Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York 
Skeptics Society Web
Skeptic News  Skeptic News 
The Correx Archive Australian BC 
Ontario Skeptics Society for Critical Inquiry 
The East Bay Skeptics Society 
Indonesian Skeptics Society 
The Skeptics Society 
The Skeptic Friends Network 


Skepticism (Magazines, Journals)

Skeptical Inquirer 
Skeptic Magazine 
another Skeptic Magazine 
The Skeptic magazine 
The Skeptic's Dictionary  
Journal of The Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York 
Indian Skeptic 


Skepticism (Web Sites)

Science and Skepticism Roy Kindell 
Science and Skepticism Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry 
The Skeptic's Refuge 
The Role of Doubt in Science Richard Feynman
Critical Thinking and its Relation to Science and Humanism Schafersman   
Being an Absolute Skeptic David Miller
Science and Skepticism quotations


Critical Scientific Links

Internet Fraud

Computer Virus Myths Home Page 
Internet Hoaxes US Dept of Energy
Internet ScamBusters 
Current Internet Hoaxes, Urban Legends, and other digital lies... 
Pseudoscience on the Internet Milton Rothman 
Internet Fraud Complaint Center FBI
Internet Fraud USDOJ

Science and Pseudoscience

Science and pseudoscience quotations
Science, non-science and pseudoscience, a freeware CAI program, Stephen K. Lower
Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience AFF
Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience Rory Coker
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Science, Pseudoscience, and Irrationalism Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay 
Science or Pseudoscience Magnetic Healing, Psychic Phenomena, and Other Heterodoxies Henry Bauer, U Illimois 
Pseudoscience from scientists who should know better 
Skepticism, Pseudoscience, and the Scientific Method Eric D. Carlson, Associate Professor of Physics, WFU
Science and Rationalism versus Pseudoscience and Quackery Rasmus Jansson 
Using Pseudoscience as an Aid to Teaching General and Analytical
Mount St. Mary's College


How to Sell a Pseudoscience Anthony R. Pratkanis
A Sceptic's view of the Paranormal
by William Grey 
Psuedo-science or Proto-science? 
Flim-flam, pseudoscience and nonsense Steve Lower, Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University 
Pseudoscience, Paranormal Phenomena, Skepticism Edward Lipson
Softpanorama Lysenkoism, Media Disinformation and Pseudoscience Soft Panorama 
Pseudoscience skeptics dictionary 
Skepticism and Pseudoscience Alan Cairns, ScieEd 
A brief history of American pseudoscience Robert MacDougall 
Jim Loy's Pseudoscience Page 
Pseudoscience Pages Rebecca Stanek 
What to Ask a Pseudoscientist Brandon Gaudiano 

Bad Science

Bad Chemistry
Bad Science 
Bad Science Projects 
Toward a general theory of pathological science
The Junk Science Homepage
Steven J. Milloy
Weird Science

Specific Examples of Pseudoscience/Fraud

Pseudoscience, Cross-examination, and Scientific Evidence in the Recovered Memory Controversy Kenneth S. Pope
Cold Fusion 
An Antidote to Velikovskian Delusions 
Homeopathy: A Position Statement by the National Council Against Health Fraud 
Saucer Smear 
Unraveling the Shroud of Turin Schafersman, Miami University 
The Skeptical Shroud of Turin Website 
What about the Kidnappers from Space 


Quackwatch Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes 
Better Business Bureau Alerts and News 
Consumer Fraud 
National Fraud Information Center 

National Council Against Health Fraud
Russell Turpin's "Characterization of Quack Theories"
Ian's 'Beyond the Psychic' show
The (Im)moral Animal: A Quick & Dirty Guide to Evolutionary Psychology & the Nature of Human Nature  
Fortean Times Charles Fort 


Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes 
Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies 
Stephen's Logical Fallacies Index 
Dispelling Some Common Myths about Science by Dr. Terry Halwes
The Myth of the Magical Scientific Method Terry Hawes



Science and Religion (sites)

Science and Religion (articles)

Science and Religion (Balanced)

Religion & Science: The Best of Enemies - The Worst of Friends (The Harbinger)
Science and Religion: Conflict or Conciliation Godless Science
The Future in the Relationship Between Religion and Science: How Can They Get Along? Ed. M. Bunnell 
Where Science and Religion Overlap 

Religion and Science Telson Spur 
Science and Religion: Is Objectivity Faith? Bill McKee
Metanexus: The Online Forum on Religion and Science 
On Science and Religion Planet Bahá'í 
Science and Religion Yahoo
Science and Religion Library The Freethought Zone
Buddhism and Science - A Conversation Dr. A. P. K. Zoysa

Centre for Science and Religion
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences 
Tapestry: The Institute for Philosophy, Religion, and the Life Sciences
 Zygon Center for Religion and Science 

Religion and Ecology 

Personal Gods, Deism, & the Limits of Skepticism Pigliucci 
Religion and Science Glossary Professor William Grassie, University of Pennsylvania
Resources for a Science-Religion Course Jim Mahoney & Cindy Tolman

Science and Religion (Science)


AAAS Program of Dialogue On Science, Ethics & Religion AAAS 
Resources for Science and Religion Course Mahoney & Tolman
Science and Religion Donald Simanek 
Science and Religion Victor J. Stenger
Science and Religion King 

Albert Einstein on: Religion and Science 
Some of Einstein's Writings on Science and Religion 
Stephen Jay Gould on Science and Religion Russell Blackford
Carl Sagan's Religion of Science Scott Detwiler 

Science and Religion (Religion)


The Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences (CTNS)
Religion and Science Program The Boston Theological Institute 
Institute on Religion in an Age of Science IRAS
European Society for the Study of Science And Theology ESSSAT
The Center for the Study of Values in Public Life Harvard Divinity School
Center for the Study of Science and Religion Columbia
Chicago Center for Religion and Science 
The Carl Howie Center for Science, Art and Theology Union Theological Seminary 
The New England Center for Faith and Science Exchange F&SE 
Theology and the Common Good  Chicago Center for Religion and Science 
The Pascal Center for Advance
Institute for Theological Encounter with Science & Technology 
The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science

Science and Faith (Arnold Neumaier, U Wien)
Study in Faith and Science The Pascal Center
Annotated Science/Faith Bibliography Keith B. Miller, KSU Dept of Geology
Faith and Science Ole Jřrgen Anfindsen 

National Religious Partnership for the Environment NRPE
Science and the Sacred Research on the WEB Grassie, UPenn
Science and Christianity - Allies or Enemies?  
Christians in Science CIS
Fellowship of Scientists 
Christianity and Science Steven H. Schimmrich ASA   
Christians in Science 
The Vatican Observatory 
Science and Christianity Apologetics
Jesuits in Science 
Jesuits and the Sciences: 1540-1995 Loyola University of Chicago
Astronomy and Judaism Wise Observatory 
The Torah Science Foundation 
Islam and Science Islam City Science Center
Islam and Science Islam Awareness Home Page

Can Science and Religion Get Together? A. Powell Davies
Science vs. Religion Rabbi Melanie Aron
The American Scientific Affiliation
Science and Spirit 
Reasons To Believe 
Two leading scientists on science & religion Star Course
Science & Religion Allen Leigh
What has Science to do with Religion? Ian Ramsey Centre


Creation Science vs. Evolution


Creation Science (vs. Evolution) 
Science and Creation (Arnold Neumaier, U Wien)
The Skeptical Creationism Website  Skeptic World 
Science and Creationism National Association of Scholars of Science
Creationism v. Evolution Kentridge High School
The Creation Evolution Controversy Ross A Taylor
Evolution and Creation Links Roanoke College
Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy Talk Origins
Science and the Bible; Biblical Creation Deav
Intersection -- Evolution and Creation Earley
Creationism: Bad Science or Immoral Pseudoscience? 
(an expose of creationist Dr. Duane Gish)
Joyce Arthur
  Religious Rights for Students  
The Teaching of Origins: Science KLA Position Statement (John Wycliffe Christian School)
Center for Creation Science Walt Brown
University of Ediacara WWW Home Page 



science and religion quotations
science with religion quotations
science vs religion quotations
pro religion quotations
pro science quotations
science: good or evil? quotations
science and dogma quotations
science and metaphysics quotations
God and Science? Quotes from Great Scientists about

Science and Religion (Science)

Science-and-Religion and the Search for Meaning Philip Hefner 
Science and Religion Einstein
Is Science a Religion? Richard Dawkins 
A Reformed Response To: Is Science a Religion?, by Richard Dawkins, Jonathan Barlow 
Religion and Science: What is the Connection? Robert L. Greenwood, Ph.D. 
Is Science a Religion? Sermon by Rev. Mike Young 
Scattered thoughts about science and religion Pablo David Flores 
 Science and Religion: Lessons from History? John Brooke 
Theology and Science: Where Are We? Ted Peters 
Theology's Future with Science Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner 
Science and God: A Warming Trend? (Greg Easterbrook) 
 Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder Richard Dawkins
When Science and Beliefs Collide
-- A large and growing share of the population rejects aspects of science." by Janet Raloff
Science-Faith Conflict?  ITest
How Can We Tell Science from Religion? UCal Berkeley
The Basis of Morality: Scientific Vs. Religious Explanations Timothy J. Madigan, Editor, Free Inquiry 
Has Science Found God?  Victor J. Stenger 
The Functional Equivalent of God Victor J. Stenger 
Fitting the Bible to the Data Victor J. Stenger
The Improbability of God Richard Dawkins 
Toward a New Understanding of Nature, Reality, and the Sacred James Yerkes
Spirits, Witches, & Science
Science, Delusion, and the Appetite for Wonder, by Richard Dawkins
From the Garden to Gauss: Mathematics as Theological Metaphor James B. Miller, Ph.D.
Ethics meet religion in stem cell debate Daily Pennsylvanian
Darwin or Wallace? Scientific and Religious Interpretations of the Human Being H. James Birx 
Teaching Evolution in School Science Classes by: David L. Haury
Some Issues of Science and Religion for Biology Teachers AE

Science and Religion (Religion)

 God and Science - The Hypertext Edition Henderson 
Bridging Science and Religion: Why it Must be Done
By Robert John Russell
Harmony of Science and Religion Cheri Shakiban, Department of Mathematics, St. Thomas
Compromise in Science and Religion Wisdom World 
Emerging Worldview: Science and Religion Working in Harmony Lal Baboolal 
Tying the Knot between Science and Religion Lee Adams Young 
"Reconciling Science and Religion" Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore
Deconstructing the Postmodern Challenge to Science and Religion by Reuben Wetherbee and Patrick Danner, UPenn
Embracing Science: Christianity in the Twenty-First Century The St. Alban's Institute for the Humanities
New Perspectives on the Interface between Science and Religion; Summary Solomon Katz
Are science and religion that different? Jennifer A. Haganey 
Physicist and Christian: a dialogue between the communities (William Pollard)
Science and Religion in Dialogue; Summary Dr. Mark Richardson  
Two leading scientists on science & religion Star Course
On Science and Religion 
Science: Friend or Foe? Prof Robert S White 
Science: Friend or Foe? Dr Denis Alexander 
Science vs. Religion: Consciousness and Ethics Rob Goldston
Christianity Aiding the Development of Science by Ben Clausen
Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God (Dr. Walter Bradley )
The Warfare Of Science With Theology Andrew White 
Reason Science and Faith Forster, Marston  
Science and Faith (J.A.H.Futterman)
Faith and Reason PBS
Scientists are still keeping the faith E.J. Larson and L. Witham, Nature
God and the Big Bang -and Other Arguments about Science and Faith (Mike
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang, and God Dr. Henry Schaefer
Physics and the Reality of Supernature: A Physicist Contemplates the Role of the Supernatural in the Scientific Enterprise (Donavan Hall)
Supernatural Selection Kenneth Marsalek
The Effect of Darwinism on Morality and Christianity Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.Institute for Creation Research
Sacred DNA: Identity, Immortality, and the Human Genome Project; Summary Dr. Susan Lindee 
Is Evolution Atheistic? Dr Denis Alexander 
The Myth of the Magical "Scientific Method"
The Elusive Scientific Basis of Intelligent Design Theory, by George W Gilchrist 
Can Science Explain Everything? Scientific Naturalism and the Death of Science Dr Denis Alexander 
Scientology v. the Internet 
Islam, Modernity, and Postmodernity; Summary Dr. Khalid Blankenship, Temple University  
Why God Won't Go Away; Summary Dr. d'Aquili
Towards a Science of Love and Prayer; Summary Beverly Rubik
's Talk
Dating the Earth by the Scientific Method??? Dudley Ross Spears 
Religion in schools Education Commission of the States 
A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (Andrew White) 


Finding Darwin's God: The New Battle Over Evolution. Kenneth R. Miller, Professor of Biology, Brown University 
The Challenge of the Fossil Record (A Reply to Creationist Students) Steven D. Schafersman 
Archaeopteryx: Answering the Challenge of the Fossil Record Chris Nedin
Does Evolution Rule Out God's Existence? John F. Haught, Ph.D. Georgetown University
 Evolution vs. Creationism quotations
Does God Play Dice? Divine Providence and Chance Elizabeth A. Johnson, C. S. J., Fordham University,
Evolution and the Politics of Creation "Science" Loren King 
Biology and a Theology of Evolution Arthur Peacocke
Creationism and Evolution Clemson University
Evolutionary Creationism Susie Schneider
Will Creationists Abandon Creation-"Science"? 
Assault on evolution Book Review 
Irreverent Commentary on the State of Education in America Today Dr. Mark H. Shapiro
Anti-evolutionists Form, Fund Think Tank, by Eugenie C. Scott 
Forced Teaching of Creationist Beliefs in Public School Science Education AAAS
Does Evolution have any Religious Significance? Denis R. Alexander
Evolution of the NABT Statement on the Teaching of Evolution, by Joseph E. McInerney 
Not (Just) in Kansas Anymore Eugenie C. Scott
The New Creationist Assault on Science Education John Catalano 
Evolution "Too Controversial" for Illinois Schools Molleen Matsumura
Arizona Regent Protests Evolution Institute Move, by Eugenie C. Scott 
NABT Statement on Evolution Evolves, by Eugenie C. Scott 
Evolution as a Religion: A Comparison of Prophesies Mary Midgley 
Participatory Evolution: The Drive of Creation Charles Birch
A Critical-Historical Perspective on the Argument about Evolution and Creation John Durant
Great Scientists Who Were Also Creationists by Timothy R. Stout
Evolution or Creationism: Does science and religion compete in the same arena? by Hans O. Melberg
Can Creationism Be Scientific? (1998) Theodore M. Drange
Is Creation Science A Science? Carl Cantrell
The Scientific Method and Evidence for Evolution University of Tennessee-Martin 
The Theory of Evolution: Is it Merely a Theory? 
The Skeptics Society is Pleased to Present 25 Creationists' Arguments + 25 Evolutionists' Answers  
Creationism: Bad Science or Immoral Pseudoscience? (an expose of creationist Dr. Duane Gish) Joyce Arthur
Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation



Science and Politics

Science and Politics


Center for Science in the Public Interest
Union of Concerned Scientists
Citizens Supporting Science
When Science and Politics Collide by James J Tuite, III
Science in an Age of Transition by Ilya Prigogine
Science , Technology and Society 
Selling Science to the Public Roger Highfield 
Presidents, Experts, and Asteroids Sir Arthur Clarke
science and government quotations


World Scientists'' Warning to Humanity by Union of Concerned Scientists
Toward Sustainable Chemistry Terry Collins
When Worlds Collide: Science, Politics, and Biotechnology by Henry I. Miller
Science, Politics, and Environmental Policy by Barry Lewis
The Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
The Green Alternative by Charlene Spretnak
Science is revising the politics of biodiversity by Laura Tangley
Seals and Fisheries, Science and Politics David M. Lavigne 
Is a New Eugenics Afoot? Garland E. Allen


A New Deal for National Science Policy by Steve Fuller
The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science
Reason in Revolt: Marxism and Modern Science by Alan Woods and Ted Grant


The Journey from science to the Courts by Mammo Muchie
An Interview with the Author of The Bell Curve
Interview With Robert Sternberg on The Bell Curve
The Gay Gene Chandler Burr, moderator
The Science and Politics of Tobacco 
The Science of AIDS: A Tale of Two Worlds Peter Piot
Science and Scientists in China Chen-Lu Tsou 
A Celebration of Difference: Science and Democracy in India Shiv Visvanathan 
What Is the Role of Science in Developing Countries? José Goldemberg



Science and Non-science
Science & curiosity quotations
Science and competition quotations
Science and ignorance quotations
Science and social science quotations
Science of the Subjective
science and philosophy quotations
Science and Mathematics quotations
science and facts quotations
    science & truth/reality quotations
Science and Genius? quotations
    Scientific Arrogance quotations
    Scientific Humility quotations



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