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The following manual was "Declassified by authority of the Secretary of the Army ODCSINT # 19, 19 Sep 96" and each page was marked with the following stamps:

"Dissemination and Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator"
"Warning Notice - Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved"
"Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals"

Please note that the document contains numerous errors in its format, spelling, and grammar. We have tried to remain faithful to the original but some of the errors may have accidentally been corrected. The information is scanned from documents provided by the US Army under the Freedom of Information Act.



The purpose of this booklet is to provide the basic information on handling of sources. This booklet in dedicated to CI concepts in the handling of sources; obtaining and utilization, location of the placement of employees, training of employee, communication with the employees, development of an identity, scrutiny of employees, reparation of employees. and control of employees. The term Special Counterintelligence Agent (SA) refers to all those persons who convey or contribute in to counteract the collection of information of the multidisciplinary intelligence of hostile services. This booklet is primarily directed to those persons involved in the control or execution of CI operations. Likewise, this booklet has a significant value for other members of the Armed Forces who function in the security areas or services and other intelligence departments.




CHAPTER I. Obtaining and utilization of the employee 1

CHAPTER II. Location of the employee 2

CHAPTER III. Investigation and Initial Contact 40

CHAPTER IV. Assignment of Tasks 57

CHAPTER V. Placement of employees 70

CHAPTER VI. Training of employee 82

CHAPTER VII. Communication with employees 109

CHAPTER VIII. Development of an Identity 128

CHAPTER IX. Scrutiny of Employees 140

CHAPTER X. Separation of employees 150

ATTACHMENT A. Control of Employees 161