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Melua reveals Kooks pain

Singer-songwriter Katie Melua is to release a song about her split from The Kooks' lead singer Luke Pritchard.

Both singers went to school together and dated for four years before splitting up in 2004 to focus on their blossoming careers.

And Melua has documented the hurt she felt during the breakup in her new single 'It's Only Pain', which features the lyrics: "It's only pain, it only hurt, I'm down on the floor where I've been before."

It also features the line: "It's not easy to watch it die."

Pritchard has been consistently coy about discussing the relationship in interviews, although it is thought The Kooks single 'You Don't Love Me' (Like I Love You)' was about the split.

He has also admitted an earlier single 'Eddie's Gun', which features the line "I tried to love her back, then I shrunk back into my wrap" was written about failing to satisfy Melua in the bedroom.

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