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Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth Sketches
The director narrates this look inside the 20-year-old sketchbook that inspired his new horror-fantasy hybrid.


Guillermo del Toro been keeping a notebook of doodles, ideas, drawings, and plot bits for just about 20 years and it's provided inspiration for all of his films, from Cronos and Mimic to Blade II and Hellboy, and now for his latest film. Pan's Labyrinth, which Premiere's Glenn Kenny gives an enthusiastic four stars, sends a conflicted little girl down the proverbial rabbit hole to face the surreal, supernatural, bizarre, and brutal on a magical quest to complete three tasks in the tumultuous world of 1940s Spain. Here, del Toro shows and discusses some of the sketches that made it from paper to screen.

To listen to del Toro's descriptions, press play. Interview by Cristy Lytal.

Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth Sketches

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