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34, rue Blondel, bustling of life, the miniscule bar of l'Escale, informs us about the temperature ofthe street, one of the last hot streets of Paris, but getting more and more lukewarm. There are certainly still a few "pretty dames" rue Blondel, but the year 200 being a fact, more and more souvenirs are to be catalogued. Next to it, in a boutique of "prêt-à-porter, the indecent and naughty frescos, visible from the street, have been classified by the Ministry of Culture in 1998. Same for no.32, the large room at the ground floor with its interior decoration, difficult to inspect since protected by a code. Until 1946, the 32-34 housed a brothel known in whole Paris. The Belles Poules had Henry Miller as a guest, bring Anais Nin with him. You can read the ultimate night before closure, grandeur and decadence in "Histoires de la Nuit" by Louis Chevalier of the Collège de France.

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