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Notice: As of 17th of January, the server moved from animesites.de to server.themanaworld.org. We thank Ultramichy for hosting us for so long at no cost. The server is now hosted on platinum.linux.pl, a server which supports nonprofit initiatives.
16 Jan 2007 by ElvenProgrammer

The Mana World released

Here we are again!
Not a big update, but this release should fix the annoying bug of player sometimes starting to walk when clicked on the GUI. Furthermore we switched to the new released Guichan 0.6.0 (When you want to compile from source be sure you have the latest version then).

Older versions should still be working, but as always we suggest you to upgrade to latest one to have a better experience and to help us in development with your feedback.

See you in game!

26 Dec 2006 by Bjørn Lindeijer

The Mana World 0.0.22 released

Back in version 0.0.20 we had introduced females, but until now their clothes looked the same as they would on a male. Version 0.0.22 fixes this, with clothing following the natural shape of the female body. The character selection dialog has also been upgraded, and will show your character with its full equipment. In shops, the list of items has been enhanced with icons. Aside visual improvements, monsters will now make sounds as they attack or get hit.

Numerous smaller issues were fixed. Among them are trading money, NPC dialogs staying open on respawn and joystick enabled option. Also, you can now hold your mouse button to keep walking, and you can walk through other players if there is no way around them.

Note: Our update host changed to "http://updates.themanaworld.org". If you're upgrading from a previous version and hadn't changed it yet, either update it in your config file or delete your config file. In the latter case it will be recreated with the new default setting.

31 Oct 2006 by Bjørn Lindeijer

The Mana World released

This update fixes several small issues. It was pushed out since a change was needed to allow the wallpaper to refresh based on an update. It also fixes problems with hair display since a recent update.

19 Sep 2006 by ElvenProgrammer

The Mana World 0.0.21 released

The Mana World is growing every day, bringing your exploring experience to the next level. New maps and monsters await you in game, more visible equipments, map overlay effects and more.

Smooth scrolling was added for those who did not like the static camera. The joystick can now be turned off for those who had problems with it. Numerous fixes were made, including the FPS limiter and memory usage in OpenGL mode.

Warning: Older versions will no longer work properly, so update as soon as possible. Also take note that the new release requires Guichan 0.5.0.

25 Jul 2006 by Bjørn Lindeijer

The Mana World 0.0.20 released

Females have entered our world! Admittedly this took us much too long, but thanks to hard work by Modanung on the spriteset, it is now finally possible to play as a woman. This release also adds new maps, monsters and a new hairstyle.

On the technical side of things, this release brings a long awaited update to our animation system. It is now more flexible by having animations defined in XML. Also, some equipment is now visible on your player character, so you can finally start to show off your cool items to your friends! Finally, some corrections were made to the way the updating system worked. We may now actually be able to start using it reliably.

It is important to note that due to these engine changes, it is required to update to 0.0.20. Older versions will no longer work properly.

11 Mar 2006 by ElvenProgrammer

The Mana World 0.0.19 released

"That's one small step for a player, one giant leap for The Mana World"

Ok we made it, not only we released 0.0.19, but we finally replaced the old playerset with a new wonderful one. This opens a lot of new possibilities such as clothes, new weapons and much more. So what are you waiting for? Just download the new release, help us improving The Mana World and you'll be rewarded with everything you've ever wanted in next releases. tongue

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