"The Simpsons Movie" Phone

Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:45PM EST

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Before the release of the movie "Casino Royale," Sony unveiled a $4,500 limited edition Sony VAIO laptop and digital camera set. In keeping with the tradition of releasing gadgets in conjunction with movie releases, Samsung is bringing us a phone that will be easy to find, thanks to the color alone.

So what's big, yellow, and a limited edition? "The Simpsons Movie" phone by Samsung, of course. The gals over at Geek Sugar spotted this phone and tell me Samsung will be using it to promote the upcoming movie release on July 27. Preloaded with exclusive "The Simpsons Movie" content, the phone will also bear the movie's logo, as well as the words "Special Edition" on it. From the photos, it looks like all three clamshells have a digital camera. Not sure which service will carry the phone, but we'll find out more once we get closer to release time.

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1 Posted by mrfixit1340@sbcglobal.net on Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:44PM EST Report Abuse
The color is a bit much...rain coat yellow? but I'm sure they'll sell to hardcore Simpson's fans.
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