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While these lists do not claim to include the names of all the Tories of the state, they are representative of that group who were interested enough to take an active part. Prior to making these transcripts it was impossible to locate by name or profession any considerable number of Tories in the state. The names given here and in the following appendices probably include the greater number of the more prominent Loyalists. The sources from which these documents are derived, are indicated in brackets at the end of each document. The reproduction of these documents without editorial changes accounts for any unusual spelling of proper names and the crude wording of the reports of some of the Loyalist officers. - Robert DeMond

Robert DeMond, Loyalists in North Carolina During the Revolution, appendix A. Copyright 1940, Duke University Press, Durham, NC. All rights reserved.

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Appendix A is a large collection of abstracts from various lists including payroll, refugee,and hospital records.

I       His Majesty's Regiment of NC Loyal Militia under Col. Samuel Campbell
II      North Carolina Volunteers
III     Pay Due to Subaltrons and Privates Belonging to Anson County, NC
IV      Pay Due to Capt. Stephen Scarborough and Mathew Parker Ensn. of NC
        Militia in 1781
V       North Carolina Anson County Militia
VI      North Carolina Militia Colo. Faithful Graham's Regiment
VII     Pay Due to Sundry Officers and Privates of the Royal NC Militia of
        Bladen County
VIII    Pay Due to Sundry Officers and Privates of the Royal Militia of
        Cumberland County, North Carolina
IX      No. Carolina Royal Militia Commanded by Colo. Samuel Campbell on
        James Island
X       Certification of Roll on 6th March 1872 [sic]

XI      No. Carolina Highland Regt. before Enlistment
XII     Refugees from No. Carolina - Charlestown Decr. 1st 1781
XIII    No. Carolina Militia under Colonel Samuel Campbell Stationed at 
        James Island (ending 1st of April 1782)
XIV     No. 6 North Carolina, Bladen County Militia
XV      No. 8 North Carolina Militia Lt. Colo. John Moore. Payroll
XVI     No. 11 North Carolina Militia now enlisted in Governor Martins Corps
        in Charlestown
XVII    No. 12 Sergeants McLeod and McLellan of the Anson County Militia
XVIII   No. 15 North Carolina Militia who served in South Carolina under
        Major Ferguson &c.
XIX     No. 21 North Carolina Militia Colo. Samuel Bryan
XX      No. 24 North Carolina Regiment of Militia Colo. Samuel Campbell

XXI     No. 25 North Carolina Militia, Colonel Samuel Campbell
XXII    North Carolina Independent Company
XXIII   Seconded Officers
XXIV    No. 2 List of the Militia from different county's in North Carolina
        neglected in the former return for pay
XXV     Men of North Carolina bound for Augustine who acted in the Militia
        service but never received pay for their service
XXVI    Pay due officers and privates belonging to Colonel David FAnnings 
        Regiment of North Carolina Militia commencing 1st March 1781 &
        ending 20th Septr. 1782
XXVII   Pay due William Beans for duty done under Colo. David Fanning
        commencing 22th of November 1781 and ending the 5th July 1782 -and-
        Pay due Captn. Merediath Edwards commencing 16th July 1781 and
        ending 5th July 1782
XXVIII  Pay due to officers and privates belonging to Colonel David Fannings
        regiment 1st March 1781 to 24th Augt. 1782
XXIX    Bazel Owings and son Wm. Owings under Samuel Bryan, Coln.
XXX     Pay due Lieutenant Colinel John Hampton & Captn. Nicholas White of
        Colonel Samuel Bryans Regiment under Lord Cornwallas from
        24th day of June 1780 to 5th day of July 1782

XXXI    Captain Roger Turner under Colonel Samuel Bryan
XXXII   Wounded men Norman McLeod & Roger McLellan
XXXIII  Prisoners in Halifax Goal 
XXXIV   Memorialists of North Carolina (after the Treaty of Peace)
XXXV    Hospital at Wilmington between 9th and 24 April 1781
XXXVI   Independant Dragoons to Hospital at Charleston between 25 Decr. 1781
        and 24 February 1782
XXXVII  Indept. Dragoons to Hospital at Charlestown between 21st & 24
        October 1781
XXXVIII Indept. Dragoons to Hospital at Charleston between 25th Octr. &
        24th Decr. 1781
XXXIX   Militia to Hospital at Wilmington between 25 Augt & 24 Octobr. 1781
XL      Militia to Hospital at Wilmington between 25 April & 25 June 1781

XLI     Stoppages due from NC to Hospital at Wilmington between 24th June &
        24th Augst. 1781
XLII    Refugees at Charleston, Decr. 1st. 1781
XLIII   Pay due under Colln. Hector MacNeills in Charleston Feby. 15th 1782
XLIV    No. 23 Refugees as now in Charlestown
        No. 24 Militia Officers at present Refugees in Charlestown
XLV     No. 26 Refugees of the Third Class now in Charleston
        No. 28 Rifugee Women and Children going back to the Country
        No. 31 Quarter Masters of the Refugees from different Districts
        No. 33 Refugees of the Second Class in Charles Town
XLVI    No. 21 Distressed Refugees from different places


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