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FightHunger.org is a partnership of UN agencies, NGOs, businesses, schools, universities, communities and individuals who all believe that we can work together to end child hunger. Join us to help spread the word. By raising awareness! From our annual global Walk the World to educating decision makers on the importance of well nourished children. Find out more on our campaign page.

Where in the world is...

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 31 January, 2007 - 13:23.

As a follow up to our "Where in the World is your Walk the World tshirt", Peter Casier of WFP has sent us this picture of himself wearing a Walk the World Hat whilst crossing the Atlantic. Find our more about the Atlantic crossing and life as a humanitarian aid work in his personal blog. Thanks Peter!

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Meet the winners of our Viral Video Contest

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 25 January, 2007 - 13:59.

The FightHunger.org Viral Video contest was a perfect example of the power of user generated content for non profit organisations. Each entry showed a special perspective of each maker on the problem of ending child hunger in the world by 2015. We wanted to know more about the winners and what their experiences had been making the films, where they got their inspiration and if they enjoyed themselves! Read what they said

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TheRecordBreakingDomain joins FightHunger to end Child Hunger by 2015!

Submitted by Susanne Thörnqvist on 16 January, 2007 - 14:17.

Andres Kello and TheRecordBreakingDomain.com is partnering up with FightHunger.org to end child hunger. TheRecordBreakingDomain.com is an outside-the-box project started by the young entrepreneur Andres Kello that leverages the power of the internet to bring people together to break a unique world record, create the most watched Ad in history, and help charities around the globe. TheRecordBreakingDomain has committed to give one million dollars to Fight Hunger to help feed hungry children if the goal is reached.

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Breakfast For Learning Canada Joins Walk the World

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 16 January, 2007 - 10:16.

Breakfast For Learning (BFL) is the leading national non-profit organization in Canada dedicated to funding community-based student nutrition programs. BFL have agreed to encourage participation and promote Walk the World to their 30,000 members across Canada. BFL work to ensure that every child in Canada attends school well nourished and ready to learn. BFL provides funds, nutrition education, resources and program support to student nutrition programs across the country. To date millions of nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks have been provided through the programs we support. For more information about BFL visit their website BreakfastForLearning.ca

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Introducing the FEED Bag by Lauren Bush

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 8 January, 2007 - 15:13.

The FEED bag is a joint project between Lauren Bush, Honorary Spokesperson, and the United Nations World Food Programme. $34 from the sale of each bag goes to FEED one hungry child in school for one year. The bag is fully reversible - one side is made of brown sacking and the other side is made from white canvas and has lots of useful pockets. Buy one in our online shop now or find out more at the WorldFeedbag.org website.

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CatWALK! the World in Accra, Ghana

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 2 January, 2007 - 15:12.

Award-winning fashion designers and celebrities joined forces for an evening of high fashion in Accra, Ghana, the second in the series of FightHunger’s CatWalk The World initiatives. Attending the glittering even was New York-born entrepreneur and music producer, Damon Dash, and renowned Ghanaian fashion designer, Ozwald Boateng, recipient of the Order of the British Empire prize and creative designer for the premier fashion house Givenchy.
Boeteng’s fellow designer, Deola Sagoe of Nigeria, who headlined the April 2006 launch of CatWalk the World in Lagos also joined in the event that was held at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.

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The Hunger Beads going viral...

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 21 December, 2006 - 15:30.

FightHunger.org has commissioned five specially made beads in orange and blue - our colours! They were made by traditional African artisans in Ghana using recycled glass and signify all the hungry children in the world. Since their launch the beads have taken on a life of their own - check out these entries on the oneamerica blog. Senator Edwards, the Presidential Candidate for the US elections in 2008 is being sent a Hunger Bead for Christmas to remind him of hungry children. Buy your hunger bead now!

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School Nutrition Association (USA) joins Walk the World

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 15 December, 2006 - 08:57.

55,000 members invited to walk across the country

Barbara S. Belmont, School Nutrition Association (SNA)’s Executive Director, has confirmed participation of the SNA in Walk the World 2007.

After joining efforts with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the National Network for Support of Students of the Government of Chile (JUNAEB) to create a Latin American School Feeding Network (LA- RAE), SNA is now ready for a new international challenge to fight against child hunger.

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Blood Diamond Movie featuring WFP!

Submitted by Cordelia SalterNour on 10 December, 2006 - 12:25.

WFP's operations in West Africa in the 1990s receive the Hollywood treatment in the new film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo di Caprio, Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly. Blood Diamond focuses on how profits from the diamond industry fuelled Sierra Leone’s brutal conflict in the 1990s -- a period when WFP food aid was a lifesaver for the thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire. Watch this viral video made about hunger by the stars of Blood Diamond. To find out more about the human fallout from Sierra Leone's diamond wars read this interview with WFP's Paul Arès. Visit the Blood Diamond movie website. Don't miss this film!

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