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SpamTestBuddy 0.94 - *NIX, open source, 2007-01-13

SpamTestBuddy is a simple, light-weight, multiple-input spam scoring tool. It is standalone and can be used with simple procmail rules without root access or daemons. Features built-in support for simple DNS checks including DNSBL (DNS-based blocklist) queries, and can scan headers from filters such as SpamProbe, QSF, DSPAM that you already use.

renattach 1.2.4 - *NIX, GNU GPL, 2006-10-24

New --loop option removes Delivered-To headers from the input message. This defends Postfix against a "mail forwarding loop" spam relay trick.

grepcidr 1.3 contributed patches - 2005-06-21

A couple people have contributed patches allowing grepcidr to locate an IP address anywhere on the current line (for easier parsing of input data). While this improvement has not yet been included in the release, you can find the patches provided on the grepcidr page under "Resources". Thanks to the contributors!


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