More about our moderator and panelists: Jean Chatzky Mario Batali Liz Lange Blue Man Group
• Introductions
• Finding Your Brand Space
• Creating Customer Demand
• Keeping Your Business Moving
• Q&A/Closing Remarks
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Mario Batali
Liz Lange
Blue Man Group
Jean Chatzky
There are a few Mario Batali truths you should know: olive oil is as precious as gold; shorts can be worn in any season; and food, like almost everything, is best left to its own simple beauty... More
In only eight years, Liz Lange, Founder and President of Liz Lange Maternity, has single-handedly revolutionized the way the world sees pregnant women. It's not surprising... More
A truly unique fusion of music, comedy, and multimedia theatrics, the Blue Man Group experience could easily be described as the world's best party... More
Jean Chatzky, award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and motivational speaker, has created a global platform that is making significant strides to help millions of men and women battle an epidemic... More
Panelists: Mario Batali Liz Lange Blue Man Group
Moderator: Jean Chatzky