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Catcher, Inc. Our vision

CATCHER™ will continue to strive to work with our marketplace partners to refine our products and to create technology that through superior design can save time, money and most significantly lives.   

Catcher is a publicly traded company (CTHH:OB) that produces highly robust mobile computing solutions to help security and operations professionals survey, assess and communicate efficiently.  Since our inception, our core focus is simple: develop technologies that help people to respond more quickly and efficiently to critical situations in harsh environments.

Ira Tabankin and Chuck Sander founded Catcher, Inc. in 2005 in order to deliver cutting-edge, mobile, convergent computing solutions to the TSA and related entities, with an end goal of increasing operations and security efficiencies.  As the company continued to refine its technology, Catcher grew and changed. Catcher went public that same year in an effort to meet the needs and demands its customers were placing for its core product the CATCHER™.

Catcher’s greatest strength lies in an ability to rapidly refine core technology and deliver end clients the best product for their present and future needs.  Where other companies may attempt to sell or minimally enhance an existing product for a new application, Catcher will continue to work with its core clients and fast-track designs of technology for testing, approval and final resale into the market.

As our partners and clients are among the worlds largest private and public companies, their input contributes significantly to our product development and ultimate success.

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