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February 03 2007

SATIN TIGHTS NO LONGER. Joss will not be fighting for our rights after all.

You (hopefully) heard it here first: I'm no longer slated to make Wonder Woman. What? But how? My chest... so tight! Okay, stay calm and I'll explain as best I can. It's pretty complicated, so bear with me. I had a take on the film that, well, nobody liked. Hey, not that complicated.

Let me stress first that everybody at the studio and Silver Pictures were cool and professional. We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that's never gonna work. Non-sympatico. It happens all the time. I don't think any of us expected it to this time, but it did. Everybody knows how long I was taking, what a struggle that script was, and though I felt good about what I was coming up with, it was never gonna be a simple slam-dunk. I like to think it rolled around the rim a little bit, but others may have differing views.

The worst thing that can happen in this scenario is that the studio just keeps hammering out changes and the writer falls into a horrible limbo of development. These guys had the clarity and grace to skip that part. So I'm a free man.

Well, sorta. There is that "Goners" movie I can finally finish polishing, and plenty of other things in the hopper I've wanted to pursue. I'm as relieved as I am disappointed, and both of those things lead to drink, so that's a plus. Truly, you may be hearing some interesting things brewing in the coming months. But all potential jets therein will be visible.

But most importantly, I never have to answer THAT question again!!!! And you don't have to link to every rumor site! Finally and forever: I never had an actress picked out, or even a consistant front-runner. I didn't have time to waste on casting when I was so busy air-balling on the script. (No! Rim! There was rim!) That's the greatest relief of all. I can do interviews again!

Thanks for your time. You are the people who make the world go 'round. Or, no, science does that.


ps All right, it was Cobie Smulders. Sorry, Cobes.

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Um *reads post* *cries now...*

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Sorry to hear that. Good luck with Goners Boss Man.

Good luck with Goners and whatever else is next. I'll be first in line (well, tied for first with everyone else on this site).
Oh Joss, thanks for telling us. I think they lost out. I'm sure looking forward to whatever you do next!
I'm sorry to hear this. Good luck with Goners.
I'm sorry to hear that :(. *hugs* Thanks for posting.
Also wanted to say, that at least Joss can work on Goners now, so many people are anxious about that, and that is one script Universal seemed to like, right??? And I would look forward to what those interesting things brewing in the upcoming months.
Be free to free your own creativity. Yea for Joss' continued presence on the big and small screens. We'll be here whenever you are.
Joss, you rock for telling us first. There is no limit to the magic of you. I'm sorry so much work and creativity has led to this, but I wait with bated (not baited because - eeuw, fish ) breath to see what you come up with next. And at least I don't have to go see WW, who has never been a favourite of mine.
Sorry to hear about the disappointment, Joss, but I'm sure you'll find a way to turn it into an opportunity. Looking forward to whatever is coming next from you.
Ah well, at least it frees up your time to work on Goners.

Wow, the words, I have none. There's some surprise, and a little bit of sadness. Most of all though - thank you for letting us know Joss. I'm sure I'm not alone in the appreciation for keeping us in the loop. Congratulations on your freedom (yay!), and ours from the constant rumor-mongering about casting (By the way who is going to break the news to Nathan or Morgan Freeman or , eh forget it). While I admit I was looking forward to your take on WW, no big - in the end I think I'd much prefer to see one of your original creations. They have a certain shine to them that I think will far exceed any adaptation-y thing like WW. Plus the invisible jet totally sucks. And I have always hated the star spangled panties- seriously who would choose that as a super-hero-ass-kicking costume. Let the clamoring for "Goners" related news begin. :)
I'm sorry to hear this.I was really interested in seeing what you were going to do with this project.
That's really unfortunate, as I was looking forward to seeing this character get a great treatment on screen and felt confident you would do that, Joss. However it's pretty clear you are a creative fount that can not be stopped so I look forward now to your next projects. It was also very classy to post here and put the confusion to rest, thank you.
Definitely disapointing news... means that my plea for work experience on WW in Edinburgh was all for nothing! Noooo! Seriously, Joss, looking forward to whatever it is you come up with that graces our screens next! :) (And Robin Sparkles as Wonder Woman? Genius!!)

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Really disappointing news, but not completely surprising. Gutted for everyone, especially Joss. At least there are other things to look forward to.
My chest did feel tight reading those first few lines.
That is too bad. Thank you for sharing this with us rather than just letting it out into the media feeding frenzy. I hope that this will allow you to move on and devote your energy to other projects.

And by too bad, I mean that I feel that you'd have brought a different take to the Wonder Woman movie. I just hope that the next crew brought in doesn't make something Razzie worthy out of it.
I'm so sorry to here that, Joss. It sort of feels like someone died, but I guess this stuff happens. We do appriciate you telling us in person more than you know, and just know that we'll be behind you 100% in anything you do, whether it works or not. Silver lining? We KNOW Goners will be amazing. So keep up the good work and don't lose hope, in yourself at least. I'm glad the seperation from the project ended peacefully, but between you and me the studio can kiss my booty. Just saying is all.
Sorry to hear the news but you're the best for letting us know what's happening. *hugs*
Joss we love ya, with or without jets.
*Is very excited about Goners being pushed up more near the front of the work pile*
So Joss, who you gonna cast in Gonners?

Sorry, had to. Bad luck with WW, good luck with Gonners and everything else.
I'm really sorry to hear that, boss. WW won't be the same without you. I've always said you were the perfect person to make that movie, and it's a crying shame that others didn't have the same faith. I hope at least this is a burden off your shoulders!
Bib Purple Dude, you will always fight for our rights. And I would rather read your script for Wonder Woman than see anyone else's movie of the same. (Hey, I waited until the second sentence to hint at what I wanted. That's not growth, not really.) (Still true, though, so that counts.)

Thank you for not watering down your vision (or mixing it with foul adulterates) just to get a big budget blockbuster under your belt. You follow your heart. We'll follow your heart, too.
Joss: "I'm as relieved as I am disappointed, and both of those things lead to drink, so that's a plus."

My Jossir, dude, my scribe. I know I would have enjoyed and loved your vision for this character, and I'm so sorry - if you are - that this didn't work out. I'm glad to hear the relieved part, and I am sending you a virtual drink as we speak. It's a dark beer, and it's waiting in a pub in London, and it's measured in pints. Go.

On the other hand, as a deeply devoted Gonerian/Goner/Gonerses/Gonerama/Gonad, I am so happy you mentioned it as next on the list (after relaxing, recovering, and giving yourself a big treat of some kind.)

Then come on over to and read our "plans" for your movie. They'll crack you up good.

And thanks for sticking to your own vision. We expect no less of you, but not everybody can do it.

"Out of the thousand writers huffing and puffing through movieland there are scarcely fifty men and women of wit or talent. The rest of the fraternity is deadwood. Yet, in a curious way, there is not much difference between the product of a good writer and a bad one. They both have to toe the same mark." - Ben Hecht, “Money Is the Root,” bk. 5, A Child of the Century
*cries* and *cries* and *cries*

k, got that out of the system. Well, for five minutes at least.

Thank you Joss for being so wonderful and telling us first- definitly looking towards this little thing called "Goners" and other future projects.

Hmm, still got two minutes before the meltdown returns. :S

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Well I am really sorry to hear about this Joss, but as a devout Goner, putting my *fav* project on the front burner makes me really happy. I am sad, however, Wondy will not get the Whedonization she richly deserves.

What is really ironic, is I am watching "The Body" as I read this bad, bad news.
I have to say I am not surprised. I've never seen you as a Hollywood Blockbuster (90% action 10% story) kind of guy. Why don't you give the CW or the SciFi Channel a call and go back to producing some great character driven TV shows (while you work on Goners).
Ah jeez, my stomach feels like it just dropped out of my body. I was so looking forward to this, as a die-hard Silver Age DC lover, and it just hurts to know that it is not going to happen. Though, it does explain why they snapped up that other WW spec script, huh?

Well, Joss, all I can say is I am eagerly waiting for Buffy S8 comics (coughtaracough, what the heck! :-)), am boning up on Runaways, loving Astonishing X-Men, and will look forward to Goners. You keep on keeping on, and we'll keep on you keeping on, or something like that. :-)
Their loss. Thank you for the post, Joss. I'll be anxiously awaiting Goners and everything else you've got lined up.
Sorry to hear it Joss. Thank you for telling us about it. You're a talented guy, so I'm sure things will work out for you. ;)
I'm sorry to hear that. But the other, egotistical, Buffy-obsessed part of me can't help but rejoice: now you'll have more time for Buffy and Spike... oops, I mean - Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Dawn and, hopefully, Tara too.
Well, I would have liked your take... Anyway, out with the bad and in with the good. We get to have you on television again in a couple of weeks with "The Office"!
Wow, that sucks! Not only for you I'm sure but the potential WW audience! We (your fans) can't know exactly what happened, and there's even a chance you don't know exactly what happened.

On the selfish front, it's not a happy day because I was really looking forward to your version of WW. As as WW virgin, your movie was going to be the first story I read/saw about the character. That is probably true for a lot of people (IE those who managed to dodge the 70s show) which makes this movie more important for the character than, say, another spider-man movie is for spider-man. First impressions and all that.


At least we still have Runaways and Goners to look forward to.

Edited to remove the second "Bah!" from this space since it looked like I was bah'ing runaways and goners, which wasn't the intent.

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Hmm, still got two minutes before the meltdown returns

Yeah traffic directed towards this site is going to be overwhelming. So if you are having diffs getting access, please bear with us.
Not going to cry, as I was reading between the lines with the script purchase the other day. There's no way a studio would really purchase an unauthorised spec when they hold the copyright to the property. Seriously. But I wasn't going to say that, in case WB really were THAT stupid. Which they ain't.

Also: being honest again, I'm kinda glad. WW struck me as a gamble. People, in my world, think WW and think cheese TV series. Tights. Rights. Fighting for our rights. Cheese can sometimes damage careers. "Cheese movies" also has "see also: Ben Affleck" in the movie dictionary.

Also, Goners! This means Universal can stop treating me like I'm nuts for having that website! And people can stop using it to make t-shirts with Llamas on...
Sorry to hear, was looking forward to it.

However, I was only interested in the project because of Joss' involvement, and that that's pretty much a guarantee of quality, so now it's doubtful I'll give any eventual Wonder Woman movie any attention. And at least this way we shouldn't have to wait so long until we get something that he created himself, the characters, the words and the worlds.

Any chance of the script ever seeing the light of day, perhaps as a comic book or something, the studio surely must realise that thing would really sell. But I suppose there's the danger that people would like it and question what the hell the studio was thinking.

With us never having to see casting stories posted here again, we should fondly remember all that we saw, from Charisma Carpenter and Morena Baccarin to Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson.
If you can't do it how you want it to be done, then it's probably better not to do it at all. I still was looking forward to your take on the female icon, since you seem to do those so well.

We'll be waiting for more of what you bring us!
Cobie Smulders! Something to add to our Joss Whedon-directed fantasies ... er ... more than I meant to say, really.

It goes without saying that if we were producing the movie, not only would you (as almost everyone seems to be addressing Joss here) still have the job, the film would already have its release date set.
Thanks for telling us, Joss.

Of course, if the movie does get made by another director/writer, I'm going to be hearing this from all of my friends for months:

"I thought you said it was going to rock?!"

'Cause there's no way that it's going to rock socks as thoroughly as it would have if it were in your hands, Joss.

I eagerly await your next project.
< kidding > Joss, now I have to redesign How could you be so inconsiderate? (I'll just find a picture from Buffy Season 8 to put in WW's place.) < /kidding >

I am sad in my little Linda Carter wannabe heart (I was holding out hope for midgety round WW played by me, you know - oops, maybe I closed the kidding tag too soon). But you gotta do what's right, be you studio or Joss, and I'm glad to hear that relief is a part of this.

(I'm gonna go catch up on Astonishing now. Yeah, I'm behind. I know. I know.)
*sniffles* *bits lip while trying to be strong* OH hell!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ahem. I mean no. I'm bummed to hear this but at the same time good call on sticking to your vision. Cause your vision is what we all love and now you don't have to deal with the insanity of people trying to figure out who will play Wonder Woman. My head hurts from the constant rumor mill spinning with ideas.

The studios loss is Goners incredible gain. Ooo and when they hire some horrid actress to play WW we shall all sit and laugh. Muhahahaha!

*hugs* Best to ya!
So we won't be going to the mall with Robin Sparkles then, huh? As if 'No Wonder Jossman any more' wasn't bad news enough, he just had to tell us about what could have been...

Oh well, since it's always better to ride a bicycle that works than a jet-car that's out of gas, I'm glad there's other stuff to look forward to at least...
Although it's a little disappointing (less stuff from Joss=sad me), being the big Marvel fan that I am, this is not a movie that'd I'd have the least bit of interest in without Joss' involvement.

Hopefully in it's place can be birthed something a bit more, how shall we say, Buffyish? :D
I'm disappointed, to be sure, but what's best for Joss is important here.

*cries* Don't worry Diana, we'll find a good scribe.
oh my goodness, Joss. I am just so sad to hear this. The studio doesn't know what it just gave up. You were the perfect man for the job. sigh. But if they aren't going to let you do it the way you want it to (and, I trust, the way it should be done) then it is not worth it at all. I am so proud of you for always keeping your integrity. That is one of the things I admire most in you. Seriously. And I almost love you more knowing that you aren't going to let the studios bully you around and change your vision for Wonder Woman.

Good luck in Goners and all your other projects. We love you and can't wait to see what you bring us next!! I'm at the edge of my seat with excitement.

And thanks for sharing it here first. The second thing I have always admired in you is your devotion to the fanbase. Ahh, you're like no other, Joss. Sending bundles of virtual chocolates and flowers and candy and Mudder's Milk (to aid you in the drinking in disappointment and relief) your way for being so awesome!
So we aren´t going to see Nathan in tights? Damn. ;)
No, really, I´m sorry Joss. But after that long struggle it´s maybe for the best. I, as everyone else here, am really looking forward to Goners (even more than I was to WW, to be exact) and I also can´t wait for more projects.*silently chants "TV series TV Series" and tries to look innocent*
So lets watch out for what the future brings.
Sad to hear this...and after (apparently) everyone else in the Whedonverse, too! Mostly because I fear that Wonder Woman will be, how shall I say it?--not good. But it would have been worse if Joss had written a fantastico script and had it butchered, so I'm cultivating a zen outlook.

AND thinking of all those other Potential projects makes me happy, even giddy with anticipation.
Joss, I always thought that Wonder Woman was just too anachronistic, too difficult a character to bring, recognizably, into the late 20th century, [sic] especially to a mass audience. If anyone could have pulled it off, you could. I have no doubt that the best parts of whatever comes out in this movie will have their genesis in your work on the project, and that the final project will be more cringeworthy by your absence.

Thanks again for honoring us with your news first. Even reading the announcement, it's amazing how you can come across as chagrined, funny, and mature/professional, all at the same time.
Thank you for your time. Know that you have many fans who want to support you and your art.

joss wrote:
I didn't have time to waste on casting when I was so busy air-balling on the script. (No! Rim! There was rim!)

My guess is that the production people were playing some kind of
granny-style, half-court ball. It's hard to get any rim when you are lobbing a ball from between your knees. Ok. So that went to a slighty strange place.

I appreciate you, joss, in your three-point, full-court press kind of women's basket--work.
Blarg. I hope someday we get to find out what your take on it was. Meanwhile, any chance that any of "some interesting things brewing in the coming months" happen in London?
theonetruebix, you're obsessed with Nathan's London visit, you know. I am going to make you a t-shirt.

Some publisher should get the rights to Joss' WW script next year and publish it. They'd make a bit of mon-nay.
Very cool and gracious of you, Joss, to post this info here first.

While I'm disappointed for you, I've always thought that your best stuff dealt with worlds that you created yourself. That's one of the reasons why I was looking forward more to Goners than Wonder Woman.

I'm pretty excited and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve after Goners...
I'm sorry we won't get to see your Wonder Woman, Joss. But on the upside, more time for your original material, which I've always liked best anyway. Enjoy your drinks.
gossi, man, you'll throw us all overboard just to make a llama-crack? Dude!

You are one harsh mama jama, dude, after we've been the faithful, and Char made the groovy T-design. And I just adopted a virtual llama for you.

No pie for the mean gossi for a week. And you be nice to us - our presence has acquired increased significance, and, as you say, makes you look less crazy.

In the name of Cabbie: poke, poke, poke.

-- Your Loving But Irritated Goners
: >
Man, this sucks. I was really looking forward to this.

I'm still looking forward to Goners, even though I have NO BLINKIN' CLUE what it's about.
Gossi, you should put a llama on Bix's shirt.
Good luck Mr Whedon - so glad you are out of the Wonder Woman imbroglio.

I hope you get the oppotunity to do exactly what you want to next.

Personally, I look forward to being thrilled, astonished, moved and a little bit scared by Goners.
Dude, I love you Goners people. Except I don't know why there's llama's on the t-shirt. Anyway, when Universal sue us for having a t-shirt, we can say it's clearly not related to the movie anyway as we missed off the dobermans.

Also, yes, I forgot to say - thanks to Joss for dropping by to post this himself. This news would have got out on rumour mill soon enough, and I'm sure crazy news sites would have been putting crazy spins on it. So it's nice to read the real deal first.

Of course, I'm sure the crazy Joss hatin' websites will be writing their articles soon...
Ugh, it always sucks when projects don't work out, but hopefully this means you'll be able to devote your time and energy to something that both you and the people with all the money see as a better fit. Less stress on all sides, right?
gee, y'know, Hollywood's been kind of even stupider than it usually is, lately. giving creators with *more-than-proven track records* a hard time seems to be de rigueur. let's do a "24" clone, instead! or, eff that--let's just do another stupid reality show...and watch the rubes eat it up. no annoying creative overhead, either!

sigh. I have never been a Pollyanna. (just an Anna.) I wish I could say things will change, soon. working here in Hollywood as I do, I'm astounded by stupidity constantly, most of it in the upper echelons of the corporatocracy. all I know is that Joss' creations have been the only things that give me hope for a better future, sometimes. I'll keep hoping, and I'll probably find out about it right here on Big Black.

"yeah, Buffy...what are you gonna do now?"
I'm still looking forward to Goners, even though I have NO BLINKIN' CLUE what it's about.

Polter-Cow, just ask yourself: What is Mia made of?

(Meanwhile, does this news increase or decrease the chances of my WW casting suggestion of Andy Serkis in a motion-capture suit?)

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Hey Joss, I'm sorry but not surprised that this has happened. I was always looking forward to Goners more than Wonder Woman anyway. And now you can focus on an original thing - which gets me far more excited than trying to make a feature out of someone else's character. I'm glad you got out before you/the project were compromised.

Bring on Buffy: Season 8! Bring on Runaways! Bring on Goners!

Good luck!
Sorry to hear that, it must be disappointing to spend so much time on something and not have it pan out.

But you know what might be fun now that you have some free time?

A T.V. show!
Maybe about, I don't know, a vampire with a soul, who maybe fought for his soul for the love of a slayer? Just a thought.
It's too bad that Warner Bros just doesn't understand how to make good superhero movies. It's their loss.

I'm looking forward to Goners and whatever Joss has planned next.
Sad news!

Although I must say... it would be really neat if that Wonder Woman script somehow became available... *ahem* Man that would be a fun read!

I'm looking forward to the next project! Whatever it turns out to be. (What's Goners by the way?)
Frak multiplied many times more. :-D
Ahh, Bummer.

Now I can only prepare myself for the jump on to the bandwagon of the "well, if Joss was still involved it could have been so much better" brigade if it all goes down the pan.

So.... now to waiting with anticip......ation (damn Rocky Horror, I can't say that word properly any more!) for the wonders that the Mighty Joss will produce next for our delictation and deliberaion.
Well, I was never especially fussed about the film being Wonder Woman, but it's a great pity that we've essentially lost a couple of years of Joss writing time. (And the opportunity to see Nathan Fillion as Wonder Woman, which I was particularly looking forward to.)

So all in all, it sucks, and Warners have probably made a bad decision in letting this one get away. (Unless the script stank the big one. I mean, it's not like he's ever worked on a successful screenplay befTOYSTORYSPEEDore?)
Another "frak!" followed by another "Go Goners!"
Disappointing, because I truly did think that Joss was going to make the first great female superhero film (sorry, Catwoman and Elektra), something of a similar calibre to X-Men 2 and the Spiderman films. I also know that WonderWoman was a very important icon to Joss and he obviously spent a lot of time writing the script, so that must hurt, but I suppose it's better that they see what else they can come up with so then we can lament how much better Joss' version would have been.

And of course onwards to more creative work, comics and films aplenty. Now I can't wait to hear that "Mischa Barton/Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton has finally been cast as WonderWoman!" so that we know Joss was better off not wasting his talents on that kind of film, if that is the direction the studio wants to go in. But thanks for keeping us informed and I suppose it was better for them to let us know now rather than drag it out.

The weird thing is, I was so used to talking about Joss' involvement in WonderWoman as fact, like when I was talking about Serenity before its release. Now it's more like talking about a sequel to Serenity, which looks increasingly unlikely.
:( I didn't expect or welcome this news, but now that it's arrived we can just look forward to all the other exciting projects on the horizon.
Well, disappointed but we'll be there for any Joss project.
'Tis a sad day in Whedonville, I gotta say...though let's be honest: you didn't need another example of your soul-derived brilliance turned into a campy spoof-like thing like how the Kirsty Swanson "BtVS" film was back in 1992. Painful as this are definitely now free from potential disgust, frustration and confusion over how your ideas can get perverted by Hollywood execs;D

Still...I gotta agree with the sentiment that if anyone could nail Wonder Woman for this generation, it would have been you, good sir! Maybe given enough time and a stinker at the box office, followed by some cool-off time, we can say your Amazonian opus up on the big screen:D

Oh yeah...also can't wait for Goners. Hell...I would be psyched for anything you made, even a PSA about tax season;)
Their loss. Seriously. I wonder how many people (like me) were planning to see this only because of the Whedon name attached.

I'm kind of dissappointed that it didn't work out, but honestly I'm more glad that other projects will be moved to the proverbial front burner. I was hoping Goners would come first anyway.
Polter-Cow, just ask yourself: What is Mia made of?
Well of course I'm sorry for Joss (if HE'S upset about it that is). But truth be told I was just never that psyched about WW anyways. Hopefully this is the next step in The Whedon returning to television.
I would be psyched for anything you made, even a PSA about tax season

Now you've gone and spoiled his surprise about the coming months.

And Polter-Cow: C'mon now, you're not even trying.
:( I'm so sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to seeing it. Now, not so much. I was always more psyched about Goners, but WW was supposed to tide me over on "good Jossian work" until then. Oh well. Thanks for posting!
Sorry to hear about this, Joss. We may still get a decent Wonder Woman, but having you at the helm was pretty much a guarantee of Quality.

Oh, well. At least this frees you up to do Serenity II.


A man can dream!!!
i am speechless...shocked and speechless.

and heartbroken. and disappointed.

major UGH. Why does this man always get so screwed over?
That's too bad. First time I'm able to get on the black in days, and this is the first news I see. The only reason I would have seen this film is because Joss was writing it. Don't have to bother now.
As sad as I am to hear this fall through, I'm really glad we might be seeing some original work, and hey - won't it be fun when Wonder Woman comes out, the "Whedon script" finds it way to the internet, and we get to laugh at the silly movie? Eh heh heh.

Oh god, unless it's good. Nah, that won't happen. :P

Love when interesting things are brewing. Like the days of old. Exciting.
And Polter-Cow: C'mon now, you're not even trying.
Well, I also have NO BLINKIN' CLUE who Mia is.
Sorry to hear that, Joss. I'll miss telling the people that think I'm a Buffy freak that you're working on the Wonder Woman movie. They all just give me the same look. You know the one, the 'that's great for you' look. I'll have to come up with something else, then, eh?
Oh, and, you know, if this means some wiggle room in the schedule, I'm sure that any of the dozens of charity screenings this June would be perfectly happy to have you come by.


Polter-Cow: And where might one go if one is trying to find something out about about something?

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Joss it's a real disappointment that's for sure.

It's a shame that so much of your life gets dedicated to something that falls through. Although, there must be some serious relief associated with putting WW down.

First of all, Joss, I want to echo what everyone here has already said. I'm so sorry to hear about this and I'm truly gutted that this has been such a let down for you. They really have thrown away their best chance at making this movie a success.

That said, I REALLY do not like the character of Wonder Woman and I have to admit that Joss was the only reason that this movie held the slightest bit of interest for me. I've never really been into any of the DC characters (well, maybe Batman) and Wonder Woman was probably one of the heroes from that particular comic book company that I had the least interest in.

Had things stayed as they were then I have no doubt that it would have been a very good movie indeed and that I'd have gone to see it. Hell, Joss would have written it so I'm certain that I would have enjoyed it, regardless of the source material. But ultimately if Joss was the only reason for me seeing this movie then I'd much rather be paying out my hard earned cash to see an original Whedon project. Goners, maybe?

Wonder Woman, Shmonder Woman. Joss has better things to be doing with his time. And if he really wants another crack at a superhero flick then I'm sure there is a Marvel movie project just around the corner with his name on it. ;)
We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that's never gonna work.

Superman Returns price range or a lot less? Me curious as to whether Joss had a big budget bold vision for Wondy and Warner Bros didn't.
Woe, I've been shut out of Whedonesqueland for two days and then I find out that His Jossness has posted! And on such a subject!
I have to say that I am not surprised, it should never have taken a year to get a script done, and if there was a danger of Joss being nibbled to death by ducks then it is much better to part ways and move on to more exciting projects. I'm hoping to hear about Goners going into production soon (finally)!
I hate that the corporate world does not understand good quality material.

I'm sure your version of Wonder Woman is amazing, Joss. I'm sorry you worked so long and so hard and it is not going to be produced.
I just read the news, and that's a shame. Well, as he said, he's got more stuff coming, from "Goners" to "The Office" to the comic series next month. He'll be back.
That's the $50m question Simon. Or the $200m question. Take your pick.

Two schools of thoughts here: the studio wanted to make a small budget film, and Joss wanted to go bigger -- or the studio wanted to do a massive budget film, which sidelined Joss' vision of the movie.

Polter-Cow: Mia is a character in Goners. It's a supernatural thriller about the underworld (under body?) of society and cities. Or something. Joss can probably pitch it better. Uhm, I should edit out the probably.
Nibbled to death by ducks?
Polter-Cow: And where might one go if one is trying to find something out about about something?
Well, now my clues are blinking.
Gossi is no fun, spelling it out for people. I thought the cool part was letting people stumble across it.

If it wasn't for Joss I'd have never even thought about going to see WW. So while I'm a bit sad to know I won't be seeing how Joss would subvert my expectations with WW like he did with Buffy, I'm also excited that he can move onto projects that are more interesting to me. Goners sounds right up my alley, although I am a tad concerned it'll just be a rehash of Buffy, so why not just try to get a full scale Buffy movie? Regardless of my concerns it sounds cool. I'm also still holding me breath for new live action Buffyverse stuff no matter how unlikely that may be.

With all said and done, I'm sorry Joss. But your future will be bright! Brighter than the sun itself! :)
Sorry for everyone who was looking forward to the magic Joss would of bought to WW, but if Joss is Ok with not doing it then thats fine with me. I figure a brand new Joss created charactor is better anyway.. no one can do that quite like him.

I suppose the only thing is now someone is going to have to break it to dear Mr Fillion that he should hold off on shaving his legs and he can stop practising his twirls!!
Mixed feelings--obviously a shame to see a Joss project go down, and without Joss (comic-geeky though I might be) I have no big interest in a Wonder Woman movie. But I was beginning to fear that WW was going to keep Joss in development hell for a long time in which he could be making other movies. (By which I mean, filming Goners with Summer in the lead role.)

All in all, I'd say Kitty Pryde said it best: Yeahbuhwhat?
That just sucks. Sorry Joss. Remember, things like this often turn out to be a blessing.
Long time lurker first time poster.

Joss, have been desperate for great genius tales. Not just any tales but yours.
Have your comics on order at Amazon, marked my calendar on Feb. 15. for the Office, watching Firefly in HD weekly.
Was so looking forward to WW.
So very sorry to here that your story will not be told. For both of us a great loss.

Here's a toast to you buddy to Goners soon and
all those amazing stories bubbling to the surface waiting to be told.

Good Luck to you and will be standing by for those bubbles to turn into Gems.
Oh good, he's off of this thing. WW is just not real enough. Now he can get back to the more real world stories he has: like Goners, and Runaways, and Vampire Slayers.
I'm sure you have mixed feelings about letting WW go, Joss, but it will probably prove to be for the best. WW is a difficult project, and my personal opinion is that it's a trap; A project that may never see the light of day, and will suck if it ever does. -Especially now that you're not part of it!

As your fans, we all have our own take on what you should pursue as your next Project. But you, who have taught us so well that "the Journey is the Worthier Part", have your own path set before you. Please know that we will follow you on your Journey wherever it should lead, be it Comics, Movies, TV, Shadow Puppets, Radio....

We're with you, Boss :)
Well I was looking forward to it (and I was pulling for Morena!) but wherever you go I will follow. So it doesn't make too much difference to long as you're making something that I can watch/read I'm happy!
Well, all I can say is that sucks.
Wow. Well, I feel deflated. Somehow, I have trouble picturing someone else doing a great job on this.

Here's hoping you have great happiness in whatever you do next, Joss. We'll be waiting adoringly to see what happens next.
WW is so....yesterday. Full speed towards Goners and damn the torpedoes!
I'm glad the studio and all the execs involved are being cool and professional and all that but I want to reach out and smack 'em good 'n hard.
Woo hoo! I was worried sick that Wonder Woman wasn't going to be a mindless action shoot-em-up movie with a ludicriously implausible plot starring an actress hired for her breast size, bankability, and willingness to pose for Playboy as a promotional tie-in. Whew, that was close...
Ouch, sorry things didn't work out in your favor. Best of luck with Goners script however, and additionally I can't wait to see what you do with the Runaways crew. :)
I hope to be in a cinema watching Goners in a few years, Joss. But until then I look forward to the Buffy comic and that episode of The Office you directed too.

I can now put Wondy on that list of movies I will see one day on TNT.
And hey, maybe it's finally time for a BUFFY MOVIE....

(I can dream!)
Sorry you're not on WW anymore, but at least we'll get to see Goners sooner. Silver lining eh?

So whatever project you move onto next, I'll still support it obessessively. Good luck.
I must admit I'm disappointed not to have Joss back on the big screen. I realize Goners is still in the works, and I'm looking forward to it like mad, but WW seemed to be the main focus of the two, and thus more likely to happen sooner.

Ahhhh well. On the plus side, I was looking forward to Goners more than Wondy anyway, and it's not as if he's completely gone. Comics, Office, and hopefully more cool things.

I guess I just repeated everyone here, so, sorry about that. But this is really a bummer.

[ edited by Jobo on 2007-02-03 04:52 ]
(coughcough) Serenity 2! (coughcough)
Wow, unexpected. But to be honest, I'm pleased. I'm a big Marvel supporter and it was bugging me that I'd have to see a DC movie just cause Joss was writing it. Not that I'm anti-DC, I just didn't want to have to spend more money on getting into a whole new universe. Plus, although my knowledge of WW is limited, I was finding it hard to see this movie doing well even with Joss on board. A Joss-flop would be a great disappointment. I'm sure a few people out there are sad about this, but I think it's for the best. Here's hoping that something better takes it's place.
I think I'm just too brain dead to respond to this.

Like...I've totally shut down.

Worst. News. Ever.
Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman, not sure if that's a joke or not but she seems like she would have been a good choice. Especially intriguing as she appeared on Buffy.

[ edited by ChromeShark on 2007-02-03 05:26 ]
Well, I tried to go back to work, but I can't.

My stomach feels just a little bit like it did when our non-profit Board let our wonderful Executive Director go. I get upset when the PTB demonstrate - in a way that matters to me - that they are incapable of understanding and appreciating those qualities that I value. Thus they prevent them from entering the world, being enjoyed, and raising the standard - as Buffy, Angel, and Serenifly and others have done.

Again, Joss wasn't heard. Again, quality loses to something else. I don't have to read Joss's script (although I would dearly love to) to know that what he created was more profound and interesting and multi-faceted than whatever the studio and J.S. could "see."

And I'd put money on the fact that Wonder Woman was written to be a full character in a way that few mainstream, big-money movie female characters are written - however flawed and limited she may have (necessarily) been. And I'd put even more money on that depiction as being one of the "problems."

Joss called it a take that nobody liked, but I doubt very much that's true. It was, I'm sure, a take that somewhat more black-and-white, blockbuster mainstream thinkers didn't like, and that's a very different thing...

I know Joss has to be nice about the studio and the differences in their visions, but I don't have to be.

Thanks, guys, for helping the level of Hollywood entertainment to be that much more crappy. I look forward to the production of the movie written by the assistant on Beer Blast and "Bob from Corporate" - hungry newcomers, happy to get their big break, who are probably more amenable to control than an old hand with artistic integrity like Joss.

Businesses do business like this all the time, and yet it still pisses me off. I really should learn...

"When you overpay small people you frighten them. They know that their merits or activities entitle them to no such sums as they are receiving. As a result their boss soars out of economic into magic significance. He becomes a source of blessings rather than wages. Criticism is sacrilege, doubt is heresy." - Ben Hecht, “The Captive Muse,” bk. 5, A Child of the Century
Wow. huge surprise, but count me on the "pleased" side. There goes the only possibility of the movie being a great superhero movie and well, my desire to see it, because I just: I love you Joss, but Wonder Woman was never going to be an awesomely giant hit or your movie entirely.

I just don't think the time is right for a WW movie right now, or perhaps ever, and this was pretty much confirmed by the fact that whenever I told anyone in real life I was looking forward to the movie because of Joss, they'd look supremely uninterested. WW is not cool -- Joss, now he is totally cool for school.
Oh, Joss ... Shoot. That's the clean version.

Good thing I didn't get that special Wonder Woman t-shirt made for Comic-Con 2007 (you and Quoter Gal and the Fanboy Radio interview were the inspiration ... and a little moi).

We've got your back and will follow where you lead.

Well that bites. Knowing the creative process, you probably spent many sleepless hours, and yanked out a quite a few follicles and now it's all for naught. I sure hope you were compensated for all that time you pounded away on this. Frakkers.

Truth be told, I wasn't really hot on WW, but was excited as hell for another celluloid Joss experience. Now my selfish brain is spinning wildly, fantasizing about more Buffster.

Joss, if you're down about this, then we are too. We're 'here' for you always - don't ever forget that. If you are glad, then hey, next round's on me! **HUGS**
I'm sad you're disappointed, sir, happy you're relieved, and thrilled Goners was the next project mentioned.

Plus, this will give you more time to figure out how to fit a llama into the Gonersbackground scenery. Or PIE! Gotta have pie! Mmmm, pie...

Oh, and because drink comes into it: Sex on the Beach. Or a Screaming Orgasm. How can you lose?
Sad thing is that now this movie isn't happening.....the female superhero movie legacy will remain Catwomen.....Elektra.....Aeon Flux.....




I was really looking forward to your take on the lady with the gold lasso. But, hey, last I checked you had no shortage of awesome projects on your plate. I can't wait for every single one of them! Thanks for telling us first Joss.
Cheers for letting us know. Good luck with the other projects. Sad times indeed.
As my only interest in this movie was because of Joss, I'm not that sad about it. Sure, had it made untold millions and therefore given Joss the power to make Serenity 2, well...okay, not going to think on that. 'Cause then comes the sad.

"Truly, you may be hearing some interesting things brewing in the coming months."
This tantalizing tidbit has me tingly!
(Had to go with the alliteration because I am a dork.)
Meanwhile, I'm thrilled (and tingly!) that Goners has moved up the priority list. Yea!

You know what wouldn't suck?
Joss. Directing Battlestar.
A girl can dream...

As others have said, wherever you lead, we'll follow, Joss.
They are Gorram idiots Boss, don't sweat it, I hope they know the wheel never stops turning.

I await your next great feat. Not that you have great feet, or maybe you do have great feet, or maybe you have bunny feet, which would scare the hell out of Anya.

What was I saying? oh yeah I am really looking forward to the brew of the coming months.

You don't shoot air balls Boss, only Dwayne Wade style Dunks, that bounce of other peoples heads.
Sorry to hear about this, I was one of the many looking forward to seeing your vision of WW on the big screen, but I guess it happens and I'm glad to see that there are some interesting things brewing, I know we're all looking forward to whatever you do next.
And thanks for posting here, it's great that you think of us and want to get the word out before we get 8000 different half truths and rumors.

And I'm going to have to start searching for Mia, I didn't know Goners was that far along. I seem to remember something about her being River's sister in chocolate. Or I could be imaging things, that's always a possibility.
Wow. That is so incredibly sad. I was really looking forward to it. NOW what am I gonna stalk the set of for six months???

Thanks for telling us, I was glad to hear it from you. Good luck with your one thousand other projects!
Goners, yes. And looking forward to hearing about the rest. I'm with Haunt,in dreaming of a return to tv.
Cobie Smulders, huh? Damn, I should have had her name in the Wonder Woman pool. Actually, Goners always sounded like a more exciting endeavor, anyway. And then maybe back to TV after that? (Hey, a boy can dream.)
I was just telling a friend (a major in feminism), who is both a fan of Buffy and has Wonder Woman memorabilia all about her apartment, that his Jossness was going to do a movie, which was pretty much a squealing "chocolate in my peanut butter" moment for her.

Now I'll have to take it back. And without even an unused screenplay to read over that we might imagine "what might have been." However, if the unpublished work does accidentally surface somewhere on the Internet, I'd cheerfully watch Joss' screenplay done by sock puppets and hosted on YouTube versus whatever shiny, hollow, CGI-laden version that will emerge from Hollywood and shamble directly towards the box office, crushing tradition and common sense in its way.

So, go go Goners!

Ok first Jackson is removed from the Hobbit, and now Joss is taken off Wonder Woman?!?!

Well... theres now two less movies I need to shell out cash to see. Thank you Hollywood, the less great movies you produce the more cash I can save.

I was really really really looking forward to Joss interpretation of Wonder Woman. Everything he's said about it has excited me more (and I'm no fan of WW, but I know Joss would have made it really good). Now... I honestly don't care. I was interested because of Joss.

I suppose Goners, Buffy season 8, and other comics will keep him busy. And... maybe this clears the way for a grand return to TV? No wait, the net execs would need to remove their heads from their buttocks... I believe that's a dangerous surgical procedure where execs are concerned. How about direct to DVD? Babylon 5 is doing that!
Hey Joss, since you aren't busy writing Wonder Woman anymore you could always stop by the New York Comic Con at the end of the month. I hear they're celebrating the ten year anniversary of some show called Buffy.
Ugh. I feel like someone just took away my puppy. That really, really sucks, but you have my respect for not writing a movie you didn't want to write just to get it done. Here's to future projects.
Well there goes my only interest in seeing a WW movie...

Still looking forward to Goners and whatever else you have planned in the coming months.
Today I was standing in line to get an author to sign my copy of her book. The woman in front of me said her name was Willow and the author said "OOH, like in Buffy? " but the signee stared blankly so I cheered "yeah Buffy!" and the author said "I have a shout out to Buffy in this book". I showed her my Serenity button and she beamed and said "I just got the DVD of Firefly last week. I can't believe I missed it!"
Jossir, I'm sorry that I won't be able to have that conversation about Wonder Woman but at least she is finally out of your house. And we really look forward to Goners.
Now you have time for what you really wanted to do: "Kitty Pryde, the Movie."
First of all, very cool of you to come here first, Joss. Second of all, that IS sort of a bummer, but I really like that you had a vision and that you didn't compromise it (not that I'm saying the studio was, necessarily, twirling its mustache and tempting you to sell out while you stood there draped in toga-like virtue refusing to sacrifice your artistic vision, exactly, but still, good for you).

So, at lest you don't have to answer THAT question. So, here's your next, least-favorite question: What ARE you working on? What's Goners about? When's it happening? What actresses are vaguely connected to the role of Mia?

(Sorry, that turned out to be more than one question.)
Having had more time to digest the thread, an explanation for gossi:
Dude, I love you Goners people. Except I don't know why there's llama's on the t-shirt.

The t-shirt is for the Goners Crew (of which you are a member, by the way). Serenity = llama, as any decent browncoat knows. It was our way to link Goners and Serenity.

And sir, many Goners have offered to purchase you a llama shirt. Check out our Dear Joss thread for details. I think you'd like that thread. ;-D

(There's also a Dear Gossi thread but that one tends to have more swearing in it... :D)
Hey, maybe now Joss will have time to work on that long rumored volume 2 of Fray (winks...).

It's sad to see Joss not doing it anymore. Was really looking forward to a mainstream comic heroine done right on the screens.

But maybe was for the best.

Oh god, the internet is going to explode again, right? Hope our server can take it.

I know Joss has to be nice about the studio and the differences in their visions, but I don't have to be.

QG, you just reminded me of a certain moment from a certain show known by all of us:

WILLOW: (softly) Just so you know? I'm prepared to hate this woman any way you want. (shot of Riley and Sam talking closely)
BUFFY: Thanks, but no. I don't wanna seem all petty.
WILLOW: Well, that's the beauty! You can't, but I can. Please. Let me carry the hate for the both of us.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2007-02-03 04:57 ]
Cobie Smulders? Cobie Smulders? That would have been...inspired. If anything, my opinion of Joss has gone up even more!
That's a bit sad, but honestly. . .what's Wonder Woman compared to the characters you manage to come up with on your own? How can an amazon with a tacky bathing suit, a magic lasso and an invisible jet be given any depth or credibility in a hundred and seven minutes? I'm sure you would have made it work and I'm sure the movie that will eventually be released will be of mind-numbing inanity, but you've always been better with your own characters and you've always been better when you have the chance to show character development and to let them grow and I'm sure you'll do better work without the weight of forty years of lesser writer's mediocrity weighing the characters down.

I always look forward to your next project and frankly I'm a bit relieved that your next project will be yours and not theirs.
Joss Whedon is Joel Schumacher? Ben is Glory? What is up with this crazy world we live in? Oh no. That's not true - Joss just got saved from totally turning himself into a hollywood schlochmonster. Joss I am sorry that you spent so much time on WW. But good for you for realizing that your vision just didn't match up with the studios'.
Wow, I guess I have to take back all the WW swag I bought for giveaways at the June 23rd shindig.

Well, I just won't want to see it now. I was really looking forward to your take on it.

So sorry about the disappointment.
Joss, I'm sorry Wonder Woman hasn't worked out for you, after all the time you have spent on it. For me, you were the only reason I would have gone to see the movie because I've never been a big WW fan.

As others have said already, I'm much more psyched about any of your original creative ideas, such as the Buffy comics (yeah!) and especially looking forward to Goners! In the meantime, I'm enjoying AXM and look forward to becoming a Runaways fan.
So sorry to hear it, Joss. But anything you do just kicks so much ass, that I'm sure whatever you do next will be stellar.

*big squishsome hugs*
hmmm... now I don't have to feal guilty about not getting Wonder Woman comix. and Ya! Goners will come faster now!
More info at

which links back here.
Sounds like an amicable parting of the ways. After all, reasonable minds can differ, especially on aspects of creative projects.

Of course, it's also true that morons, idiots, and cretins can differ with those who happen to be right about aspects of creative projects.

Just me saying . . .

(Hey, Fearless Leader took the high road! I rather think that frees me from the burden of having to.) But it does free him up to work on some other things - I'm sure we could put together a list, if that would be helpful.
Bad news: No snappy dialog to the tune of gunshots and ringing golden bracelets.

Good news: FIREFLY COMEBACK! (Oh, please, please, pleasepleaseplease . . . )
I, too, will miss what WW could have been in the capable hands of a man who truly understands how to write strong female characters, not caricatures.

But I have been looking forward to Goners a lot more, so... in the end, it just means I'll just get to see that sooner than expected. When one door closes another opens, they say.

But Joss, if you truly long to bring a female superhero to the big screen, I don't think anybody's optioned the rights to the Electra Woman and Dynagirl film yet.

What? * blinks innocently *
And I'm going to have to start searching for Mia, I didn't know Goners was that far along. I seem to remember something about her being River's sister in chocolate.

Man. I take my eyes off this site for half a day, and the biggest news ever breaks. Arse.

I'm going to follow the approach of Numfar PTB and Quoter Gal on this one: deep abiding resentment towards the studio and Silver. And everyone who has ever worked for them. And their neighbours. And their hamsters. And their neighbours' hamsters.

Buffy: Will, it's okay. You don't have to make him the bad guy.
Willow: But that's the best friends job, vilifying and grousing.

Bah. May they all be penetrated by spidermonkeys.
As much as I totally supported Joss' involvement with this project, I am relieved that Wonder Whedon is not happening. WW never felt like the Joss-verse to me. I am glad that Joss can now return to his own comfy playground.

Goners will be awesome. I am sure of that. And I would not utter one word of complaint were new actor-involved projects in the Buffyverse or Serenity Nebula now more likely to be unleashed upon us sooner.

Let's look at the bright side... in a way, we got our Joss back!

But I'd still love to read that Wonder Whedon script. How soon will that be leaking online do you think?

Hmm.... an interesting thought just occurred to me. Joss directed an episode of The Office.

How about letting Joss write/direct an episode of Drive?

Seriously. It'd be just like the band getting back together again! ;-)

[ edited by AnotherFireflyfan on 2007-02-03 05:48 ]
Well, Joss, sorry it had to be that way. I have never been able to figure out the suits in Hollywood....*shakes head*.(...I often wonder if they have blue hands....) Besides, if you are going to be part of should always be something you feel like you can stand behind with your head held high. Too many times, studios just wanna churn something out...and they sacrifice quality. I just can't see you being okay with that. Thanks! I'll take quality over mediocrity any day!

I am really excited that you have a bunch of things lined up. Hope we hear about them first!
Aww. Well, nuts, Boss.

I honestly was leery about a Wonder Woman remake from the start. It had a lot of challenges to overcome because she's such an iconic character that doesn't really modernize well. As AOTS so aptly put it, the invisible jet is confusing. Joss could have totally done it, though. I was looking forward to seeing how he would approch the challenges, and it saddens me that he put all this effort into it for naught. However, if this means that Goners comes out sooner, then huzzah!
Wait. Did someone actually just mention the righteousness that was Electra Woman and Dynagirl?


p.s. Grrr.
Haven't been able to get on this site for a few days now so just found out about this on Flickr. Ah, so sorry to hear about this. I was getting very excited to see your take on Wonder Woman Joss. Glad we still have Goners and the Buffy comics to look forward to!
As disappointing this is from a fanboy point of view, I can totally understand the feeling of relief. It's a shame that we won't get to see your (if you'll excuse the pun) spin on Wonder Woman, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Best of luck with Goners, and all other future projects that I look forward to watching *cough, cough, Serenity 2, cough*.

At least now Nathan can stop twirling in your yard in a tiara.

(wow, Cobie Smulders SO looks perfect for the part)
Storm's getting worse, it seems. :( What can I say? Eeven the fact that you rushed over here, to tell us first, it shows all manner of love and care towards those in the 'Verse who so deeply respect you for precisely that: your genuine commitment to, well, genuinity.

I'm confident you'll pass through it soon enough, Joss. Don't make this any less of a sad day, though. :(
I just can't believe this. Wow. WW, not in the hands of Joss. I had a feeling there may be trouble when it was taking a bit long for a final script. I was Wondy for Halloween. I just purchased the most brilliant Wondy t-shirt. sigh. Joss, I'm so sorry. Thanks for telling us here first. You are wonderful. How about you take a vacation for a week or two and DO NOTHING. Then, start to tackle Goners, Buffy comics, X-Men comics, etc. Might this be a time to think about coming back to TV? We all know the Office was a blast. You know you wanna. *hugs*
Their loss. Seriously. I wonder how many people (like me) were planning to see this only because of the Whedon name attached.

Wonder Woman has been a pop-culture icon since 1941, or 23 years before Joss was born. The movie really wasn't relying on Joss Whedon to draw people into the theatres. *grin*

I'm just glad that the parting happened before casting and filming began...
Word has spread to the Bronze Beta. Joss, I'm sorry if you're sorry. I'm not a big Wonder Woman fan but I'd have watched the movie. I am a fan of Melaka Fray and we need more Fray.
Call me crazy but I am way more interested in Joss's own personal creative musings than anything anybody else ever wrote...or created.
I'm really glad Joss is going to have time to focus on the topics screaming in his brain to get out. So, on with Goners, Buffy and everything else Joss has in store for us.
Frak. I was soooooo needing some more Joss art. Clearly, these people have no taste. Be gone, already.

Please throw us a little morsel of hope for future art. Sorry, there is only so many times we can watch those DVDs. And while you know I will grace a comic book store for season 8, I have to go into New York City to buy it because if any of my non-Browncoat friends knew I was reading comic books..... Hey, in my corporate circle of friends, I'd get more respect hanging out at a porn shop.

Mr. Whedon, keep flyin'. We'll keep buyin'.

Browncoats of New York City: So say we all.
They should have known that from day one. Killing Wonder woman is certain to have an artistic appeal, but wouldn't really appeal to fans.
They should have known that from day one. Killing Wonder woman is certain to have an artistic appeal, but wouldn't really appeal to fans.
I'm sorry, boss. Now, the film won't be as good as it would have been. I'm looking forward to Goners and whatever else you do, though.
bix - You betcha! Electra Woman and Dynagirl rock! Did you ever see the 2001 WB test pilot with Markie Post as Electra Woman?
Joss - I'm sure that it's frustrating to have spent so much time & effort on WW only to have it not work out. I really wanted to see your "spin" on the WW mythology because you excel at creating strong, female characters.

A big hooray that Goners will be making its way to the big screen sooner than later.

As for the small screen, there's this new TV series starting in April on Fox. I think you've worked with its creator and a few of its stars (some guy with tight pants and a chick that had a dude's name). Hmmm ... I'm thinking a Whedon-penned episode might be Shiny indeed!! *wink*
Did you ever see the 2001 WB test pilot with Markie Post as Electra Woman?

Oh, jeez.

"Wonder Woman, better tits. Fake, but...."
C. A. Bridges said:

Now you have time for what you really wanted to do: "Kitty Pryde, the Movie."

Yes, please! I went to my rehearsal for H. M. S. Pinafore, and I kept saying, "Joss isn't doing Wonder Woman." It was like when you have an anxiety attack, and you pick a mantra. Except it wasn't comforting. And mostly, the other actors thought I was speaking babbly nonsense.

And possibly saying something dirty.
I'm bitterly disapointed by this. Everytime I had to fish through racks of impossibly-busted "heroines" wearing bikinis to fight in to get to my copy of Runaways and DMZ, everytime another good female-lead comic comic was canned (Manhunter?), everytime another female character was raped and beaten in graphic on-panel detail (Walking Dead?) I kept thinking "Joss will make Wonder Woman, and then people will see what strong women superheroes can be". I'm also disapointed because I wanted Joss to have a damn good budget and make a film that millions of people would actually see - so Joss Whedon could make films whenever he damn well wanted.

But the only thing worse than no Joss Whedon Wonder Woman, would be a Joss Whedon Wonder Woman that wasn't, something that felt off, or wrong, or was just downright offensive. So I'm not sad that it ended - I'm just sad, bitterly frustrated and kinda furious really, that it had to.

And as someone who has really hated horror (yes there were episodes of Buffy I watched through the cracks between my fingers) - please do something as well as Goners. More comics would be great (does this mean we get more than six issues of Runaways? Buffy season 9? Something totally original? )

You have my condolences and congratulations. Onward and upward.

But here's my big question...

Might it be possible for us to still see your Wonder Woman in some way, shape, or form - such as an illustrated graphic novel adaptation of the script by, oh I dunno, Mr. Cassaday?

(I mean, heck, if Warners is indeed going in a different direction anyway, methinks this would be a fine way for them to earn back some of their development money while throwing fans a juicy bone while they continue to percolate the project. Plus, there's semi-precedence for this via J.J. Muth's pre-production adaptation of Aronofsky's The Fountain... not to mention Buffy Season 8.)

P.S.: BTW, I've been wanting to thank you for giving Peter back to Kitty after all these years. I waited a long time for that. (The first piece of comic art I ever bought was page 2 of Uncanny #183. Broke my heart.)
And with that, we say a prayer, and move on.

That's just sad news...I can honestly say though the only reason I would have seen Wonder Woman at the Cinema would have been if Joss was involved. Not really intersted in seeing it any other way. So guess I'll just switch my hopes to Goners. The thing though is it's just another delay in seeing some more Jossy goodness on the screen. Sigh..
I guess TPTB figured it wouldn't be financial suicide to alienate millions and millions of fans all over the world who were prepared to see the movie over and over again.

It's heartbreaking. It's sobering. It's one more movie I'll be too busy to see - if it ever gets made.

Whose beds can we put horses' heads in?
I'll second the suggestion of doing a graphic novel from Joss' WW script. I would love to see it.

:: Wishes Joss could direct Sweeney Todd instead of Tim Burton, because we all know what he can do with a musical, and plus, the Sondheim love ::
At least I don't have to watch it now. But I am looking forward to Goners!

And Cobie? Hm, I would've liked that I think...
"When you can't run anymore, you
crawl, and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you."

You said it yourself, Boss!

Wherever you go next, I'm there, like always!

In the meantime, go get pissed, howl at the moon, tear up some tarmac and let it all out!

Jeesh, Let me buy you a drink sir. To drown sorrows, or celebrate. Your choice.

I will buy/watch/promote/lavish praise/squeal like a schoolgirl for ANYTHING you create. It's that simple. In my eyes, you can do no wrong.

It's too bad the studio suits have all of their taste in their mouths. They wouldn't know a good idea if Charlton Heston brought it down on a stone tablet. Bah.

I'm anxiously awaiting your next project, whatever it may be.

*curses the hollywood studio chowderheads*
I love your work and following BMV on Runaways along with Season 8 makes the next half of this year extremely exciting... But it was hard to get on board with this one..., It is disappointing that you will not get to head a film project of this magnitude, but at least it didn't get to the point of Tim Burton/Nick Cage Superman ugly.
This is freaky.The same day this happens,another DC comic icon loses its writer/director.David Goyer(The Blade films,Batman Begins)just announced on his my space blog that he's no longer writing and directing The Flash.And it sounds like for the same type of reason,Joss is parting company with Wonder Woman.

What,is Warner Bros. cleaning house on their new DC superhero properties?Joss/Wonder Woman and David Goyer/The Flash on the same day and for similar reasons,from the sound of it?

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double post

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*sigh* *sadness* I was curious what you were going to do about the whole bondage thing. Like, getting rid of it.

Uh, is it too soon to put in a tiny plea for more Fray?

theonetruebix, you're obsessed with Nathan's London visit, you know. I am going to make you a t-shirt.

Actually, I'm a bit obsessed with it too, but I don't have to pester anyone about it because bix does. Efficient, no?

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2007-02-03 07:40 ]
Oh frak this.

Well, there goes my excitement for this movie. From 'must see' to 'meh' just like that.

But, hey, Goners...I'm thinking that's even better!
Sorry to hear that boss.

Hopefully this means that you've got more time for original IP. I can't wait for Goners (and all the comicy(?) goodness!).

Anyway, here's a shot of finnish style salty liquorice vodka. Just tilt your head back and let it slowly slide down the throat clearing the old dust.


Bring on the llamas.
Sorry to hear this news. Was looking forward to your take on WW.

Here's hoping those 'interesting things brewing in the next few months' include another Serenity film or Firefly series . . . :)
That's a total bummer. I would have loved to see your take on the lovely WW.
Can't wait to see what you're up to next, though!
That just breaks my heart, Joss! I'm sorry. At least we'll get to see Goners...sooner, maybe???? :D
sad as I am to hear that Wonder Woman won't be the Woman I was looking forward to in true Joss Style - I really want to say enjoy a little break, enjoy your family, enjoy your good drink and know we are here and will be thrilled to hear about any and all projects in the future - it is such a privilege to hear it first from you!!

Love and loyalty from Australia Joss - Magda x x
Come back to television Joss.
It's where you really shine. We miss you.
Maybe do something with the BBC?
While I am deeply sorry about this lengthy abuse of Joss' time and energy and enthusiasm, and sorry for his and everyone else's disappointment, I remain confident in the knowledge that Joss is at all times working on something (indeed, usually several somethings). As we won't see "Wonder Woman," we will eventually see whatever Joss creates instead during the time he would have been developing "Wonder Woman" further, and I have no doubt that whatever it is will be worth having waited for.

For whatever it's worth, here's a tidbit from the previously-mentioned CBR News item:

"It's disappointing, but you know, it's not my piece," said Whedon. "It's Wonder Woman. 'Goners' is the move that is more me than anything else and that's the movie that I really want to make.

Ah well, strangely, I am not that disappointed. If Joss couldn't get along with the studio. Better he left and focuses on things closer to his heart. Whatever comes out next from our boss, I'm sure it'll be great!

And, oh, I think I'm gonna be too busy to bother to see WW now...
Maybe do something with the BBC?

I hear they like to do radio things. You could have horses on the radio, just get Alan to work some Spamalot coconut magic.
It's not the first time in Hollywood that something like this has happened. Has everybody seed the You Tube footage of a talk by Kevin Smith talking about what happened when he was asked to write a script for a Superman movie? Makes me wonder if Joss was asked to make WW fight a giant spider in the third act.

I still can't wait for Goners and the Buffy Season 8 comic. Oh! And The Office!!'ve gotten a lot done! You have my support and pretty much everyone else's.

I'm guessing you're never going to tell us how your WW movie would have gone.

This Christmas, one of the gifts we mailed out went to a person with the last name Nesbitt. I knew I recognized that name from somewhere, but I wasn't sure where from...then it hit me: it's from Toy Story. (Buzz goes: "Don't you get it? You see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbitt!") So now my sister and I have this running joke: we use the name Mrs. Nesbitt every time we make up a person in a story or rant. Then we end up going over the scene and giggle and have a good time. So you make my day better in very small ways without even lifting a finger. So don't worry about Wonder Woman.

I love the idea of another TV show, because no one makes TV like you do. Your friend Tim is in charge of a show, known as TV's hit "Drive" to some, you could consider writing/directing an episode or 2. I would love to see one of your movies...whether the star is of wonder or woman or not.

Now tell your wife and kid you love them, and get some rest. We like our well-rested Joss.
That is disappointing news, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I sort of saw it as having a pretty bright silver lining... Joss is now more available to bring Firefly back to the small screen. We all know that we the millions upon millions of new fans from the DVDs and the movie that Firefly would be a viable TV property.

Joss please do everything you can to bring back Firefly (and tell Nathan he's got plenty of time to do two TV series' at once).
The fact that Joss felt that this was the first place to confirm the WW situation quite overwhelms me. I for one genuinely hope that being free from the obligations of the endless script writing, approval, rewriting spiral ends up being a positive event for you personally, Joss and your family. I for one am simply thrilled to read or watch anything that is yours through and through. I am just glad that you were able to find the time for the Buffy comics and that "new and interesting" projects are still in the works. You could always do what Tim did with his Heinlein script at B3? Nah, all the legal pooh pooh and foo for rah won't ever let us catch a glimpse of what must be excellent writing, what else have we ever received from Joss? It is always a waste for great writing to go unread by an appreciative audience. Just saying.
10%ofnothin - What did Tim do with his Heinlein script? Is that movie happening or what? As a fan of the book - and of Tim - I've been very much looking forward to it, but there hasn't been any news of late...
We just saw different movies, and at the price range this kind of movie hangs in, that's never gonna work.

Simon, I interpret this statement not as "we had different budgets in mind for this movie" so much as, the studio is investing so much money into this franchise/movie that they had to have things exactly as they wanted it, and Joss apparently saw it going down a different path. Creative flexibility is a necessity in H'wood, and Whedon himself has often expressed the necessity to be flexible and work with the studio, make changes, be marketable and commercial, but never violate the spirit of his vision. With a huge potential budget and a lot of money -- and jobs, including the execs in charge of this thing; if this movie bombs, those guys and gals will be FIRED -- on the line, the studio wouldn't let him see his vision to the screen, because you can have artistic freedom with a $40m budget, but not a $100 million+ budget.

So he's out of the picture.
I’m not done mourning Robert Anton Wilson yet, let alone Molly Ivins, and now I’ve got Wonder Woman to mourn? And the lack of new Whedon-wisdom to help me through these dark days? The dark is, well, darker now.
David Goyer announced he's off the Flash movie as well.


For Warner Bros to lose one superhero director is a misfortune, to lose two on the same day seems like carelessness. has an interesting anedecote about Joss and a movie exec regarding casting. You can feel the frustation.
Well that's a bummer. I must admit that I was never a great comics fan (the only one I ever really followed at all was Silver Surfer) but I thought this had real potential. I'm sorry that we won't get to see it on the screen after all of your work.
Joss, my man, I am so sorry. I really was hoping this would work out.

But ultimately I see it now. Joss, you're Buffy. And Wonder Woman, the big-studio movie, is Riley.

Maybe there's a chance you can convince yourself that you two can be great together, and maybe on the surface everyone around you can even see you working. But you're an icon, and Riley is the popular guy you want to go out with, the script you want to write, to pretend to be normal. And he may even be a nice guy, and she may have even been a good script idea. But it's not really a fit. We saw you, Joss, coming up with Goners and the Buffy comic and Runaways--we saw you show your true feelings, the way we saw Buffy's in season five, and not being about Riley. And so Joss, when you finished chasing that helicopter, er, invisible jet, maybe we, like Buffy, can start to get that it's for the best that you never did catch it. And that you "let" the script (the guy) who wasn't ever right for you "get away."

Hopefully Silver et al. find someone who can get the movie done the way they want it, and hopefully it'll end up being a good film. But, shocking as it is, I think this probably is for the best. You're still my hero, Joss.

(P.S. Hopefully this comes across as sweet rather than creepy. I can't imagine having fans like me. I think I would totally frighten myself.)
OMG.... MTV has the worst website ever. Not only is it flashy and noisy but I can't even use my scroll wheel to navigate the text.

BTW, since when was this Joss's website? LOL. And also LOL @ the exec asking the question (who does he want to cast) too.
Sir, thank you for telling us the news here first.

I was only going to go see Wonder Woman because that genius writer, Joss Whedon was going to do it. ;) Now I won't have to do that.

I'll wait to hear what adventure you're taking us on next with great anticipation.
Disappointing news, this was a movie I planned to see. Good luck with your current and future projects, Joss. One door closes and hopefully, several more open.
Sorry to hear about that Joss, I was looking foward to your take on it.

I don't suppose you have a TV series lying around you'd like to make?
Damn. Those producer guys have no idea what they missed out on. What's sad is that people should really know by now how much more awesome Joss is than anyone else. Geez, people, catch up!

Goodbye to the only superhero-ish movie I was ever going to enjoy. Okay, except for 'The Specials'. And, yeah, 'The Incredibles'.
I'm so sorry for you Joss
"The Movie is dead. Long live the Movie!", the fight continues, we will begin the promotion for "Goners" tomorrow ! (because today we cry)
sorry to hear about it, and since it's pre-lunch time on the other side of the pond, so no drink for a sad bookworm...
eager to see goners though (and to read your take on runaways, and buffy season 8 and impatiently awaiting the next iss. of axm *smash head against wall*): and to say it with april, lemons have a silver lining too...

lot of peep here already mentioned, that they won't watch the movie (if it ever gets made), I'm not sure about that, but I know that the first thing when I come out from the theatre will be: "it's crap, joss would've done it so much better!" And I'll know that that's true.

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i'm not surprised by this news at all, i had a feeling it would go this way. the studio would want this to be really high concept and low content. got to appeal to the broadest market possible, and they don't think that market has much intellect, or something.

my husband & i were only going to see it because of Joss (we always thought the tv show was ridic), won't be bothering now.
It took me a long time to be ready to say something. The first thing, the most important thing, is, thank you, dear Mr. Jossir, for the respect and kindness you have shown us by bringing the news to us Whedonesque types first. One reason I have such love for all your 'Verses is that you have love for them, too, and love for all of us who also love them. Lots of love on the board, yo. ;-)

And because I know you have such love for your 'Verses, I feel so badly for what you might be feeling about having to break up with your steady girlfriend Wonder Woman. She was a great date, and you wanted to go in great directions with that relationship, let people see what a smart and funny and modern woman she is, but TPTB wanted her to stay in star-spangled-panties and 1940s campiness, and shriek when asked to fight that giant spider in the 3rd act (thanks, deanna b) and call for Steve Trevor to rescue her instead. You weren't having that. Not for any price. So you had tell Joel Silver and WB, "We have to talk." Funny, they wanted to talk to you, too. 'Cause they kept needing to ask you that question about why you kept insisting on writing strong female characters. Dude, it just wasn't a good match.

It's never fun to break up, but it had to be done. Now you can start seeing that little script that's been your best friend all along, and never got jealous when you spent all that time with the flashy script with the big breastplates and skimpy clothes. You can make the script that really knows your heart into your steady, your numero uno. That script that had lots of patience with you while you were working on Runaways and Buffy S8, and fit right in with them, too. Goners -- that's the one you belong with. Good for you, dude -- and good for us, too! ;-)

And while I will definitely be keeping track of theonetrueb!X as he doggedly pursues his what's-Nathan-doing-in-London? investigation, I am just dying to know what's brewing for you, Mr. Jah Sweden, in the coming months! One thing I know for sure, as you have proven today -- I am sure I will hear that future big news here first, from you yourself. As always, I salute you, sir! :-)

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While I may be sad for the Wonder Woman you might have created,
as she would have been a wonder to behold,
I will certainly enjoy seeing your other creations that you have the time to develop now.
I am so glad that Joss walked away from something that wasn't working for him! I would have gone to see WW, I probably would have bought the shiny wrist bands if it helped promote the wonderfulness of Joss's words.

I did wonder (get it) how Joss would spin this story. It's not an easy one, a story about liberty which involves a lasso.....always going to have it's problems in my opinion.

What this does mean is that there is now the freedom to move forward! Goners - please let that start to move! I've felt over the last year or so that Joss has been tied up by something, and now, well now....HE'S FREE!

*hands Joss a scooter and helmet, tied ribbons to the bars and stands back*
This day just keeps getting worse. I'm going to bed now before my house catches fire.

I'm sorry things didn't work out on the movie. I was really looking forward to your take on Wonder Woman. Maybe the script will float around somewhere online.

I'm looking forward to Gonners and Runaways and the last few issues of Astonishing. Here's to all your future success. You've earned every inch of it.
What did Tim do with his Heinlein script? Is that movie happening or what?

Answer - no. He wrote it, it went nowhere. I think the script might have been accidentally handed out...
No Minear Moon? Now I'm doubly bummed.
Oh Joss.. that just sucks mate.

If they bring out Wonder Woman using that script that they bought in the last week or so... thats just low.
I'm definetely more a DC fan than a Marvel fan. Not that I'm anti-marvel or something like that, just not as enthused on their books and character as I'm for DC's.

I know Joss is a Marvel boy, alreays was, and probably always will be. My fanboy side greatest wish is to see Joss someday involved something at DC, in any media form, and WW was going to be one of biggest in it.

Marvel has definetely been luckier in their hollywood expansion. And after a few disasters, I thought that WB would've learned. At least the studios involved with marvel characters movies, know that. Okay sometimes that doesn't work, like Ang Lee's vision for the Hulk, but sometimes it'll work in mysterious ways, like with Sam Raimi's work in the Spider Man Movies.

Won't bash WB, - okay, maybe only in jokes, like I did before , I'm really wondering the vision they got for Wonder Woman, that would differ so much with Joss'.
Weird, I feel relieved, too. Maybe because my first reaction to the W. does WW news was to pity Joss. Ok, I still think that if anyone can pull off a non cheesy, non Electra-meets-Catwoman-y WW flick, it would be Joss, but still... throw any comic book hero at me and I can imagine the movie, have random scenes appear in mind, even "feel" the movie and will think "that could be really cool". But WW just draws a blank (well, actually I picture a huge star spangled cheese wheel slowly rolling past me). There was some morbid curiosity with a faint glimmer of hope, of course. How would he decheese a cheesy character that's so cheesy, the official cheese dictionary is listing WW way before Emmentaler, Cheddar or even Akawi?

It still sucks that he wasted so much time and effort on it, but at least now we can all relax, lean back, watch the mess and say "See? If Joss would have done it...". Plus, it means more time for his other projects that are hopefully less complicated and don't need a supersized miracle menu to work at all. Go Goners (and other original Joss projects, which so far seem to work out best).

However, nice try with that interview thingy. I bet my left eye ball that the next dozen interviews will all be like "What happened with WW? And now that you're out: tell us who you would have wanted to play WW?!?!!11oneelevenone"

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Everything happens for a reason. Personally I'm looking forward to the Joss invented/written/directed movies.

Maybe something about a guy with a jet you CAN see !

[ edited by brownish coat on 2007-02-03 13:50 ]
I have to admit that Wonder Woman isn't big in Sweden where I live, but I'll watch anything that involved the purpleness that is Joss.

Sad to see that they will now probably fast track this with some other director they can pushover and turn it into "Woman in a mutherf**king invisible plane" or something.

I'm really looking forward to "Goners" though, can't wait for that. And as I'm home sick today, I'll rewatch some tasty episodes of Firefly in your honour.
I predict a front page headline here at Whedonesque in the near future.

Joss Whedon To Write And Direct X4. DC's loss becomes Marvel's gain.

Trust me, it will happen. ;)
Sorry to hear that, Joss... Wish you luck for Goners!
To our fearless leader,
I'm sorry this didn't work out, as I'm sure any thing you put together would have rocked. But we all know there are other exciting stories for you to tell... so lead on!
I am really disappointed. I thought it was going to be too good to be true. Wonder Woman was my childhood wannabee hero, and when she was going to be handled by Joss, it was like a dream come true. Now I must go back to being the fangirl bitching that the movie will be ruined under a lesser talent. Cheers for telling us directly though. Classy and respectful, as always. xx
Two words Joss.

Miniature. Golf.

Well, knowning that it is simply my point of view, and that some problably think quite different, to me it was never very apealing, that joss is moving to the big pictures, creating 90 minutes of wheadonite every two years. I personally prefer my weekly doseis and will gladly serve my time at the anonous wheadonics, when it becomes to much for me. Even the creapiest buffy one season always created more emotions in me, that a high textured, polished for the big public "feature" film.
So good luck with your big projects, but if you do something smaller, it must not be a loss.
Joss, once you've finished Goners you can move on to the comic property which actually fires your imagination -

Promethea: the Movie! (But make Kitty Pryde first, please. I still identify with tiny Jewish dancer, though I'm none of those things, more than with statuesque giantess graduate student.)
re: the MTV article, it always makes me chuckle when they refer to Whedonesque as "his website". While it isn't literally true, part of me likes that people think of it that way (the other part wonders about the cataclysmic event that killed all fact-checkers). Anyway, back on topic (physician...), I'd rather see no Joss WW than a noted-to-death Joss WW. Can't wait for Goners, Joss- pax!
Shite. First of all I wake up with this head (bloody friends and their bloody birthday celebrations) then I read this news. Scotland better win the bloody rugby to compensate, that's all i'm sayin'.

Glad to hear it was amicable Big Purp and glad to hear it's partly a relief. And also, always, always glad to hear there's more to come from that crazy talented place between your ears. Whenever you build it, we'll come, sure as the turnin' of worlds.

Truly, you may be hearing some interesting things brewing in the coming months. But all potential jets therein will be visible.

Dare I even hope ? Could it truly be, well, true ? Is Joss really making 'Top Gun 2: Goose's Return' ? Come on fates, you owe us one ! Hey, Joss, you are still dangerous. But you can be our wingman anytime ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2007-02-03 16:47 ]
Joss, we're already beyond it and I think it's safe to say that most of us agree with your choice to drop this movie. Now, put that mind of yours on "Goners". That is the story I wish to hear!
I wouldn't have wanted to see "Wonder Woman: Resurrections" anyway. That's probably what we would have gotten if Joss went along with "the experts." WE know the quality of HIS work is superb. It's not his fault that TPTB make decisions with their asses.
I'm sorry things didn't work out on this project, Joss, but I know better things are in store for you and I look forward to seeing all your future work.
Group hug for ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Joss!)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Oops. I think we crushed him....
According to (pinch of salt?), the Wonder Woman movie has been put on the fast track and a new director will be announced soon.

For the benefit of future historians, we'll probably do a thread on that just to see who got the job. And then that's it. No more "young generic starlet rumoured to be the lead" threads.

And finally it puts an end to people emailing Whedonesque their resumes for the lead role.

Anyhow enough pointless criping from me.

Reasons to be cheerful

In 2007 we've got the following to look forward to:

1) Astonishing X-Men
2) Buffy season 8
3) Runaways
4) Joss' Office episode
5) Super secret special project(s)?
Ahh, an end to an era. To date, I still think Nathan had the best legs. I'll hush now.
That's a shame. Really Joss, it would have been great.

Incidentally, Coby's wikipedia page has already been updated...
Wow! 240 comments! when I read this first it was only 50 but I couldn't bring my self to write anything, Then I just couldn't get back here (probably because of the truffic).
The whole WW thing from day one was confusing for me. On the one hand I really wanted to see any thing of Joss's, I wanted it to be a blockbuster so everybody will know his name, and he will be able to get green light to make more of his own stuff. On the other hand I never liked WW and any way I was afried that if Joss suceeded on the big screen he will never come back to the small one.

Joss, best of luck with your future projects. I can hardly wait for this month's Astonishing, next month's Bs8, April's Runaways or Goners. But mostly I hope you give the small screen another chance. I know what happened with Firefly sucked, more for you than for any of us ( and it really sucked for us), but Tv just isn't as Shiny without you.
Jeebers, it's become the Thread That Ate Manhattan while I (sorta) slept.

Some scattered and highly intellectual comments:
1) For all the people that were really looking forward to WW, that sucks for you.
2) WB and JS suck.
3) Joss is classy and consequently doesn't suck.
4) Tonya J, what, what, what, now? What was your WW T-shirt gonna say and how could it possibly relate to me? G'wan, you can tell me...
5) dottikin, yeah, I agree, not a budget issue, just that disparities in vision on a mega-budget picture mean get out before it becomes more horrible.
6) gossi, come home. All is forgiven.
7) Goners. Will. Rock. Our. World.
8) Symbols work on many levels, and thus so does our Goners-llama. We rock the llama!TM The Wiggins The llama rocks us.
9) It's true. The Goners "Dear Gossi" thread does contain swearing. And poking.
10) Yes also to TV, TV, TV. Me wants my Joss-TV!
11) Numfar PTB, great moments in hate-displacement.
12) b!x, I know this isn't your fault (or is it?)
13) No more lamenting my loss of museum-quality WW casting rumour snark.
14) Increased potential for more Jossian interviews.
15) Mythtaken, hooray for vilifying and grousing.
16) Tonya j, the thought of Sweeney Todd done by Jossir is electrifyin'.
17) Frak this9
18) gossi, pretty sure Tim's release of The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress script completely un-accidental. It hasn't surfaced (as may have been intended) 'cause word has it that the recipient may not have been receptive to nuance...
19) Do we think there will be Goners singalongs?
20) Arabchick, love the Nesbitt-story.
21) ratatosk, I'm not done mourning RAW, either... *sniff*
22) Saje, "Big Purp" conjures up "Big Perp." As in "Purp Walk."
23) Wish I was in London at a pub right now downing a dark beer and my irritation at The Hollywood Man.
24) Hope the internets don't break today.
25) Joss, anything you do is jake with us. You could even re-make Ishtar. But don't, okay?
26.) Llamas and pie. Dobermans in Japanese. Crayons in the BPR. Lunch in the Hiding Thread?
Joss is Boss! Thank you for telling us! I don't know, urkonn...he could totally pull a Sam Raimi and be fine. I mean, what has he been doing since Spidey? Horror movies. Joss can do anything he wants, really. Even sell coconuts and sea shells on the sea shore.

I fully advocate you selling sea shells on the sea shore, boss! Just...please keep making tv shows and movies :) Perhaps a CD with you singing the Firefly theme and the Hero of Canton.
This is too bad. I was looking forward to see what Joss did with Wonder Woman, but on the not-so-dark side... Goners!

According to (pinch of salt?), the Wonder Woman movie has been put on the fast track and a new director will be announced soon.

Wouldn't surprise me. They did that with X-3, which did good business despite the Frankenstein nature of the project. I'm willing to bet they're still looking for a late 2007 or mid 2008 release.
That's sad news indeed. It seemed to me that Joss was the perfect director for Wonder Woman, and I was really looking forward to him doing a superhero movie.

On the bright side, now he can focus on Goners, which I must admit is the project I've been most intrigued by from the start. I'll be interested to hear more about that, as well as a bit about any other schemes Joss' beautiful mind may be concocting.

And if The Boss is still lurking around Whedonesque, then sir, any chance you might spill just a lil' bit of info on the mysterious Goners?

Nothing else I wanted to say. It just looked like everyone else was having fun with the purple and I wanted in!

May as well make use of the post. Go Goners! :D
Sorry to hear the news, though I was in the camp that wouldn't have seen the film without the Whedon tag.
So, I'm seeing the bright side - more Joss elsewhere!
Joss, why did you stop writing this strong female character?
i got suspicious when i learned how long it was taking to finish the scripts and even more suspicious when the studio bought another script from other writers.

it's their loss. and i'm immensely disappointed that you won't be reinventing such an interesting character.

oh well. in the meantime i'll keep my eyes and ears open about what's coming in the coming months.
Well I am bummed out. When I heard they were making a wonder woman movie I thought "oh great another comic book turned movie to be ruined." and then I heard that Joss was writing and directing and I suddenly found myself wanting to see this movie. Now I am back to my original feeling. I really feel that (for me at least) Joss was the movies saving grace.
Strangely enough the more and more projects I saw you take on the more and more I knew this announcement was a coming.

I think you'd be better working with Marvel anyway.

*cough* Runaways TV show *cough*

Still was gonna be pretty awesome to drag everyone I know to go see your Wonder Woman. But this means Goners is a coming (which I have no doubt will be awesome) and maybe hopefully a new TV show.

I want my weekly Joss fix again.
Well, firstly it's good to hear it here first, and direct from Joss (even if I am a little late).

And although I feel sad for the hard work and effort Joss has expended on this, and also sad for one fewer piece of Jossy goodness to look forward to soon, I'm sure that the creative process is never wasted, and will in some way feed into more work from Joss in the future.

And when it comes down to it, I was always far more excited by the prospect of Goners than Wondy: like others here, the only reason I was interested in Wondy was Joss's involvement.

I am convinced that whatever Joss produced in the way of script will have been great, even though it was not at all easy for him, as he has said. And although I know that, given enough control, his film would have been great, too, it is far better, if he wasn't going to get that control, that the parting of the ways should happen now.

And yes, it would be terrific to get Joss back into TV (writing, not just directing - ideally, creating), if that's something he's ready to do. And of course, there's more comics on the way - more Jossy goodness, there.

But mostly, I'm just waiting for Goners, now.

Good luck, Joss, with that, and all that comes along next. We know it will be worth waiting for.
They didn't see Wonder Woman working as a musical?? Even after the Robin Sparkles thing??


Well, I was looking forward to it, but mainly because it was more from The Man, The Legend, The Joss. Gotta say I'm not that disappointed because I know you'll find some good stuff to share with us soon (like the Buffy comics) that will fit you better.

Thanks so much for posting and sharing the info with us.
I'm so sorry to hear this! I was looking forward to Wonder Woman, my all time favourite superhero from childhood, actually getting decent treatment. I even bought the Barbie Wonderwoman doll, which I keep on my desk at work, in happy expectation of your work, Joss.

However, as you say, it does free you to do things you want to do more, which is good. Hoping that someday you think about TV again; perhaps cable. I cancelled my cable subscription the day Angel was cancelled, and I will pick it up again the day there's something by Joss on the tube. I'm still hoping that someday I'll once again have a cable bill to pay. :)

I might even buy a bigger TV.
Hate to say I called it, but.

Sorry to hear about this, Joss. The movie's not going to be a tenth as interesting as it would have been with you behind the camera. I think it may be a blessing in disguise, though, as you're free now to work on telling your own stories, and not someone else's. Can't wait to see Goners.
well, reading everyone else's optimistic posts has cheered me up a bit.

hey joss, i've dropped this suggestion a few times in a few different places, hoping it will catch your eye and your about you see what can't be done about you directing the as yet unplanned film version of "Wicked"? It's woman-power, it's a musical, it's friggin Oz...

FYI, to those complaining about that MTV link however many posts back, the plainer HTML version is here. Maybe we can stop using the annoying Flashy ones?

And no QuoterGal, this isn't my fault. Well, unless the studio saw me suggesting WW be played via motion-capture suit by Andy Serkis, thought it was a fantastic idea, and so everything went insane.

Oh, Well. Bring on Goners!
When I read this I immediately went over to The Hollywood Stock Exchange and sold off my 5000 shares of WW. Here’s what HSX has to say about WW:

Wonder Woman has been mired in development hell over at Warner Bros. Joss Whedon was the last to be attached to direct the comic adaptation.
How 'bout that Fray major motion picture??? Okay, second series? Oh wait, FRAY ON TELEVISION!!!

I'm bummed, but kinda not. Add me to the only-interested-because-of-Joss pile. I've not made a secret of Goners being higher on my list of Joss projects I'm waiting to see.

Joss, I'm actually MOST looking forward to your next original TV series. X-Men and Runaways are all great, don't get me wrong, I love 'em. But your original work trumps anyone else's previously-created characters or stories.

And there was no air ball. Nope. Didn't happen. Didn't think I could love you any more but you just used basketball terminology and my heart's all a-flutter.

God I can't wait 'til that WW script gets leaked online and we can read it and compare it to the "new" WW movie. Talk about hi-larity! We'll have giggles here for weeks.

Thanks again for not sacrificing your vision. You did the right thing.
Wow. I'm so incredibly sad about this news. It's funny how you take something for granted until it's taken away from you, and then you realize just how excited you were about it. :(

But, um... feel free to, uh, post your version of the script at any time! That's not asking too much. Is it? ;)

Sigh. Ok. Still bummed.
Joss, I'm back here again, uh? Just have to ask, understand you are probably/still in recovery mode but,
will you be writing for and/or directing any of the Drive episodes?
Is there a network or cable TV series in your future?
Goners to the big screen any other offers for same?
Nathan, Morena, Adam, Ron, Jewel, Summer, Alan, Gina, Sean, Crew together again?
Wife and I in desperate need for more Joss goodness....
Again Good Luck and awaiting your Gems.
Blessings for you and yours.
Breaking News: Priyanka Chopra still NOT rumored to be cast in Goners.
The Morgan Freeman == Mia campaign starts here.
Could people stop making purple Josses? I know it's fun and all, but I would rather it be reserved just for His Purpleness.

So they got rid of Joss AND David Goyer (who was writing "The Flash" movie). I guess they are striving for the level of mediocrity that became "Superman Returns," or even worse, "Catwoman." And remember "Supergirl?" How lame was that? It's a rare man who can do justice when writing a female heroine. Joss is that rare man. Most others tend to write women as objects of adolescent male fantasies.
Nebula1400: never underestimate Hollywood's penchant for adolescent male fantasies! And I agree about not wanting people to use Joss' purpleness; personally I like to scan a thread and look for the Joss postage, if the thread is covered in purple I am doomed to disappointment.
theonetruebix: I am surprised you never heard the 'nibbled to death by ducks' phrase. It just means that you don't kill a project out right, you just slowly pull apart bits and pieces, which is what I was imagining was happening to Joss' Wonder Woman script (can that be a comic book? I want to read the script in some form!).

4) Tonya J, what, what, what, now? What was your WW T-shirt gonna say and how could it possibly relate to me? G'wan, you can tell me...,

Ouch, owwww, I'm so hurt you don't cherish the golden memory of us all yakking during the Fanboy Radio interview (which I'm still kind of stinging about in some ways because the guys didn't use my entire question, which made much more sense in context, making the question seem rather naive and foolish).

During the interview, Joss was asked about Wonder Woman's feminism and he said, "Not an intimidating feminist." Then I wrote here, "Well, that's a relief. Not an Amazonian Maude, then." Then you wrote a couple of posts later, "And then there's Wonder Woman." A friend of mine was working on a photo for me with that caption to create at Cafe Press.

If there is a design for a Goners t-shirt anywhere, can someone direct me to that? I want to wear something Joss-y to the Con. Thank yew.
If there is a design for a Goners t-shirt anywhere, can someone direct me to that? I want to wear something Joss-y to the Con. Thank yew.

Well, there's a few:

gossi goners
goners llama
gossi gangers


cafepress 1
cafepress 2
cafepress 3
(okay that last one isn't really Goners so much as my Goners blog)

and probably others I'm shamefully forgetting.

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Ooooh! Thanks, bix.
Hmm, I was taking this quite well, thinking to myself, 'Oh, that's a real shame, I would have loved to have seen the Joss envisioned Wonder Woman, but at least it was unlikely that I would have got to have seen me favourite choice of Cobie Smulders playing the title ro.... DOH!'

Now I'm really gutted!
embers - "And I agree about not wanting people to use Joss' purpleness; personally I like to scan a thread and look for the Joss postage, if the thread is covered in purple I am doomed to disappointment."

So what you are saying is that if you were to catch sight of a flash of purple as you were scanning down the thread and went back to discover that it was only a comment made by my good self then you would be disappointed?

I'm hurt. I truly am. There could be tears. ;)
Hmm... maybe Joss can spend more time on the Buffy comics now :)
I find it amusing that the Newsarama thread merely says Joss "apparently" announced this... and then proceeds to present his entire post, which is somewhat more than merely "apparently". Heh. Joss, when might we get to hear details about the script that wasn't? Just for fun :)

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Noooo!!!! *Cries on knees in the pouring rain gripping his Wonder Woman action figure*

*Then turns Wonder Woman action figure into Mia action figure*

OK, I'm better now. I just hope Mia has an invisible jet. *crosses fingers and toes of my Mia action figure*

[ edited by Alan on 2007-02-04 00:23 ]
Oh, joss... I'm glad if you're glad, but I'm sad for the sad. To be honest, I wasn't overly committed to the WW movie myself, except on your behalf. I'm sure you wrote the thing with your heart all over it, and we would have adored it (and Diana) for that reason, but if the PTB didn't get it, then they didn't get it, or it wasn't right for them, or whatever. End of story.
(And thanks for telling us yourself, 'cause you know we would have broken the internets had it come out rumor-wise.)

I do kinda subscribe to the 'if it's meant to be, it'll be' school, so I embrace this news and move on. You're still teh awesome, and Goners, BtVS S8, AtS S6 (oops, did I type that out loud?) et al. are waiting in the wings, readying themselves for their moment. Onward! *hug* *beer*
Simon: "And finally it puts an end to people emailing Whedonesque their resumes for the lead role."

Oh, cripes, were we not supposed to do that? Nevermind, I made up all of my "Special Skills" section anyway - I can't really fly.

Here's some recent online coverage of Wonder Woman's big Loss of the Boss - some coverage was just the repetition of his announcement post here, but some of it had additional comments - and some great lines:

Joss Whedon dropped from Wonder Woman
"The Hollywood genre film landscape is starting to look like a field of battle, perhaps Verdun, or the Somme. The bodies of directors cruelly flung into the machine gun fire of fickle executives litter the streets of LA, nixed scripts rustling in the wind around their fallen remains."

Whedon quits Wonder Woman movie

Whedon bows out of 'Wonder Woman'

Joss Whedon Dropped from Wonder Woman

Joss Whedon, 'Wonder Woman' Part Ways

Joss Whedon Off Wonder Woman!

Joss Whedon and Wonder Woman Part Ways

Joss Whedon Off Wonder Woman Movie
"Say it ain't so! The director known for bringing women warriors to the masses has left the Wonder Woman movie due to 'creative differences'."

Joss Whedon No Longer Attached To Write, Direct 'Wonder Woman'

Whedon Wonders No More

Lucky Joss Whedon Somehow Off 'Wonder Woman' Without Suffering Debilitating Injury At Joel Silver's Hands

Whedon Quits Wonder Woman Movie

Whedon Pulls Out Of 'Wonder Woman'

Goyer off The Flash
"Just a quick one - to say, I'm pissed. What has Hollywood been smokin' this week?"

Wonder Woman is Whedonless

Joss Off 'Wonder Woman' - Script buying has its casualties...
"Hollywood is an odd world and a cruel one at that as Joss Whedon has revealed on his blog that he is officially off the Wonder Woman project in all capacities, writing and directing."

Wonder Woman suddenly less wonderful.

BREAKING NEWS: Joss Whedon Drops Wonder Woman!

(Oh, Tonya J, darling! I did, I do remember the whole dee-lightful Fanboy thread - just wasn't sure exactly what you were extracting for your shirt.

And in honor of that thread, and that nifty Joss interview that now seems so long ago, and given everything that's happened recently, I will finally transcribe the rest of that interview, as I promised so long ago... I'll post the link to it on this thread later - probably after it's has gone off the front into the farther Black.)
Who needs a stinky ol' wonderwoman project anyway. Invisible jets are so overrated.

Oh, cripes, were we not supposed to do that?

Gwyneth Paltrow has no shame.

And I agree about not wanting people to use Joss' purpleness.

Yeah. It's fun but I think we'll do what the Romans did. To don the purple should really be reserved for Joss and who ever else has a special account.
Wonder Woman/Joss, another ill-fated Whedonverse romance.
Here's some recent online coverage of Wonder Woman's big Loss of the Boss

I had to laugh. Contact Music actually printed something vaguelly accurate for once.
To don the purple should really be reserved for Joss and who ever else has a special account.

Yeah, my correction of the color in question wasn't so much an invitation for every post to include color. Let's relax a bit on that front, eh? :)

I had to laugh. Contact Music actually printed something vaguelly accurate for once.

It was bound to happen eventually /smirk.

which has the fan community mentioned above

Goners Internet movie database page search Goners not listed under Popular Results It is listed right now under Other Results.
I just noticed, Joss, you used quote marks around the Goners title. I seem to remember somebody -- probably you -- suggesting it might change title. Sob. I loves me that title.

I'm hoping the freedom from Wonder Woman means other offers can be taken. Like my offer. Ten pound for dressing as Wonder Boy, along with writing, directing, producing, editing, starring and singing the soundtrack. It's still on the table, although Costner's on the phone every day beggin'..
Thank you for letting your fans know.
And you're going to be brewing your own stuff? Because that will always be preferable to any watered-down product.

I hope you can still somehow, someday, realize your take on WW -maybe disguise it as 'Wonder Housewife'?! And I also hope they paid you for the work you already did!

And you know that we know that you will always be fighting for our rights. And that this was part of that fight. Can't stop the signal. Moving on....
Gossi, now you have me wondering about alternative titles ... how about "Dead Teen-agers Walking"?
Or Silent Hill 3 *flees*.
I'm hoping the quote marks around Goners have no hidden meaning, to be honest. I've become very attached to the Goners title (strange as that may sound) and I'm not sure that I'd want to have to start calling the movie something else after all this time.

Besides, what would they do with all those t-shirts?

Simon, after the fourth Alien movie you should know better than to make that kind of joke. ;)
I've been trying remember where I first heard that term. Seems to me it must be a slang word I've heard in older western films: "The ole coot fell down the mine shaft." "Yep, he's a goner." It's not my call to make but I think it's rather catchy as a film title, but perhaps doesn't serve the complete spirit of what Joss is trying to convey with the plot (and I'm not even clear on that).

If he wanted some assistance, I'm saying if, the smart people here could offer up a lot of suggestions. Prize? ** Walk-on role in the film, maybe? ** Okay, okay! Pipe dream. Just theorizing. :p)
Read just over half of the script review and then got bored. To be fair to the writers, that's also true for every Wonder Woman comic I've ever read as well. The character herself is just not interesting to me at all and that review sure as hell won't be changing my mind.

On the plus side, at least I won't have to see it now.
To give the new writers their due, it reads like an action packed romp. But after seeing it in the cinema, I would forget about it the day after. Wouldn't be the case if it was a Joss movie.
Besides, what would they do with all those t-shirts?

We'd be marked forever as the insane people who jumped on the bandwagon before the bandwagon had actually been built.
:( Sad news.

I agree Simon. Maybe events like this explain why there aren't as many good takes on female superheroes on the big screen-- it just isn't what the studios are looking for.

And I forgot to say, thanks to Joss for telling us, and good luck with the other projects.

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Thanks, QG, for the collection of news. I liked SyFi Portal's the best as they reminded us how many other writers have tried to write a WW that worked.
I realy don't like the whole Nazi fighting thing in this kind of movies. I didn't like it in hellboy and I didn't like it in Bulletproof Monk (though I did like most of it). I didn't even like that part of the Indiana Jones movies. So I doubt if I will be able to enjoy this.

Will we be able to get a glimps of Joss's script? Does he have the right to put it in a site?
The biggest bummer is Joss spent so much gorramn time on the script. Better luck with the all-you Goners, JW.

ScrewtA, my first thought was basically the same: now we can have some Firefly made-for-TV movies on the SciFi Channel!

It is an understatement to call it a vicious business, but some people just have it in (several generations of) their blood.
My friend Shmuel just heard about this. His immediate response: "I'm guessing he balked at the giant mechanical spider."

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2007-02-04 03:43 ]
I was the same Roxtar, I started reading about the war and I realised the only interest I ever had in WW was because of Joss. Bored now.

b!x those shirts are freakin awesome!
I wants me one of the Mia shirts.

I also just thought I'd take a stroll over to the Goners website and saw Quotergal, Lioness, Onetrueb!x amongst a few other names I know.
Is that the new hangout for all the cool kids??
Is that the new hangout for all the cool kids??

It's an old hangout for the cool kids. ;)
To give the new writers their due, it reads like an action packed romp. But after seeing it in the cinema, I would forget about it the day after. Wouldn't be the case if it was a Joss movie.
I agree, Simon. It looks like it would be a fun comic-book movie with absolutely no depth to it at all. And, well, I enjoy those too. But not at the same level. I was surprised the reviewer compared it to Batman Begins, but I only skimmed the review.
"I'm guessing he balked at the giant mechanical spider."

My brother said exactly the same thing, to which I quipped "Don't forget a gay robot sidekick- oh, and Superman has the col, dead eyes of a killer." If you don't know that whole story then you really need to hear Kevin Smith explain his experience trying to write drafts of the Superman script.
Lots of action in that script, but it reads like a two-star movie. The spec is essentially action-centric. I'm willing to bet that Joss's script was more character centric.

This new version will be about as enthralling as "Tomb Raider" - passibly watchable, but definitely forgettable. There is no indicator, either, as to what there would be for dialogue. Joss is the dialogue god. He could have WW sitting there knitting the whole time and the movie would be enthralling.
Well said B!x.

Whedon Pulls Out Of 'Wonder Woman'

Oh, gods, I just realized what an awful header that is. Eeeeesh.

*sucks teeth*

Um... "Goners" might not be "Goners"???


*runs to find out how much tattoo removal costs*
QG, it'll always be Goners to us! :) Plus it'll give us early Goners plenty of opportunites to confuse people once it becomes a big hit! ;-D
Okay, so in just under 24 hours we have over 300 posts to this topic and practically nothing posted anywhere else about ANYTHING.

That sound you hear Mr. Whedon is the internet breaking in half. Congratulations.

[ edited by Haunt on 2007-02-04 04:54 ]
While it is sad that Mr. Whedon's creative talents will be lost on Wonder Woman... maybe now he can find time for that SPIKE MOVE BEFORE JAMES GETS TOO OLD!!
I know we all gave up on this a long time ago, but honestly, Joss not doing Wonder Woman has got to give us a little hope right?
I thought the old place was Flickr?
I thought the old place was Flickr?

I didn't say THE old place, just AN old place.
Um... "Goners" might not be "Goners"???


Um... What does this mean?
They are all speculating wildly about whether Goners will be called Goners. Joss has always said this is a working title, but the current hoopla about it seems to have been kicked off by the fact that he used quotation marks around the title and WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?! The explanation is simple -- Joss doesn't know the HTML markup to make it italicized, so he used "s instead. Silly panicky people :)
Son of a...

This does not please me.

I hope your tattoo was one-inch or less ... we could take up a collection though, to help ya if need be. :>)
Joss - sorry to hear this - 'cos , you know loads of effort, but I was never that excited about Wonder Woman. I would have gone to see it because it was you but I think your own original stories are the best. Buffy is a much cooler super hero than Wonder Woman. Now might you get around to thinking of an Angel movie. DB is looking fitter than ever and I am sure he woud be in if you, Tim and David G were involved. I am sooo disappointed. I was stupidly looking forward to this. I happen to read comics, one of those rare fangirls to rival the geekiest of those attending comic book conventions and I have been looking forward to Wonder Woman, (courtsey of Whedon) like a twelve year old girl. I can remember the television show, wearing aluminum foil armbands and dancing in my WW underroos. One of the few female characters that are not lame.

And now--it'll suck--it'll be cheesy--not good cheese--the maggoty kind. Par with Elektra.

The only decent WW was the one-shot drawn by Ross. 'Cause it was drawn by Ross. WW would have been something to be pround of in the genre of Superhero 'Chicks...'Cause it was to be done by Whedon. Now, like baseball--I shall contine to love what it stands for, but will never really care for the game.

I know my post is random and doesn't flow--but, I am sooooo upset it is the best I can do. Man, sometimes...I wish more people knew in real life how much of an ubergeek I am--so, I could go to the pub and drown my sorrows with a chum.

At least I can look forward to the Buffy comic.
Being paid attention to by the Universe is not an easy road.

Wonder Woman being pulled away just means that something else, even better, will take its place for Joss.

We will of course be denied the unique take his Jossness would have created for Wondy Gal... retaining her core spirit, but giving us amazing surprises... but such is the nature of Hollywood that a 'unique take' is not the path most often traveled.

All the time, work, and psychic energy, poured into the Wonder Woman script was not lost. The work exists. At some point, we hope to have the honor and joy of reading it. And perhaps, some day in the future, this script will find its way to film. One never knows...
zeitgeist: "They are all speculating wildly about whether Goners will be called Goners. Joss has always said this is a working title, but the current hoopla about it seems to have been kicked off by the fact that he used quotation marks around the title and WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?! The explanation is simple -- Joss doesn't know the HTML markup to make it italicized, so he used "s instead. Silly panicky people :)

Or, possibly, zeitgeist, seen through another filter, "funny, joking people amusing themselves - and hopefully others - as they recover from the Wonder Woman shock and transition to another project." :)

Thanks, Cabbie, and and thanks, darling Tonja J - my tattoo is entirely small, as well as completely imaginary. :>

But, you know, maybe we could take up that collection anyway, just for the hell of it...
QG - I wasn't being serious either, you know better :)
I thought the old place was Flickr?

nixygirl, some of us are cool enough to hang out at both :D.
Y'know, I've seen people before say that Goners was a "working" title, but in none of my accumulated material of Joss talking about it does he say that. Where did he say that?
This is a huge opportunity lost for Joss no matter how you look at it. This is the type of movie that could have put him through the roof in terms of hollywood clout. I am so dissapointed. Thanks Joss for giving it a go. It's not like the Studio execs have not been wrong before. Heck they cancelled Firefly. Hope Goners rocks!

I have no interest in seeing this movie now either. To me out of all the HERO movies this one would have been the hardest to avoid the CAMP factor. I thought if anybody could do it, it was Joss. Now that he's off, I have little to no hope for this film.

[ edited by DarenG on 2007-02-04 07:18 ]
Mr. Whedon, this is sad news. But as if proof were needed, evidence of your enduring achievement is a little further down the front page.

Roll on, Season 8.
He didn't use the exact phrase, but I'm pretty sure one of his posts here was where he said that that may not be the final title.
Listen to me, Big Purple Dude, when I say to you: don't listen to me. Even people who love your work might just waste your precious time. From your post and comments elsewhere, I get the impression that Wonder Woman's story is not one you were dying to tell. Firefly was, and I know it would have connected with its audience if it had been given a chance, so its cancellation was a heartbreaker. With Wonder Woman, it sounds like you know you did good work, but the decision makers didn't like it, so . . . that's not heartbreaking, it's a bad day at the office.

This bad day lasted several years. That's heartbreaking.

Watching your career makes me think it's a little dangerous to be omnicompetent, but only if you're a genius. I imagine it's pretty confidence-building to be able to master everything you try, starting with being the best student ever in the best film program in the country (by your estimate, which I don't even slightly doubt) and going on to creating a midnight classic the first time you try to write a musical. Everyone figured you were the perfect guy for Wonder Woman, and apparently we persuaded you, but omnicompetence isn't where your art comes from. (Okay, even I hate this next sentence.) You give birth to it in your heart. That's your genius. It's a little out of your control, like all hearts.

We're all awed by your brainpower, your cleverness, your craft, your skill, your wit, your multiple kinds of intelligence, but your brain doesn't make us connect with a valley girl demon hunter. You connect to her in your heart, and you connect us through your heart. The brain serves, it does not rule.

I wanted you to be Wonder Woman guy, because there's no one better qualified. Don't ask me, ask Joel Silver. He knew it, and has more reason to be confident in his judgment than I. But I'm thinking today that it's probably a good thing that you're not making Wonder Woman. Because Wonder Woman is not a child of your heart. Plain and simple, if I may be so bold as to guess the contents of another human being's heart, I'd bet that Diana Prince really isn't in yours. Buffy is, and because your loved her, you taught the rest of us to. Same with Kitty Pryde, who's not your creation, but whom you clearly love. They'll always be in your heart. But the origin story that you and I and everyone in Hollywood know you are the best qualified person to tell . . . you're not gonna miss Wonder Woman. Buffy will hang out in your heart forever, but you ain't even gonna buy the next issue of Wonder Woman. So ciao, babe.

The stories that you're dying to tell are the stories I'm dying to hear. Stop listening to me and everybody else who knows you can do everything. So what? Doing everything is not what you do. Doing everything so that we learn to love a character that you love . . . maybe that's what you do, but don't take my word for it. Look in your love pump. Eww. I'm not gonna delete that just because it's so bad I think it's funny.

I am particularly glad that your imagination is no longer yoked to someone else's icon because the audience is changing and you have opportunities to connect with it in ways that you never have before. Bad wars make good art. World War I produced modernism, Vietnam produced some great movies, most of which had nothing directly to do with the war, but everything to do with people asking questions they don't ordinarily ask and listening to answers they might not ordinarily be open to. I'm glad that the first few pages of Buffy Season 8 and the preview news indicate that you're taking on military themes. Your X-Men comics are exploring what exactly makes an enemy. Great stuff, deep stuff, stuff that's obviously close to your heart. You don't need someone else's creation clogging the pulmonary artery to the auricle (oracle) of your creative . . .

Love pump.

Heh. Done now.

ETA typical spelling corrections.

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ETA. Oops. Thanks Polter-bovine. Just ask Quicksilver.

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Simon wrote on February 03, 17:15 CET
In 2007 we've got the following to look forward to:

1) Astonishing X-Men
2) Buffy season 8
3) Runaways
4) Joss' Office episode
5) Super secret special project(s)?

Simon, you forgot Serenity: Better Days comic in which we find out what happens to the our fav Firefly crew when a job goes smooth.
Pointy, that was beyootiful. And the love pump is what it's all about.
Look in your love pump.

And people say the internet is populated by creepy, obsessive stalkery fans. The mind boggles :)
Isn't the "love pump" what powers the invisible plane?
As always, Pointy the Slayer penetrates straight to the heart with his insight.

Thanks, that was lovely, right on target, though of course, can't/wouldn't presume to speak for the Jossir. You sure can connect, though...

"Only connect..." - E.M. Forster, Howard's End

(Zeitgeist, my Sir, our highly-respected Mod-Fellow, I know you were "kidding," 'cause there was the traditional smiley-face, but you got a little sortof a "tone" in there, so it ceased to feel real jokey, imo...)
Hmmm. So what's new people? Oh.
Don't ask me, ask Ron Silver.
Psst. Joel Silver.
"Hi Joel Silver! Awaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2007-02-04 08:41 ]
Heh. Didn't even notice that. The worst thing Ron Silver ever did, if you can call it worst (great acting job though) was fictionally defend Claus von Bulow, playing Alan Dershowitz: "You are a very strange man." "You have no idea."
Wow. Away from the internet for 1 day and this happens. I can't imagine Joss is still reading this thread (it took me forever to get through it) but just in case he is:

Joss, I am so sorry your vision for WW is not going to be realized but I am so happy you will not be spending more time or effort on something that is not going to be made the way you want to make it. I look forward to you being able to concentrate on producing all the things you have mentioned are buzzing around in your head. Please believe there are a lot of us out here who are salivating at the thought of seeing new work from you.

Thank you for letting us know about this. We appreciate it. I am one of those who was only interested in WW because you had an interest in doing it. I love BtVS even though I hate horror, so I will go to Goners as soon as it comes out because my trust in you will overcome my fear of how normal horror stories make me feel. I have never had an interest in comics, yet I just read Fray, and was not surprised that I immediately started to reread it as soon as I was done. I hate going into stores that specialize in things I know nothing about. I hate waiting for pieces of a story and would much rather read it all together. Even so, Buffy season 8 is about to make me go into a comic book store, face the young man behind the counter, and buy pieces of a story issue by issue as they come out. For all of that I say thank you Joss, with another thank you for whatever else you give us now that WW is not hanging over your head.

[ edited by newcj on 2007-02-04 10:35 ]
I imagine the comics stores are about to get new traffic in general from this, and will welcome those of us who aren't general comic fans. I recently moved, and haven't been in a comic book store in years myself, and I recently found a store by chance. I wondered if they'd carry the season 8 comic, or if they'd look at me funny when I asked about it. But then I noticed a few weeks ago that they'd made a big ol' sign themselves announcing Buffy and put it in their front window. I expect the Wonder Woman movie will come and go (being actiony now), and the impact of this comic will be something more substantial.
ah great... what am I going to do with this tatoo now?
ah great... what am I going to do with this tatoo now?

Spelling aside, that gave me quite a hearty chuckle of the ROFLMAO variety!
And finally it puts an end to people emailing Whedonesque their resumes for the lead role.

I sent in my measurments for the WW uniform....that was probably a mistake.

Lucky Joss Whedon Somehow Off 'Wonder Woman' Without Suffering Debilitating Injury At Joel Silver's Hands

Uh, good job boss?

Overall, a very great read. The writers did their homework. As a comic book character origin movie - it is just as good as Batman Begins.

Or, they just pulled up the Wikipedia entry and went from there. I think the whole point of putting Wonder Woman in current times is that it would sell better. When it was written then in WW2, it was contemporary for that time. But there's the question of "what if Wonder Woman existed in these times?" Is that where the problem was?...possibly *A* problem.

I'm not trying to put down the new script writers, but I would have loved to see Joss's character-driven movie of epic proportions. I think we should use the script, but change the names of the characters to protect their (former) identities.
Oh my god, I just realized what this means: Morena Baccarin will not be Wonder Woman!

Yes, I'm shallow and it's not the point at all and my comment will piss off the already pissed-off-about-casting-questions Joss. But I didn't realize this until now. Morena was the only person I could see in that roll.

Anyhow, I agree with 11th Hour that all this means is that Joss isn't meant to be making Wonder Woman. The universe has other things in store for Joss. I'm way too excited for Goners anyway. I had only hoped that the big mainstream hit WW was going to be would help Goners become a big hit too, which would bring more interest in finishing that Serenity trilogy we all want so badly.

But, what's mean to be will be. Joss is still the king of me. Go, Joss! You'll do awesome in whatever project you complete, I know it.
I had only hoped that the big mainstream hit WW was going to be would help Goners become a big hit too...

That was always my position, as well, and why I pretty much preferred the idea of WW being made first, no matter how impatient I might be to see just what Goners turns out to be.

Makes me a wee bit nervous for Goners, actually. Universal's let Joss make a personally-important movie once, and it didn't quite pay off for them they way they had hoped. A smash-hit Wonder Woman would have provided a LOT of breathing room within which to do other more personal work.
Sure, having a helmed a big budget Hollywood movie can be a nifty career boost. But in the case of this particular project, there were just too many potential ways it could have gone awry.

When the writer/director and the producers are not on the same page, then it means anguish and struggle every step of the way. The end result is liable to be some mutant child movie, that's an unhappy combination of the parents trying to find middle ground. Then if the film underperforms financially, the argument will go back and forth as to which approach is more at fault, and which vision should have prevailed. The blaming wouldn't be pretty.

Then there's the additional mine field of taking on an established American comic icon. Joss most certainly would have found a new take on the character, which might possibly have annoyed die hard fans who don't want any 'fancy' liberties taken with WW. Joss' take would be exciting and inventive, but there's plenty of WW fans who'll still gripe and rage, well, just 'cause... change = bad. So if the producers want to stick pretty close to the established and mainstream version of Wonder Woman (with maybe a "safe" amount of updating), then why enlist the unique talents of Joss Whedon? May as well hire a writer, or writers, who will gladly shape the script to the desires of the producers for a shot at getting a screenplay credit (and hefty payday) on a high profile, big budget Hollywood movie.

So there's all kinds of ways this project could have steered away from being a career boost for Joss, into a more 'fresh-new-hell-no-win-scenario' kind of direction. It's better to be let go from a highly problematical job, than to keep forcing it and end up being attached to a troubled, and perhaps career damaging, project.

Now I know I can be completely off base here, and all of this philosophizing is excessive silver lining polishing and glass half full finding. But I've found through personal experience, on numerous occasions, that sometimes a thing one thinks is very important and MUST happen, turns out later to not have been such a great thing after all. It takes a bit of distance, and more events being revealed, to see this though. Just always remember not to grieve a fantasy. There's no way to really know that this project would have definitely been a positive thing for Joss' career, or sanity.

For all we know, Joss just dodged a bullet.
B!X hit the nail on the head for me in that last post, pretty much summing up my entire interest in Wonder Woman.

Prior to Joss being off the project I've been generally quiet about WW, simply because I've not had that much to say on the matter. When asked I've been enthusiastic and tried to make sure as many people went to see the movie as possible, when it eventually came out, but very little of that was because of the subject of the movie.

Truthfully, the movie could have been about watching bread go mouldy and I would have pushed people into going to see it.

This was always about giving Joss that big break, at least for me. As B!X said, a successful Wonder Woman movie would have given Joss the chance to pursue his own creations with a lot more freedom, which is what I was truly interested in. I hope Joss will be allowed to create Goners as he sees fit but it would have been nice to have had a hit movie behind him as currency.
In case no one has said it this curtly: Jossless WW will likely suck.
I think now that Joss won't be writing it I can safely say that I now have absolutely no interest in ever watching a Wonder Woman film.
Sorry to hear about WW (no internet access for 2 days and this is what I come back to) Thanks for telling us first.

Far more interested in "Goners and all your creations.

Jossless WW will likely suck.

That's the saddest part about this whole deal. If the movie gets made, I predict a massive budget, a starlet as WW, and reviews about as lukewarm as those of the last Superman flick. That last Superman flick which DID have some redeeming qualities but 1) had a simplistic storyline, 2) a lot of crappy boring dialogue, and 3) presented whatshername as Lois Lane. If whatshername hadn't been Lois Lane and they'd hired someone who could actually act like Lois Lane, it would have been a much better movie. (See? I've blocked her household name from my memory, she was so bad!) If the storyline hadn't been so simplistic, it would have been a much better story. It was sooooo formulaic and that's exactly what the studio wants here, too.


Okay, I'll stop with the whining and crying. Moving along now.
The Wonder Woman script WB have purchased instead of Joss's script is written by the people who brought us "BEERFEST". I sure hope Joss got paid well for the effort he put it, is all I can say. And I expect to go all Chandler if I see this at the theatre.
Wonder Woman has gone through many eras. She hasn't always been stuck in WWII, as Superman hasn't always been stuck in th 1930's. Does anyone remember Wonder Woman in the early 1970's, when Steve Trevor was killed, and she lost her powers, traded in her bathing suit for a minidress, and learned martial arts from I-ching? The comics kept her in the present. All the Superman and Batman movies are in the present (or future). Why must Wonder Woman be stuck back in WWII?

I was looking forward to an updated version of WW. I was especially looking forward to Joss's take on her. I fear we're going to see something like "Sky Captains and the World of Tomorrow." I tried watching that 3 times, fell asleep twice, and left the room once, forgetting it was on.

I also think it's kind of ironic that Joss is no longer working on WW, but Joel Silver is producing a TV show about a vampire detective in love with a mortal woman. It kind of feels like Joss was being exploited. I guess the benefit of taking on newcomers like Jennison and Strickland is that they can be even more exploited for less money. Being young and new, they're more likely to comply with what the producers want. Unfortunately, superhero movie producers have grandiose expectations, but usually resort to mediocre stories and big special effects to pass their production off as marketable.

April said:

That last Superman flick which DID have some redeeming qualities but 1) had a simplistic storyline, 2) a lot of crappy boring dialogue, and 3) presented whatshername as Lois Lane. If whatshername hadn't been Lois Lane and they'd hired someone who could actually act like Lois Lane, it would have been a much better movie. (See? I've blocked her household name from my memory, she was so bad!) If the storyline hadn't been so simplistic, it would have been a much better story. It was sooooo formulaic and that's exactly what the studio wants here, too.

Exactly!!! I was thinking along the same lines, about all of this. Did you notice, too. how little Brandon Routh actually got to act? He was more there for the imagery than for character development. I felt short-changed because we really didn't get a chance to "know" the characters (and whatshername was the worst Lois Lane ever).

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2007-02-04 17:48 ]
Did someone say that the ratings on the CW have been really crappy? I wonder if they would now be open to doing something of Joss' TV show maybe(?)...or even if it was some old made for TV movies based on his previous TV work idea that was kicking around back before the WB and UPN merged. He *is* often credited for putting WB on the map with Buffy, wouldn't it be nice if the CW tried to exploit gave him the chance to help put them on the map?

Worlds are opening my imagination, anyway. ;-)
Once upon a time there was a girl. She went to a college, she studied hard and didnt party too much, and looked forward to the day when her feminist ideals would finally be represented in a superheroine movie that knocked the socks off of anyone who saw. Complex in plot, detailed in symbolism, and the characters. The characters would be identifiable, real, and right. No Electras, no Cat Womans, no Mary Janes screaming from the top of a building.

Then her dreams were dashed.

She cries. Tonight, she cries.

WW deserves a reboot, but it ain't gonna happen now.

I was looking forward to a WW to love, but now it's clear we'll get another mindless, two-dimensional action flick. If it ever gets made, I'm sure the kiddies will flock to it, but I won't (and I'm a person who used to collect WW comics!).

Joss will go on to better, if not bigger, things, of that I'm certain.
...Does this mean Joss is now free to write the sequel to Ghost Rider?

I was really looking forward to your take on Wonder Woman. It was so right up your alley. Oh well. I guess the world will have to settle with another overproduced movie with underdeveloped charaters.

You'll give us something to look forward to with whatever you pursue.

Goners! Runaways! The Office! Astonishing X-Men! Buffy!!!!

I'm smilin' already.

[ edited by Mikelle Vein on 2007-02-04 19:18 ]
Oh! I forgot the important question, that in like over 300 responses I don't think anyone asked Joss.

Dude, did they PAY you for the script? Did they pay you a lot? Will you be able to put your kids through college I mean that kind of a lot?
I fear we're going to see something like "Sky Captains and the World of Tomorrow." I tried watching that 3 times, fell asleep twice, and left the room once, forgetting it was on.

Must. Refrain. From. Having. Another. Sky Captain. Argument.
Latino Review has a review up of the new period Wonder Woman script that Warner Bros. just bought.
ZachsMind - "...Does this mean Joss is now free to write the sequel to Ghost Rider?"

Now, Joss does the Ghost Rider sequel? That is a movie I would not only go and see but would actually be looking forward to it.

But only after he does X4 (in which he introduces a blonde Morena Baccarin in the role of Emma Frost ;)).

Buffyfantic, we've actually already been discussing that review further up thread. I can see how you might have missed it though, in the previous 360 or so comments. :)
Yeah,I must of missed
I could write a bazillion words Joss will never read, but I'll refrain and simply say this - more Buffy comix please... with extra Tara sauce!
I'm really sorry.
I was so looking forward to see what you were going to do with the character.
But good luck with Goners! I'm sure it will be great.
Joss, echoing many others, I was looking forward to seeing your take on Wonder Woman, a character who otherwise has always struck me as being exquisitely uninteresting. But I'm much more excited about seeing your own original creations. A toast to the upcoming.
(Zeitgeist, my Sir, our highly-respected Mod-Fellow, I know you were "kidding," 'cause there was the traditional smiley-face, but you got a little sortof a "tone" in there, so it ceased to feel real jokey, imo...)

Chalk it up to it being really late, I guess. It was all supposed to be buildup for the not really a joke part about Joss not knowing how to italicize. No offense intended, guess it was over the top.
I have been a Wonder Woman fan since I was wee amazon of 4 years of age. No joke, I was already towering over most of the neighborhood scrapplings as I coveted this sparkly, inky, comic creation of an amazon princess ----with powers by the gods, no less! Over the years the daytime fascination of having smart looking bullet-deflecting bracelets and a golden tiara gracing my ivory brow slowly made way for the human attributes she represents.

All I can say is thank the Olympian Gods for George Perez. His Wonder Woman vision saw a struggling woman learning to balance her power as a warrior with that of peace maker; spiritualist with that of realist; a goddess with that of a strong woman. And it is that balance I strive for everyday. She was my icon.

Until some freaky little dude by the name of Joss (who does name their kid Joss anyways? ;-)) pulled an ironic rabbit out of the hat and showed us the petite blonde girl walking down the scary-wary way of the alley, was actually something the MONSTERS should be afraid of. And they had good reason to be. Buffy, to me, was the balance of strength and womanhood in the 90's that Wonder Woman was to me in the 70's. Both had their failings, yet in the end they embraced their true natures and were honorable women in the end.

So when I heard you were writing the WW script, I was thrilled beyond thrill itself. There was no better man, no better writer, in my mind who could embrace such a formidable, iconic character. I am sorry to hear it did not pan out for I was eager to see your vision of the Amazon I hold so dear.

I'll live. ;-) I understand how movie ideas come and fall through the cracks. And I am happy to see they did not beat your creative brow into a scrunchy pulp with rewrite, after rewrite, after (hey look ma!) another rewrite. Have a pint on me, you've earned it.

In the meantime I shall await with geek-like squee for March when Issue #1 of Season 8 ala Dark Horse comes out.

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