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Paleobiology: A Synthesis
Edited by Derek Briggs and Peter Crowther

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Contents 1.7mb

1. Major Events in the History of Life

Pages 1-15 3.9mb
Pages 16-30 4.6mb
Pages 31-45 3.4mb
Pages 46-60 2.8mb
Pages 61-75 2.8mb
Pages 76-92 3.2mb

2. The Evolutionary Process and the Fossil Record

Pages 93-110 3.8mb
Pages 111-130 3.6mb
Pages 131-150 3.9mb
Pages 151-170 3.9mb
Pages 171-190 3.6mb
Pages 191-210 3.5mb

3. Taphonomy

Pages 211-230 4.2mb
Pages 231-250 4.9mb
Pages 251-270 5.0mb
Pages 271-287 5.0mb
Pages 288-304 4.2mb

4. Palaeoecology

Pages 305-320 3.3mb
Pages 321-340 4.7mb
Pages 341-349 2.7mb
Pages 350-359 4.8mb
Pages 360-370 6.1mb
Pages 371-380 2.5mb
Pages 381-400 3.6mb
Pages 401-414 2.3mb

5. Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy

Pages 415-439 5.2mb
Pages 440-464 4.2mb
Pages 465-490 4.7mb

6. Infrastructure of Palaeobiology

Pages 491-507 4.0mb
Pages 508-523 3.7mb
Pages 524-540 3.6mb
Pages 541-556 7.0mb
Pages 557-583 & Index 4.8mb


Further information on Palaeobiology II, edited by Derek Briggs and Peter Crowther, click here.

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