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Our Education Programmes

Southern Encounter Aquarium & Kiwi House is a provider of Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (LEOTC) education programmes, under contract to the Ministry of Education. Our on-site, registered teacher provides interactive learning experiences for students ranging from New Entrants to Year 13.

Our teachers develop customised programmes to meet the different requirements of each school group. The programmes are designed to link with topics that students are studying at school and meet the objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum.

S.E.A School

S.E.A School is the highly successful and much acclaimed education programme offered at the Southern Encounter Aquarium and Kiwi House since 2000. Catering for New Entrant to Year 13 students the S.E.A School provides the expertise of trained teachers to ensure your students get the most from their visit to the Aquarium.

Programmes are typically of 90 minutes duration and bookings can be made for 9.30am, 11.30am or 1.30pm so that your visit can be scheduled to include a feeding time.

S.E.A School programmes are designed to meet the Achievement Objectives of Science, Technology and Social Studies Curricula but programmes can be developed to fulfil your requirements in any year level or area of the Curriculum.

S.E.A Lab

The latest development in our education programme, S.E.A Lab provides unique opportunities for students studying aquatic species by supporting their Aquarium visit with the laboratory equipment and experiments to expand on specific concepts. Intended for use by students from Year 5 to 13 the programmes split their time between the Aquarium and our new Laboratory.

S.E.A Lab Junior provides Science or Technology programmes for Years 5 to 10 and can address, for example, concepts such as density in the exploration of animal locomotion and adaptation.

S.E.A Lab Senior is a specialist programme for Science and Biology, students from Year 11 to 13. The Laboratory and Aquarium can be used in long or short-term study of our wonderful aquatic fauna, their environment or life support systems.




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