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Anonymous Payment

Subscribers may send an anonymous payment by cash, money order or bank transfer denominated in United States Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euro or Swiss Francs.

Please Notice: Discounts do not apply for this payment methods (Cash, Postal Money Order, Check). 

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AnonymousSpeech LLC
Mokashi Kamikoumagi 1-9-11
Igarashi Heights
321-4337 Tochigi, Japan


We currently do not accept cash payments.
Postal Money Order
Bank Transfer
Only send US$, Yen, Euro or Swiss Franc bills. 

Accounts are activated on the same day we receive your payment.

Please round-up  payments which can not be paid in bills only.

Example: 41.23US$ -> 45USD   

The  Japanese postal service in Japan is secure enough to send cash payments. However, we recommend you to send your cash payment as a registered mail  such as EMS.
International Postal Money Order's are accepted from countries that have entered into agreements with the United States Postal Service for the exchange of postal money orders.

Make sure you are using the official MP-1 Postal Money Order. 

International postal money orders may be sent by letter mail or Global Express Mail・ service (EMS).

Please read more here 

Accounts are activated within 5 business days.

Bank Connection

Credit Suisse , Zuerich
Account Holder: Mike Weber
Account USD: CH7604835012020962001

US$ only

All Bank charges to be borne by the buyer.
Accounts will be activated approximately 1 - 2 days upon receival.

!Very Important!
Make sure you include your account name in your mail!

Other Anonymous Payment Methods


E-Gold is an anonymous payment service which allows the instant transfer of gold ownership between users, located in Nevis, a privacy oriented jurisdiction and are not collecting any credit card information directly. 

E-Gold is a rather complicated way to send anonymous payment. There are several steps involved until the final payment.

1) Open an E-Gold Account
2) Buy E-Gold from an independent exchange services
3) Purchase via E-Gold recommends E-Gold if you already have an E-Gold account or going to use E-Gold for other payments in the future.