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WE ARE A COALITION of national and campus-based organizations seeking to make private capital more transparent, and more socially and environmentally responsible.

FARALLON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, is also a major investor for universities and colleges. This site contains information about Farallon’s operations and investments, allowing stakeholders (like students who attend campuses that invest with Farallon) an opportunity to have an informed discussion about the costs and benefits of investing with Farallon.


Farallon owns 5.5% of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest private prison company in the United States. Students at Yale University have called on their school to divest from CCA.

Read more about Corrections Corporation of America


Harvard University agred to pay $26.5 million to settle the case. The two men Farallon used as experts agreed to pay $2 million and between $1-2 million.

Read about the men that Farallon used as experts.

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"...the [private equity] industry has grown too big, important and international to maintain its veil of secrecy, especially at a time when public markets have tumbled and fraud has been exposed in other corners of the financial world."

-Institutional Investor International Edition 8/1/03










"Everyone makes a big brouhaha about disclosure, but I don't see what the big deal is. We disclose everything there is to disclose every quarter and it has never hurt our performance. And the only way that any investor can really be sure of what they are investing in is if the fund manager decides to disclose all of its positions."

-Jane Siebels-Kilnes,
Green Cay Asset Management
(, 3/24/04)













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