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Office and publishing software

This software is believed to be free from nasties: adware, spyware, harmful/intrusive components, and threats to privacy. There are no sponsored entries. See home page for listing criteria.

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Word processors and suites

[green] AbiWord
Open source : UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X
Checked: version 2.4.6

AbiWord is a resource efficient word processor with functionality similar to that of Microsoft Word. AbiWord supports many document formats including:, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Formats, and HTML. (comments)

Open source : UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X
Checked: version 2.0.4 is a complete office suite consisting of: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, and draw software. All applications are fully featured. can import and export a variety of formats (including Word and Powerpoint) and uses an XML based native format, designed for interoperability. (comments)

PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF)

[yellow] Adobe Acrobat/Reader
Freeware : UNIX, OS/2, Windows, Mac OS X, Palm, Pocket PC
Checked: version 6.0.1

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF viewer which features web browser integration, allowing PDF documents to be viewed without leaving the web browser. NOTE: Vendor's own advertising is displayed by default but can be disabled. Options to install additional toolbars and third party software carry advertising and privacy risks, but can all be safely disabled at time of download. (comments)

[green] Brava Reader
Freeware : Windows
Checked: version

Brava Reader is a viewer that supports TIFF, PDF and CSF (Brava's format for CAD). (comments)

[yellow] Foxit PDF Reader
Free for non-commercial use : Windows
Checked: version 2.0

Foxit PDF Reader is a small, fast reader capable of viewing and printing Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Supports text search, selection, and clipboard copy. NOTE: Vendor's own advertising is displayed in small graphic ad. (comments)

[green] Ghostscript
Open source : UNIX, Windows, OS/2
Checked: version 8.54

Both AFPL Ghostscript and GPL Ghostscript are available (under different licenses), including the Ghostview and GSview software. This set of software can display, interpret, and convert PostScript (PS) to other formats for printing or storage including conversion to Portable Document Format (PDF). This is one of the most advanced PS/PDF software packages. (comments)

[green] PDFCreator
Open source : Windows
Checked: version 0.9.3

PDFCreator allows one to create PDF documents from any application via the PDFCreator Printer driver. When a document (web page, etc.) is printed, PDFCreator converts the text internally using Ghostscript and produces a highly compatible and portable PDF file you can save. (comments)